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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Hmm, well Winter Wrap Up and Art of The Dress will always be classic for me. I also have a new appreciation for Out on My Own after Daniel Ingram's panel at Bronycon. (Apparently it caused Michelle Creber to tear up a bit while signing it ). This Day Aria was certainly an unforgettable epic for the show. Will always be way up there. True True Friend I remember brought some great feelings. Can't forget Pinkie's Smile Song which is kind of an anthem for the brony fandom I'd say. Have to love I'll Fly since best pony sings it. I also really liked the Light of Your Cutie Mark. Just loved the CMC harmonizing in that one.
  3. Awesome work Neon! @C. Thunder Dash Comes up in up in 1080p for me. P.S. Congrats on the EQD spotlight! Love seeing rising artists getting attention!
  4. Whelp... This got out of hand. Had to include only con stuff since I ran out of room to put stuff. Six years of pony con merch and other unlicensed goodies(4de plushies aside).
  5. Just bought a 4de AJ on amazon a few hours ago. Got to complete the mane six eventually.
  6. Ah wow that took some remembering. I Believe it was her back in 2012.
  7. Been thinking about how to spread Poniverse and it's stuff to more bronies. Really want to get folks more involved with PVL and Pony.fm. Horse music <3
  8. A piece of homemade carrot cake made by my lil sister. I should give her more praise for those delicious things.
  9. Bored... Wanting to do more PR stuff but kinda late for that and everyone seems to be sleeping or otherwise occupied. Working on getting a panel for Bronycon prepared should it be accepted.
  10. Had a new V8 Blackberry Cranberry energy drink. Pretty good, got me through my 3-hour evening class lecture...
  11. A friend and I are looking to evenly split a room with up to two more people for a total of 4. Room is at the con hotel. We are both guys in our twenties, neither of us snore, and we keep clean. We have the room booked from Friday to Monday. Anyone interested shoot me a pm. Would like to chat via Skype or Discord with potential roommates.
    1. weesh


      Friendship means loving someone enough to confront destructive behavior, not tolerating it.

  12. I've been a brony since early 2011. I've been with many communities, been to many cons, and have frequented EQD on daily basis. However, I've only recently gotten engaged with the Poniverse over the past few months. I don't post all that much, but I've found that the folks here at Poniverse and MLP-Forums make up a very friendly and genuine brony community. Probably the best I've experienced in the fandom. Whether you're an old-foal, new-foal, or just curious about the fandom, I think the Poniverse community gives off the best impression of the brony fandom. I've had a enjoyable time in recent weeks working the Poniverse Twitter account and getting to know the staff. Though I have nothing against EQD, I think MLP- Forums is the place to be, and I'll keep doing what I cant to bring more folks into our friendly community. (Apart from directly trying to drag folks from other communities of course. )