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  1. LyraTheMintPony

    Spoiler The third annual MLP Forums Class of 2017

    Looking great, Mentis! <3
  2. LyraTheMintPony

    Spoiler The third annual MLP Forums Class of 2017

    Looking good so far! <3
  3. LyraTheMintPony

    Spoiler The third annual MLP Forums Class of 2017

    Just got my OC Commission of Blue Screen from Sfyr done for this! <3 EDIT: Oh, that turned out bigger than I expected when posting this, if that's an issue then I can downsize it a bit tomorrow since my internet is constantly dropping every 10 seconds at the moment.
  4. LyraTheMintPony

    Would mind a pony nuzzling you?

    I'd love a nuzzle from a pony, especially if it was from Lyra. o3o <3
  5. LyraTheMintPony

    Post your OC!

    I got a reference sheet of my OC commissioned by Sfyr not too long ago! :3 He is a Stallion though, with Sfyr's art it's kinda hard to tell the difference when looking at their snoots, though to be honest I like the mare snoots better. <3
  6. LyraTheMintPony

    How and when did you become a brony?

    I joined the fandom around early September 2011, I came across it while looking up Castlevania related things and found a crossover thing last called Ponyvania: Symphony of Nightmare Moon (I believe it had a different name when I found it), which had audio dialogue from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night mixed with scenes from Season 1 of the show. Unfortunately I went to check for it to link it here but it's no longer available. While watching that video I wasn't sure what show it was using the clips from, looked into it and eventually found out what it was, started watching and got hooked!
  7. LyraTheMintPony

    The Lyra Heartstrings Fan Club

    So much Lyra here, it's great! Here's a couple pics out of my bunch! <3
  8. LyraTheMintPony

    Does mlp make people more emotionally soft?

    I'm glad I have found MLP as it does bring joy to me wether it be from watching the show itself or the friends I have met as a result of it. ^.^
  9. LyraTheMintPony

    Do bronies do hugs and boops to each other in reality too?

    Personally, I only hug anyone i'm very close to like family members and such, but not so much for boops though.
  10. LyraTheMintPony

    What is the latest pony related merchandise you bought?

    My latest MLP Merch was December's MLPBox which is like LootCrate if you've heard of that but with pony stuff, December's ended up being a Dr Whooves Backpack.
  11. LyraTheMintPony

    S06:E25+E26 - To Where and Back Again

    Go for it :3 Sfyr actually made a bunch of those at one point. too cute! <3 Also on the topic, I forgot to mention I would love to see Chrysalis's reformed design, i'm sure that'll come officially at some point but it's nice to see the fan designs of her! :3
  12. LyraTheMintPony

    Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    Been playing quite a few games, I just finished the main part of the newest Hitman game not too long ago and that was pretty good. Other than that I usually play Warframe or Creativerse and sometimes Rocket League. I've also been fiddling around with GTA V Single Player mods as well, looking forward to the Liberty City expansion mod that OpenIV teased about the other day!
  13. LyraTheMintPony

    S06:E25+E26 - To Where and Back Again

    I thought the finale was pretty good, not gonna lie the reformed Changeling design caught me off guard but I like it overall. :3
  14. LyraTheMintPony

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Here's a pic of me I took almost a month ago. :3 Don't mind the crappy cellphone quality.