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    I like TF2, Fallout, Doctor Who, Warhammer, Classic Rock, Jazz, Modern Rock, hate Ke$ha, love Metal music, not too heavy though! Ha! And do I need to mention the Brony bit?
  1. So, this is Team Tragic the Garnering. We make Fallout trading cards, Tragic the Garnering cards to be exact. We'll post some here, eh? Tell us what you think. This is the Ghoulish Apocalypse deck, one of our latest works. It ranges from grim and scary occult scenes, to how the Warner Brothers interpret Point Lookout. More cards posted if anyone actually responds with an opinion. By the way, here is our tumblr! You know, it's what we do, where the cards are at.
  2. Alright..anyone else? I've been checking the various forums this has been administered to, and I'll just need a confirmation if nothing is going to happen here..
  3. Oi mate, an artist I know wants to do commissions here. Inkwell is the name. So I submitted the thread. Hows it work it, eh?

  4. What with Halloween coming up, I'm going to follow what my role-model does. Too bad my role-model is Alchestbreach. Expect me to burn your house down if I don't get my goo-goo bars.
  5. Here is proper topic: Johnny Cash and Fallout. Perfect blend. Discuss and praise. Also, I didn't make this vid, if my praise was making you think so.
  6. Also, all my friends and me love going to Adventure Landing and doing laser tag, either pretending to be in Warhammer 40K or Fallout. We usually do Warhammer. I am Commissar, Stephan is Librarian, John is Imperial Guard Captain. And others! But we are the best of all. So yes, badass LARP.
  7. That means Kill on Sight, by the way. Anyways! Back to proper MLP. I'm making a Noire Fallout MLP story, so I need a ponified version of the Mysterious Stranger.
  8. Star Weaver! And everyone else! I made drawing! Tell me how it is yes? Unless that's against rules...need to make some friends here!