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  7. So I know I have been really quiet but I have been fairly busy as of late. My friend and I are creating a game and have a youtube channel :) this is one of the videos for those interested in the PC VR world

  8. Radiant sighed as he rose his head looking toward the city. "While we did manage to take down scarlet we failed to thwart her plans." He said looking back to Tyra. "You preformed admirably Tyra, unfortunately I should take my leave... I must go address all of the canter lot guards spread through out the outposts so I can take a platoon into canter lot to do a final sweep." And with that the captain begun walking trough the outpost.
  9. Radiant's head hung lower then usual compared to his usual straight posture. "There is no coming back from this for me, I let the ponies of Canterlot down. I'm supposed to be the symbol of safety and protection for ponies. Yet Canterlot lies in ruin even though I was aboard the ship." He said filled with guilt. "The streets were filled with invasion forces because I was not here to help repel them."
  10. Radiant let out a slight sigh feeling as though the punishment wasn't really something outside of his duties which he would of already carried out. Reluctantly he nodded to Celestia and turned around to leave her tent. "Come on you two, we should leave Princess Celestia to her work." He said before leaving the tent.
  11. Radiant rose his head to look at Celestia, slightly confused. "Princess I must protest, it isn't a punishment but a confirmation of my already expected duties." He argued slightly but could see the look on Celestia's face and that she had no intention of actually punishing him. HE let out a short sigh. "Alright princess, I will serve you however you see fit."
  12. Radiant glanced to Tyra. "Stand down Tyra, I am not innocent. It is my sworn duty to protect Canterlot and all its residents." He said looking forward again with his head still bowed. "I have failed in my responsibilities, who knows how many ponies were lost and now Canterlot lies in ruin thanks to my failure to access the situation and stop Scarlet before it all got out of hand."