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  1. Probably was when I was discovering who I was, the things that I liked...when I had my first serious relationship. It was the last year of middle school for me, and I was developing from a tomboy into a little lady. It was when I matured and came to terms with certain things that I didn't want to think about prior, and it was the year where I broke out of my shell and actually talked to everyone around me.
  2. You x Bowser The rubber band is on the other claw now, eh?
  3. Well, I'm happy that I'm a better option than Rarity. Lightwing x An Octorok. Because randoms.
  4. I read it about three years ago, so I forget what it's called, but I'll go snoop around for it on, I believe that's where I found it before.
  5. I actually read a fanfiction where Fry, Leela, and Bender went to Equestria, and Bender's reaction was exactly that. For me, Hiro Hamada and Baymax, and the crew members of Planet Express.
  6. Kelpies, hippogrifs, and fairies would all be very cool!
  7. "It is the time for the exercise. Let me exercise now. One two one two..."
  8. I get slightly offended when people make jokes about my religion, Christianity, in general. But if I ask them not to make those sort of jokes around me, and they still do, then I get fully offended.
  9. Although it is by far not the healthiest or most organic, Pepper Jack is good. ;w; I can't really eat other cheeses all that much, although I do like string cheese and mozzarella sticks...that counts, does it not?
  10. "This TF thing is getting outta' hand..."
  11. I believe the episode was called "Power Ponies". If not, forgive me, my memory is failing me! I know that My Little Pony is a show for children as well, but man, was that episode so...un-dark (how technical of a term!) and anti-climatic for an episode revolving around an alternate universe which contains superheroes. Even the ponies themselves...their powers, in my opinion, were a sort of...let down. If I were in charge of that episode, I would have made the Power Ponies and Mane-Iac, and I would have made things more climatic and...a bit more dark!
  12. I have no idea what your avatar is from, forgive me. "Smiling threateningly is a way to make friends, right?" "Indeed."