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  1. WARNING! SPOILERS OF s9e26 "The Last Problem" AHEAD! Hey guys! I edited the 1st scene from "The Last Problem" to have
  2. This thread has been here for 5 years and we're not even half way there! smh *tsk tsk tsk* Oh and 452953
  3. Is cute. If you like it, that's all that matters.
  4. She definitely does NOT eat pancakes with fruits and whip cream on top while making an adorable puffy cheeks face.
  5. Don't hate her, don't like her. All I can say about her is a resounding "Meh".
  6. *holds your hand/claw?* *blushes* o3o
  7. I'm gonna make this simple. Fan of MLP --> brony Fan of anthropomorphic animals --> furry Fan of both --> furry and brony
  9. Horror movies. I already have anxiety so why would I watch a movie to give me more anxiety? XD Soap operas. They're too... dramatic! "Johny, you're cheating on me?!" *OVER-DRAMATIC SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS* *Johny just stares with a blank expression* For those who are not into anime, the problem might be the type of anime you're watching. I personally love comedy/slice of life animes. They really crack me up. Some examples:"Wagnaria!!", "Hyakko", "Watamote" (warning: edgy).
  10. I'm starting to lift more often. I'm trying to lift 3 times a week but it's not so easy. I'm also learning how to lift as I progress (from different websites, youtube, etc). So "training" is not just at the gym. For cardio, I do elepticals or stairmaster once a week. (still haven't tried out other machines) And sometimes I go scootalooing and enjoy the scenery and that can be a pretty good workout. Otherwise, I try to walk at least 20 min. a day. Though I've been bad this week. Oh and yoga! (When I can) My gym has the classes so early!
  11. Yeah it's hard to imagine but I think it's possible. If not evil maybe just corrupted and mislead. Just like Starlight.