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  1. Hey, I'm rewatching the series right now but watching it with someone else and we need English subtitles, is there any site that has English subs that you don't have to download or pay for? We're on Season 2 episode 5 as of now, but help with it would be appreciated ^^; thnx
  2. I know it has nothing to do with the finale, sorry, but for the "a Decade of Pony", where can I watch it if I don't have the amount of money for cable? x.x
  3. i know 'm boring to've watched this last :v
  4. Happy birthday

  5. Happy Birthday, My Friend! 



  6. Merry Birthiversary!

  7. Happy Birthday, Little Neopet Avatar!

  8. My 29th is.. a Skitty, apparently ^.^ Which is your, 66th?
  9. quoted from the best game of all time...
  10. haha gpa Rome... i hate him... with <3 from your friendly neighbor ^.^
  11. Honestly, RD as gf, just 'cuz I'm not about the fast-paced life style XD *tho really honestly, I'd rather have Vinyl as a gf* Would you rather marathon the Kingdom Hearts series or marathon all the Disney movies that you know of?