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  1. Aleh

    Hate of snakes and foxes

    Foxes are the cutest but to be fair I can see why farmers would hate them. They're kinda vicious to chickens
  2. Quite a few. Can think of more good parodies than bad parodies. Far cry 3 blood dragon was great at taking the piss out of 80's movies. Rip offs tend not to be good because by default if somethings a rip off it isn't great.
  3. Post any bugs or issues currently experienced so we can fix!

    1. Yozer247


      M I N C E R A F T

  5. Trust me I'm definitely aware we jumped the gun on announcing early A lot of unforseen stuff popped up and we'll be sure to announce when we're actually good and ready next time. Is our mistake I'll admit, and we'll definitely scree over on twitter and the forums to notify you when we're fully ready
  6. Our techs are definitely working on it! Its just a major hassle to get everything implimented Player count generally drops with long waits before the update, but we should be sorted soon (Been said a lot but we have a general ETA of around near the end of this month hopefully so long as everything doesn't explode)
  7. Heya! Just to let you all know we're hosting a build competition right now! Post screenshots of your current build (Along with your ign so we can tell who you are), and the best 3 of you will get rewarded with ores and custom items aplenty (Will prob give out when we transfer over just so there's a point ) Also if you want to just have your build/cool screenshot showcased send in this thread or over twitter and we'll send it out to everyone!
  8. Its definitely too large to copy fully (Around 2 million). However we can definitely take a big chunk of it, can fit around the entire main body + head while leaving the wings/tail. Or whichever part you think would be better to bring round ^^
  9. I can check it when you get on if you want to be sure ^^ Worst case scenario is that we can copy the majority of it and the rest can be rebuilt It'll take a bit still, you're fine We've still got to wait for external plugins to update and fix up some cool stuff of our own
  10. Omg if there is any pls send Will retweet any good fanart I find
  11. Could you try bungee.poniverse.net or
  12. Aleh

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Thundercat- Them changesSuper funky
  13. Managed to get a commish of my OC ^^
  14. Aleh

    Server down?

    Its fixed! Just spazzed out a little is all
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