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  1. Divine dragon horse celebrating FIM’s tenth anniversary
  2. I’m sure Pinkus, Lyra, and McFlurry would love being petted and getting bellyrubs
  3. Nah, I’m not. It wouldn’t have made a difference to me if there were some alicorn dudes
  4. Right now: Hyrule Warriors: Agenof Calamity. I could buy Doom Eternal as well tho
  5. Depression is too much, but I still mourn the end of ponies, and I look ways to cling to them, like Pony Life or Dragalia Lost . Granted, overall S9 was rather crap for what a fina season should be, but at least the final episodes didn’t disappoint
  6. Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel. You are lucky to take more than two steps without triggering a random encounter. Escaping isn’t an option either, because you have to escape once per character, and if the remaining non escaped characters die: game over. Punk ass game that was
  7. Cute horse’s fall harvesting
  8. A couple of Maud Pie being stupid sexy this one being more saucy
  9. Fluttershy as a divine dragon horse
  10. Finished Avatar, and Korra. Watching The Blacklist since it’s 7th season came in Netflix
  11. I thought the same about gwent at first, but the game is pretty easy to understand and a fun distraction
  12. I’m indifferent. Some of them can be really insane to do, and they are not tangible enough of a reward to investing in them. I at most clear some for fun, but I don’t get out of my way to do so either
  13. Adorasexy Cadance and hottest rule 63
  14. Adorasexy human Applejack
  15. Tom & Jerry> Looney Tunes all the way. The Hana Barbera era was the good shit
  16. Yeah, no wonder why they are releasing so many. They are freaking successful . Guess people are less judgmental of ponies if they are beautiful waifus . Anyway, makes me Oder them in a rush, as they sell out pretty quickly
  17. A lot. I’m a picker, and spend all day long standing and walking at my job. I ACTUALLY LOST MORE WEIGHT THAN MY TWO YEARS AT JIUJITSU
  18. Damn, despite ordering for cute nerd girl next door, I think I should order hot Sunny sooner as these figures sell like hot cakes. Other than LE Twi and AJ, all of them are sold out I hope we get one of a grown up McFlurry