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  1. (Previously posted on another forum) Just yesterday I started watching an anime called "Plastic Memories," and already at episode 4, I am in love! I know how it ends since I have friends and a sister who watched the series, but do be careful with spoilers, even the tiniest ones. I may know the fates of the characters, but I want to experience their moments by myself. Possibly what I love so much about this anime so far is that there are rules. I can already tell that needs some clarification. What I mean by "rules" is that there's a certain way things flow within the characters' situations that are inevitable and help mold the story into what it is. For example, the way that the gifts have a specific lifespan could be considered a "rule." The way the giftias deteriorate as they near their death is a "rule." Of course, there are rules to the retrieval process. Rules are fixed points, you could say *Whovian side of me pokes its head out* Anyway, with all these rules, it would be easy to create a roleplay. There are so many different stories we could tell through ocs. I feel that I know enough about the Plastic Memories universe, through my own viewing of the series and my friends, to navigate through it. I think this would be something fun to try, but I need to know if it's a good idea, if there would be willing participants, and if I can get any help with the rp.
  2. @Stardust* Haha! Thanks! A fellow Fluttershy lover, too, I see. @DwhitetheGamer: Yup ^.^ I might even watch Sonic X tonight, cx *suddenly remembers final exams and how it isn't summer yet*
  3. Thank you! The nostalgia is insane, considering how short of a time I spent here last year. Your Sonic theme only adds to the nostalgia. I need to watch that again. ^.^
  4. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy How did you find MLP Forums?: Well, I have been here before...probably been a year since I was last here, and that is really awful. I feel so bad. It's not like I was super popular here or anything, though, so don't feel bad if you never knew me. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I became a fan in....was it 2011? 2012? I don't want to go into it, since it was boring. I just remember being curious about the hype, went to YouTube, and got hooked. Now I'm not as interested as I used to be, but MLP is still a great show. It's a lot better than most of the cartoons out there. I have changed since I was last here, but hopefully for the better. I am less offended by certain things, I've grown to be an understanding person, I've reflected on past mistakes. Currently, I am trying to make amends with certain people, which I know sounds fake, but take it or leave it. Anywho, I have developed an interest in anime. No, I am not a full on otaku yet, but so far I have obsessed over FairyTail, Noragami (<--the bomb, my precious, my forever love), Durarara, Ga Rei Zero (feels, man, my heart), and Bungou Stray Dogs (check it out, it's cool and new). I have become more artistic, I think. I don't know. Might upload some pony fanart when I can. Hopefully that's something y'all can enjoy. Oh! And there's the infamous "y'all!" Yep, I am a Texan. And I was just informed I will be eating Bbq for lunch. That timing! Feel free to chat with me. That would be great.
  5. Been so long since I was last here. Wow.

  6. Hey, everypony! This is Fangirl Fantasies and as nyou can tell from part of my avvie (soon to be my whole avvie), I like Doctor Who. I love Doctor Who. I breathe it. I thought it would be cool to have a Doctor Whooves writing club here, one that could create a whole episode in 2-3 weeks and allow the rest of the board to read it on Fridays before the MLP episode comes out the following day. Something to water down the unbearable excitement. Here's what I want - 1. 2-4 other members 2. A show that FEELS like Doctor Who, with our own unique touch. 3. A show that feels like MLP but more dramatic yet still sweet and fun. 4. People who want to change Doctor Who and MLP for the better, even if that's not what we accomplish See, I have huge ambitions to one day wrote for Doctor Who, which means I would like to start asap but I know it takes time, patience, and self-seeking. This writing club is mainly to have fun, but also to serve as practice for how I can work with a team of writers. I'm sure there will be ohuge benefits for you and your future coming from this as well. Without further ado, I now open this Writing Club. Can I bump this? Hopefully. Another bump, because no one seems to be paying any attention...
  7. @ CosmicMelody - That is true, and very pressing. However, when you think of it, same sex marriage etc is a religion too. I mean, obviously no one worships it, but there are Christians who are LGBT+ who change up what they believe and basically create a new denomination wrapped around their beliefs. I do see how this could turn into an issue, but there is a solution, and that is called denomination. I don't know about other religions though, like Islam or Buddhism. Idk. I'm just a 16 year old.
  8. Twelfth Doctor. I just love him, and Peter Capaldi is pretty awesome. Haven't actually seen a lot of his work but he's a great person and such a big fan of the show. He knows what he's doing, I think. And I am part of that 20% who loves Clara and ships Whouffaldi. However, I do think Clara's run should end soon, hopefully tragically because I want to see how hard that hits 12. But I don't want it to become a thing like with Rose and the Tenth where for the rest of the series the Doctor just mopes. Sure, grieve. The Doctor needs a grieving period, but after that, get on with it. Ooh. Maybe Clara will tell him what Danny told her - the five minute thing. *shakes head to clear it* Sorry. I got off topic in my Whouffaldi ways.
