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  1. OP edited. *wise nod* Yes, people don't seem to want to accurately portray real life in movie format....
  2. They are all either teenagers revolting or teenagers being dishonest. Cheesy and stereotypically 20th century. ----- I guess I'm looking for a slice-of-life film with no big drama....and no one makes those because they don't sell. Juno at least has its slice-of-life moments and is a more honest portrayal of teenage life without over-dramification.
  3. Can anyone give me some movies that give the main role to a teenager that is not set in the 20th century and is not cheesy or overtly "girly", and that does not give a stereotypical 80-90's highschool feel. Only one I can think of is Juno. Edit: I'm looking for mainly slice-of-life films.
  4. The question is just this: Given that log_a(2) = 0.301, log_a(7)=0.845, log_a(8)=0.903, find this logarithm: log_a(sqrt(128)). I don't know what the variable a is; I just know that log_a(2) = 0.301 and so on. I don't really understand how your logic solved the problem, sorry. Anyway, wait till after work to reply.
  5. I've had this annoying question sitting in my head for a year now. I'm right, but no math person I talk to understands why I'm right.
  6. Knight Hadron

    Facing The Truth

    I'm totally fine with the crude language, such as shits and stuff. It's not technically against anything in the Bible. But I'd like to know why using God's name in vain is acceptable to a Christian. Crude language (shits, etc.) is safe and ok for me and I believe God as well, but using God's name is against Him. ------ Other than that, I'm glad you aren't Rainbow Dash. Her loyalty would be giving you an even harder time. Remember the Gilda episode? Sometimes loyalty goes too far. It's hard to know how far to go.
  7. Say what you mean and mean what you say; A pony is loyal all of the way. Every year, every month, every week, every day, When you’re in a tough spot or you’re caught in the fray, Through problems or hardship or times that are grey, A pony is loyal all of the way. Never give in or give up halfway, Always stand fast and don’t run away, Remember your debts and always repay, A pony is loyal all of the way. Remember your friends – don’t lead them astray, Take care of your family and never give way, Stay true to your heart and don’t dare betray, A pony is loyal all of the way. Say what you mean and mean what you say; A pony is loyal all of the way.
  8. Thanks for the links; I'll take a look at them when I have time around schoolwork. Edit: Page 101! Yay! :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: Why is there an emotion limit?
  9. Is this satire? Comment section is not clear. I think it is. The absolute ignorance of these people. If you want to be taken seriously, at least use a spell checker. Can someone point me to a defense of bronies by a Christian? I'm having trouble finding something. My thoughts exactly while reading it. If anything is "lesbian slime", it's the Smooze.
  10. So I'm reading about bronies online and I find this absolutely illogical article that, judging by the comment section, isn't satire. It's the most illogical non-satire Christian article I've ever read. I got a laugh out of this one.
  11. We went camping on the Mississippi and hiked in...uphill...for a mile....with stuff weighing heavier than an elephant.

  12. Goin' on a campin' trip to da Mississippiiiiiii!

    1. TheLegoBrony




      tell a ghost story

      I have one in mind its called the jigsaw puzzle

    2. Royal Bro-nee
    3. Knight Hadron

      Knight Hadron

      Thanks! I dunno what is the big deal about ghost stories though; I'd rather talk about something that is actually scary. Not ghost stories that EVERYONE except Scootaloo knows is fake.

  13. I'm OCD about weapon selection and loading ammo in FPS games. That's much much worse than parking harmless cars in order; if you're busy in a FPS when you should be shootin', you're dead. Thinking about whether it is raining or you should go to bed? ----- I was eating a slice of ham. Don't leap on me in rage, vegans.