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    Most of my time is spent with dungeons and dragons, or musical endeavors.

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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Hello! I don't know who you are because I wasn't even on the forums one year ago, but welcome back! :P I hope you are enjoying your stay back so far! ^^

  4. That face is all like, "Serious Lee?"

  5. Whoa... Take my money. Yeah, Tool's bassist does use a pick. I am not good enough with a pick to play tool parts, so I always just finger it. I have been wanting a distortion pedal. How much is a delay pedal?
  6. Weather geting me in my zone

  7. RATM has some pretty dope bass parts. Definitely one of my favorite bands. RATM is right next to Tool for me, as for bass.
  8. Huh, I have never had a problem with blisters on bass. I just got tough easy. When I started guitar though, I was running my fingers down knife blades.
  9. If anyone is interested, I am looking for 1 more player for a dungeons and dragons campaign I will be running. Doesn't matter if you know how to play, or not. We can teach you :)

  10. Is winter over yet?

    1. Scrubbed user

      Scrubbed user

      Just 1 more month.

  11. Those are beautiful My first bass was a piece of metal on a stick my dad played 16 years ago. Rest it's soul My current bass is a Cort 5B OPM. The reciept is was is still in the case, 399$. Wood bass is light and comfortable to hold. I am still in love with the color. The electric guitar I have is pretty bad quality. Gonna be picking up a acoustic soon. My aunt plays guitar, her arms are so short that her wife had to get her a beginner size guitar. For some reason, they company shipped two of them. I got numero dos.
  12. The two websites I use for bass tabs at school, are blocked because they are apparently hosted in Slovenia and the Netherlands... What?