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  2. Chip Circuit

    Open Forgotten legend

    Radiant sighed as he rose his head looking toward the city. "While we did manage to take down scarlet we failed to thwart her plans." He said looking back to Tyra. "You preformed admirably Tyra, unfortunately I should take my leave... I must go address all of the canter lot guards spread through out the outposts so I can take a platoon into canter lot to do a final sweep." And with that the captain begun walking trough the outpost.
  3. Chip Circuit

    Open Forgotten legend

    Radiant's head hung lower then usual compared to his usual straight posture. "There is no coming back from this for me, I let the ponies of Canterlot down. I'm supposed to be the symbol of safety and protection for ponies. Yet Canterlot lies in ruin even though I was aboard the ship." He said filled with guilt. "The streets were filled with invasion forces because I was not here to help repel them."
  4. Chip Circuit

    Open Forgotten legend

    Radiant let out a slight sigh feeling as though the punishment wasn't really something outside of his duties which he would of already carried out. Reluctantly he nodded to Celestia and turned around to leave her tent. "Come on you two, we should leave Princess Celestia to her work." He said before leaving the tent.
  5. Chip Circuit

    Open Forgotten legend

    Radiant rose his head to look at Celestia, slightly confused. "Princess I must protest, it isn't a punishment but a confirmation of my already expected duties." He argued slightly but could see the look on Celestia's face and that she had no intention of actually punishing him. HE let out a short sigh. "Alright princess, I will serve you however you see fit."
  6. Chip Circuit

    Open Forgotten legend

    Radiant glanced to Tyra. "Stand down Tyra, I am not innocent. It is my sworn duty to protect Canterlot and all its residents." He said looking forward again with his head still bowed. "I have failed in my responsibilities, who knows how many ponies were lost and now Canterlot lies in ruin thanks to my failure to access the situation and stop Scarlet before it all got out of hand."
  7. Chip Circuit

    Open Forgotten legend

    Radiant looked at the exit of the tent in the direction of Canterlot before looking back at Celestia. "As you know Princess I am under your command, I fully intend to assist in rebuilding Canterlot and guarding over you as I've always done." He said looking back to Tyra and Ice before turning his attention back to Celestia and bowing his head. "I also take full responsibility for what transpired, I was in command and allowed this to happen. I awake whatever punishment you deem worthy."
  8. Chip Circuit

    Open Forgotten legend

    Radiant glanced at Scarlet and then looked to Tybalt. "I took her prisoner so we may be able to get information from her about what this all was for, perhaps future troop movement and any future threats she set in place." He replied quickly looking back to Celestia. "Currently I have her magic blocked and the decision is up to you princess, whether we hold her and place her in a secure area once we can or Tybalt can take her since they may have more... persuasive methods of getting information."
  9. Chip Circuit

    Open Forgotten legend

    Radiant took a breath before using his magic to pull aside the flaps of Celestia's tent, he then walked inside only to immediately stop as he came inside. The captain rose a hoof to his chest in a salute and then bowed before Celestia keepING his head lowered. "I apologize princess, I failed you and all of Canterlot. There was no way to shut down the drill before it reached the key line below Canterlot. I did manage to take the mastermind into custody, but I know this does not atone for my failure." He said regretfully keeping his head lowered. He was not sure what their responses would be but he awaited them nonetheless.
  10. Chip Circuit

    Open Forgotten legend

    Radiant looked around at the now homeless ponies feeling responsible for what had happened not being able to stop the mare that was now draped over his back. "I can't believe I failed." He murmured to himself before spinning around to the others. "You three may retreat to your tents to get some rest if you wish, It is my responsibility to defend Canterlot and I failed, this failure lies with me. So I will not ask you to face Princess Celestia after what has happened." Radiant turned around again and continued forward toward Celestia's command tent, his heart beating slightly faster as he approached unsure of what Princess Celestia's reaction would be.
  11. Chip Circuit

    Open Forgotten legend

    "I find that hard to believe, all your words are laced with poison." Radiant said looking back to the others. "We need to regroup with Princess Celestia, take responsibility for what happened to Canterlot." He said beginning to walk in the direction of Celestia's outpost, his eyes scanning the ruins of what use to be his home. "This is a nightmare, Canterlot use to be quite the sight, now it lies in rubble."
  12. Chip Circuit

    Open Forgotten legend

    Radiant glared back at the mare on his back. "Stay silent, you will pay for your crimes." He stated still looking to her. "No punishment will be too severe for what you've done." Once the others returned to the ground he looked to Ice Blizzard. "This is as worse as it can go for Canterlot, a ley line is a magical channel that radiates magic that unicorns and Alicorns can tap into to assist their magic which is why Canterlot has such a large unicorn population as well as why the royal sisters reside here. I do not know what will happened now that the magic has been released but it will not be good, especially if magic absorbing enemies like Tirek find out about the loose magic." He explained looking back up at the sky. "Canterlot will be weakened but we will persist, I will make sure of that."
  13. Chip Circuit

    Open Forgotten legend

    Radiant took the collar back out and put it back on Scarlet's horn and lifted her back onto his back. He didn't respond to her and looked up only in concern of his allies who were still up in the ship. However he begun getting ready to assist them if they help with the shield, whether it be reinforcing the shield or helping with slowing it down.
  14. Chip Circuit

    Open Forgotten legend

    "Tick Tock, perhaps you can cast a shield around the others while I assist from the ground once you're all in range of my magic." Radiant said before glancing back at Scarlet and removing the collar from her horn. "I hope you have enough energy to protect yourself in case." A second after the captain put the collar in his harness he jumped out of the opening of the ship. He cast his armor spell around him as he was falling making sure to charge his armor so it could withstand the fall. Before impact he tried levitating scarlet just enough so she didn't hit his armor at full force.
  15. Chip Circuit

    Open Forgotten legend

    Radiant felt the ship begin to lurch to one side but the drill was still continuing to drill. He then heard the voice announce that evacuation was reccommended. The captain used his magic to open a small pouch on his harness which held a small collar like item and walked up to Scarlet against the increasing tilt of the ship. He fastening the small collar onto Scarlet's horn so she couldn't cast magic and hoisted her onto his back. Radiant then climbed to the hole in the side of the ship looking down at the ground. "We need to get out of here! Tick tock with the ship at this angle turn the other engine all the way up as well to hopefully move this thing away from Canterlot since it's at an angle. After that can you teleport us all or does ice need to create a giant pile of snow for us to land in?" He ordered with scarlet draped over his back.