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  1. I'm sure that at least a handful of you saw the kind of posts I made earlier today... After them, however, I calmed down and decided to do something: draw! I've restarted drawing just recently, and I don't really wanna use the same style as the show, so I'm trying to develop my own. I know, I gotta fix many things, especially the legs, and learn to draw accessories, but what do you think of it? I'm certainly gonna draw more characters (canon and my own next gen OC's), maybe try to draw older generation/toy exclusive G4 ponies and even start a request thread to improve, but I'll see.
  2. I read your life advice post, I can relate to you a lot actually.

  3. 414813 Curse you, character limit
  4. I wish I had a reason to live. I feel like I'm here just to waste space and people's time. Everything would be much easier without me around.

  5. Is anybody up for a chat or something? For some reason, I'm more interested in speaking with strangers online than people I know irl.

  6. I'm in school, I just wanna go home and never leave my room again. People won't miss me anyway if I suddenly disappeared. They probably wouldn't even notice it.
  7. Once I'll be old enough to get out of high school, am I really gonna need the stuff I learned?

    1. Ethan Tran

      Ethan Tran

      does anyone?)))

  8. I got banned from deviantArt because I was 12 back then, and the minimum age to be there was 13. Anyway, last year, after turning 16, I asked if I could have my account back, and now I'm back on dA! Except that I barely post anything in there...too busy and not confident enough to show my art to the world.
  9. I can't stand people using "depressed" as a synonym for "sad". You don't get depressed if daddy doesn't buy you the latest smartphone, you get depressed if, no matter how many times or how hard you try, you keep being a disappointment to your family, feeling unfit into society or too different from everyone else, you're unable to hold normal conversations with real people.

    1. PiratePony


      Sorry, but they can use that word just fine. The word depressed can also just mean sad. Clinical depression came from that word which was established first. "in a state of general unhappiness or despondency."

    2. SunflowerPrincess


      I still can't stand spoiled brats using it.

    3. PiratePony


      yeah, I see what you mean though. That's a tad overdramatic. "I didn't get XXX I could die" is another one.

  10. I think I'd still be an important character, but not a protagonist or an antagonist. Probably a secondary character, like the protagonist's best friend or a member of their team.
  11. I don't have crushes on celebrities. Only on fictional characters.
  12. For some reasons, other than wanting a Celestia episode (like most people do) and an episode about Celestia and Luna's backstory, I really want a Zecora episode. I really like her, and I think an episode dedicated to her would be awesome. It could include something about her journey from the pony counterpart of Africa, so we could see how many of the animals there are sentient like ponies are.