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"In Poniet Russia, Joseph Stallion is you."



Pony Personality Test


I am most like Pinkie Pie, who is one of my favorite ponies. She is an earth pony, but I say that my favorite race is unicorn. You know who else ISN'T a unicorn? Rainbow Dash. I was second-most like her in the personality test, but she is not really my favorite pony. However, my background is of Rainbow Dash. Do you know what she is doing? She is saluting in Russian (Just like how I can cry in Spanish). Do you know what else is Russian? Russia. Russia is located in Eastern Europe. If a compass was marked with the numbers on a clock, East would be on the 3. DO YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE INVOLVES THE NUMBER 3? DJ Pon-3. DJ Pon-3 has one pair of glasses, and beneath those glasses are two eyes. 2 + 1 = 3. Danklife 4 conformed 1v1 me on Dank Eleven most underplayed map u cheeky skrublord get 420 noscoped, 2 mlg pro 4 u.


Joseph Stallion = Loominarti

^My life story