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  1. I don't remember what happened exactly, but sometime at the beginning I'm almost positive Pinkie makes a reference to easy-bake ovens (which is also another Hasbro property). I'm surprised no one else has really noticed this one. I grew up with a sister who used to have one of those... Haha.
  2. According to Box Office Mojo, the worldwide grosses is already at $26,113,434 (of course with estimates for this weekend; we'll soon see what it truly is...). However, the movie has also not released in major countries such as the UK, France, and Australia. I'm sure it will make a few more million from domestic as well. I'm thinking that overall this movie is definitely going to be a financial success for Hasbro. Nothing to disrupt the fandom or the brand really, but not by any means a complete failure. Edit: Apparently it's a lot lower ;-; They really overestimated foreign grosses.
  3. Gotta admit, I thought he was gonna be the weakest character out of the new ones introduced, based on his different style, his song, and the previews that I've seen. However, after watching the movie, I thought he was one of the best! The way he acts is much more memorable than I expected!
  4. This doesn't really apply to everyone, but more just my friends. They all like strategy games, but I prefer more exploration/fps games. I have such a hard time planning things out, and when I do stuff like that, I like the take my time and move slowly (aaaand then I always lose)
  5. So true. People will say it is just nostalgia, but if you go back and actually watch some of the older episodes, you'll see that it had very clever humor, or when they implemented stupid humor, it was stupid humor in a kind of naive kind of way. As for me, my last show I watched was 24: Legacy. It's okay, but the series just isn't the same without Kiefer Sutherland's amazing role as Jack Bauer EDIT: I've been gone for so long that I forgot some of these threads are really old... RIP the necro-quote.
  6. That's what they said about the show, but look how that turned out still going strong (as horses)
  7. But his name is Spike! Get it?! Spike, and the spines on the pufferfish! *slowly backs into corner after being too cringey* Aquestria would be a cool name, but for all practical purposes, it sounds way too similar to Equestria.
  8. Personally, I'd hope for probably around 90-120 minutes at most. An hour and a half to two hours would be sufficient (and quite average) of a time.
  9. I really want to see the possible introduction of a villain/force that has subtle development occasionally throughout the season until the climax in the finale. It was easy to avoid that with Chrysalis because it allowed for the shock of the changelings taking over everyone. Probably the closest we've gotten to that is Tirek and the rainbow items, but I want there to be some mysteriously looming force, almost like a minor underlying continuity beneath the "Friendship of the Week" kinds of episodes. It's a bit much to ask for, but it would be awesome rather than just introducing a new villain in the very last episode. Oh yes, and music. I hope there's lots of music.
  10. Link to your YouTube channel? I'll check it out!
  11. I am wasting my life away making the memeist videos ever. Send help. P.S. Right after uploading, I got one view, and that one person disliked the video
  12. Was expecting a cringe-filled video but was pleasantly surprised! I like your voice, haha. Keep making videos!
  13. About to teach my friend how to play CS:GO.

  14. I knew about it, and when my sister said how weird it was, I totally agreed with her. Aaaaaaaaand, now I'm here.
  15. I have no life, and was inspired to ponify one of the biggest video editing memes going around now xD
  16. I'm not sure. I grew up liking red, but now that I think about it, I like a lot of colors. Red of course is still a favorite, but I also like faded blues and greens.They're nice colors.
  17. NO. As a kid, I would love to play in sand, but now that I'm older I see how much of a pain it is. Not only does it take forever to get completely off your body, but then basically everything you have with you gets covered in sand as well.
  18. My one and only fandom is MLP. I've never really dived into any other fandom. Obviously I enjoyed many other things, I just didn't delve into the active community such as how I do here.
  19. Don't think I'm really known haha. I probably was somewhat known a while back when I was more active, but then I just kind of fell out. I've been posting a lot more now, though
  20. Snow if a lot of fun. I live in an area that gets decent snow but not as much as farther up north, and last year we got hit with that insane snowstorm. It's beautiful and is so calming... That is, until you have to go and shovel it, and then drive on horrible roads But it's comfy to stay inside and chill or go out in the snow to just mess around.
  21. All sodas are equal, but some sodas are more equal than others.
  22. It's totally because the unicorns would take over their jobs. The problems that Earth ponies already face are YUUUGE, and I think Applejack needs to build a wall to keep them out. But in all seriousness, it's just used to show the family's traditions and/or move the plot along by giving Applejack a purpose (RIP Applejack).
  23. I saw Scrooged earlier tonight to finish up my Christmas day. It didn't strike the feels as much as it could have, but it was still pretty good.
  24. I am so obsessed with making my hair as neat as possible. It looks really good gelled up in the front a bit, but some hairs are just so darn stubborn that they refuse to go up with the rest. This triggers me, so when I'm really lazy or not going out, I never gel my hair up because its easier to maintain order XD