  9. Welcome to the thread where we'll be discussing my new roleplay, "Our Own Stories to Tell," which takes place after the 100th mlp episode special. Link below: 8D Enjoy! Can I bump this? Apparently not. Well then how am I supposed to get any members?
  10. When I watched A Slice of Life with my sis, I automatically fell in love with the episode. Every character seemed so different with their own story to tell, and I'd like for those stories to be told. What better way to do that than with RP, right? We have a range of characters to chooses from: Doctor - Claimed by me (what an unfortunate name) Derpy - DJ Pon-3 - Octavia - Lyra- (on hold) Bon Bon - Here are the simple rules: -follow all forum rules -play characters accordingly -please be at least semi-advanced,3-5 sentences each entry -only play one character each, unless we really can't find another party. In this case, you may not choose to be a character that's in the same group pair as your other character (for example, I can't play the Doctor AND Derpy) -the roleplay will be divided in half posts, the top portion talking about after Slice of Life, the bottom portion about before Slice of Life (example: I am RPing about the aftermath of the 100th episode. --- I am RPing about the events before the 100th episode.) -this roleplay will be like the show, so no bloody, tragic deaths, though I don't mind injuries and plenty of gripping action moments. -If you have a plot, feel free to mention it! Otherwise, this is just a sweet RP. -DJ Pon-3 shouldn't talk. -Got any questions? Just ask! -HAVE FUN! HAVE FUN! HAVE FUN! My Plot in Mind - I have an idea to make all these six ponies meet up at some point and band together. Maybe travelling through time and space, going on secret missions, and creating music (and muffins) together. This, of course, is for the aftermath of the 100th. I also have an idea for Derpy. She seemed like she didn't have a big enough part in the special, so we'll be sure to give her a big part here. Maybe a slightly sad back story? And lots of development? Here's the OOC Thread to discuss these ideas further (and of know...goof off XD) : Feel free to get to RPing once you've claimed a charrie! :) ~~~~ The Doctor trotted out of the wedding, quite the ecstatic stallion. Not only had two hearts been bound together by marriage, but more importantly, his fireworks had been set off by that love. "Oh Derpy! I'd thought it was unwise of you to disobey my orders and set up the fireworks, but THAT was truly amazing! Ha!" He had the biggest smile on his face, his eyes closed in delight, but suddenly he remembered the ridiculous scarf he was wearing. "Now, I must get home and change into something more comfortable."
  11. Whovian bronies/ pegasisters are called Whovicorns. It's my own term and it just fits. We have ponies in bronies, Pegasi in pegasisters, but we don't have unicorns anywhere. So, we are Whovicorns. Or Whonicorns. Loved Doctor Who loves in the 100th! My heart lept at "Allons-y!" <3 <3 <3 It brought me back! OH WOW! SOMEONE IS USING MY TERM! LOL! I WAS JUST TALKING ABOUT IT BECAUSE SOMEONE SEEMED CONFUSED! COOL! Oh wait....Oh my god I am so Derpy ( I guess that's okay - I get the Doctor!)
  12. He has one for each incarnation, it seems. At least in NewWho. Ninth: Fantastic Tenth: Allons-y (I fangirled when Doctor said that at the end!!!) Eleventh: Geronimo Twelfth: (doesn't really have one, but always says the name of his companion as well as "It's a rollercoaster with you!") Pony: GREAT WHICKERING STALLIONS! So anyway, I really liked the episode. My Whovian side lit up and I feel like life is complete. I'm going to definitely watch this episode again with my sister. I feel bad cause I said I'd watch it with her, but I got too impatient. MLP is the only fandom I've got at the moment which isn't on a hiatus. Bon Bon sounded like a cross between Pinkie Pie and Twilight, but was actually voiced by the actress who voices Rainbow Dash and Apple Jack. Weird... Derpy seemed to get too small of a part, to be honest. Really hoping her character shines through in later episodes (I know they won't be main characters but they can't just be forgotten after this). Of course Doctor was awesome. My favorite. He seemed to be the star, but that might just be because I'm biased. Definitely expect some Doctor Whooves RPs So happy he's a part of the show! Lyra was exactly how my friend Buzz described her personality to me. Shout out to you, Buzz! I don't know why, but I LOVE how DJ Pon-3 didn't talk at all! Hopefully she never gets a voice. I mean, I hope she has the ability to talk (though if she's mute that would be cool, though kind of sad), but keeps quiet because music must be listened to. Octavia reminded me of my sis, the way she freaks out over a band performance. I found the duet (would you call it that?)through the streets a bit random and slightly annoying, but eh. I'll live. XD I feel like I'm forgetting something before I tell you who my favorite of them all is. Let me think... Okay. My favorite... ...of them all... GUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His insight! Omg that was hilarious! Could someone make a gift of that? But yeah, really great episode, hope to see more of these characters in later episodes. *hooves (or shall I say "whooves") crossed*
  13. Oh My God you were actually active! :lol: