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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. My Little A.I. achieved 50,000 views this year :)


  3. Pony boots and nephews and storm troopers at MCM Birmingham 2017 They are hinged and sprung-return with normal shoes inside. The metal is 2mm aluminium and the sole is normal rubber sheet glued on. The fur is velcro on. I am thinking about changing to Shining Armour with whit furry trousers? That’s a big project for me though.
  4. Adverts don’t directly make money, so if it made any profit it’s a winner?
  5. My Derpy Story went very well. I'm invigorated by how well it was received :)

  6. Next on the list was the shield for Battle Pony in Worbla and foam with a serious pony centre piece! I was amazed i could draw a pony][/][/URL]
  7. Stoke-con-Trent 2016;][/ the new stick with dragons;][/][/ I hope those work. It was having link problems . .
  8. I liked jack-jack-attack from Pixar and I see much of that charector in Flurry. She could do a very good "accidental hero" episode. I'd say her being either good or bad for mlpfim is very much in the hands of future writers. She could be a lot of fun ! Generally speaking I think Twilight having wings backed the writers into a corner, even though I loved the episode (a lot). Writing these things is like a game of chess where you plan ages ahead. The changeling thing and flurry are some excellent future proofing if they run to series eight. (Same with the cake twins). I hope for a crazy fourth wall teenage Flurry
  9. I've been so taaardy this back end. I just lost the ideas part of my brain since the summer started and it really took some getting started. For this story I went back to the notes book and scribbled in concepts and text haphazard. Finally this month I wrote it up. (I did build a mini-rat-bike and go to UKPonycon though, so not a total loss) The idea with "Twilights Ghost" was a spin off from another story I did that looked at being able to pass through solid objects. In "Soft Flooring" it was a trap for a thief, but this time I wanted Twilight to try it to set her on adventure. She's a great vehicle for some magic-gone-wrong, especially after her time travel 'incident' in canon. Hopefully I am back in the swing of things and more ideas will pop into my head soon I guess the story here is; stick with it, writers blocks may be long, but they don't last forever
  10. "There have been a lot of fan fics and speculation on Nightmare Moon being sent to the moon as a punishemnet by Celestia, using the Elements Of Harmony. But what if that isn't what happened?" I fancied a cannon story and to achieve it I watched the first two episodes several times. It has turned out more like an "Events from Celestias perspective" with a twist. Celestia and Twilight sat on ornately embroidered silk cushions in the Princess's private rooms. They were discussing an upcoming Royal event due in the next few days. Twilight looked at her mentor and then placed her tea cup back down carefully on the crystal glass tray. "Are you alright?" asked the young purple mare. "I'm fine," replied the white Alicorn with a smile. In reality the pain was growing inside her by the hour as the thousandth summer sun celebration approached. "The preparations can be tiring for an old pony, even though I should be used to them after all this time." Twilight didn't look convinced. It had been many years since the young filly had hatched a dragon's egg and aged it near instantly. Magical talent like that didn't always come with intelligence, but this time it had returned with a vengeance. Celestia doubted that her student had bought into the throw away statement and as the event approached it would become even harder to hide her secret. Somehow she needed to get Twilight out of harms way. "I promise I'm fine and you have a party to get to. Go and have some fun with ponies your own age." As her protege skipped out of the ornately carved doors Celestia sat back and winced. It wasn't like this day was a surprise, in fact, it was the most certain prophecy ever. Twilight headed back to her lodgings happily enough, but then began to think about the obvious discomfort of her teacher. She knew her to be very old, but as far as she had read, Alicorns didn't physically age beyond adult hood. She decided to take a history book on the summer sun celebration to read under a shady tree in the Royal gardens. It was there that she started to realise that all wasn't well. Celestia was already wondering how to divert Twilight just as a parchment arrived. Opening it she sighed as she realised hiding anything from her especially diligent student was near impossible. Maybe if she could keep her close by, she might be able to protect her and put Nightmare Moon somewhere secure for another thousand years! At least if the purple unicorn went on ahead there would be more time to prepare. Quickly she began to assemble a reply; "Dear Twilight, Travel to Ponyville immediately to make sure everything is ready. This is a particularly important event being the 1000th. My little ponies will likely overdo things until it resembles a farce! If things go wrong I need you to be prepared" She decided to simplify it somewhat, deny everything and include a proviso for her to make some new friends. Twilight was spending more and more time engrossed in dusty old books and it was becoming unhealthy. Also, the researcher would soon have a working knowledge of this ancient magic, so it made sense that she start her off with the vital pieces. The elements of harmony had always been handled by a team. Celestia sat back and pondered on how all the unfortunate events had unraveled so long ago. It had been a thousand years since that horrific day. Her sweet baby sister had been so easily changed into a heartless monster. The little ball of dark fluff that had bounced around the palace had later shredded the landscape. Twisted by a desire to destroy, she had eventually tried to make every day a time of darkness. Initially Celestia had tried to avoid a fight, but with starvation imminent among the populace she had finally turned on her own family. As if that wasn't bad enough the Princess of the Sun had also been horrified at her own actions. All too easily she had slipped into the form of Alicorn warrior. She knew from the ancient books that having a horn and wings could so easily turn a pony mad with power, eventually leading to the Alicorns' near extinction. As she had caressed the elements of harmony she had wondered if she was next. Unfortunately Luna's thoughts lived inside Nightmare Moon and she was very nearly one step ahead in claiming the elemental stones for herself. Circling the Goddess of the Sun she had glared at the enchanted gems. "And what manner of plan have you for those?" She snarled. "They are so pretty," replied Celestia. "I thought they might honour me with the very brightest of roses in the palace garden this summer." Luna scoffed. "If thou hast nothing important to do with them, then I am sure I can put them to better use!" She lunged at them with ears back and fangs showing, her wings cutting the air to thrust her forward. It was too late for Nightmare Moon to change her mind as she caught the hard glint of the sun in Celestia's eye. It was too late to take anything back, too late to retreat, and far too late to forgive. The Sun Princess rose with a firm "NO!". The elements spat light and spark as they twisted and spun through the air. This wasn't a controlled use of their powers as in previous engagements, but instead a magical attack of hate and anger. Through the explosion of light Nightmare Moon could be seen to scream in agony, and yet, no sound could be heard. In a split second she was gone and the brightly coloured stones floated to the floor like autumn leaves. Celestia sank to the floor in tears as she heard her sisters voice. "Sister, where am I?" the small voice questioned. "What has happened to me?" Rolling onto her side she looked across the stone floor at the method of destruction. How could she have been so stupid. There was only one rule to go with the elements of harmony. They needed no complex scripture or teaching. If activated they did exactly what you wished and if all you wished for was for something not to happen then magic would fill in the gaps. It was a day or maybe two before ponies had dared to enter the inner castle chambers to search for answers. At first they thought Nightmare Moon had killed their Princess as she lay there catatonic. They made to move her body and were startled to hear her draw breath. "I must raise the sun," she announced in booming voice. "Nightmare Moon is no more!" Staggering to the nearest balcony accompanied by pleas to rest she looked upon the moon. It was then that the idea came to hide the terrible event that had taken place there. Before lowering the moon she carved an image of her once loved sister on its surface. And then, as she had so often done, she raised the sun. The white alicorn had continued on alone for a thousand years like that, ever mindful of this coming day. In that time all she really learned was that using the elements on your own was very risky. Typically they were handled by five ponies, where the magical skill of each individual dictated their power. If she could get Twilight to help with some of them, maybe they had a chance while Nightmare Moon was still weak from release. Celestia knew her student would be studying hard on their use, so she decided to do the same and refresh her memory in the Royal library. Unfortunately Nightmare moon was studying her every move in readiness for release. As the Sun Princess settled down amongst the ancient scrolls the silence was periodically broken by confused pleas from her sister. Despite her best overnight efforts Celestia had failed to come up with a new exit plan. She had no choice but to travel to Ponyville and do her best when the moment arrived. Luna was now much more vocal as her essence writhed expectantly for escape from within her. The summer sun celebration was upon them and any second now they would be separated. With all of Ponyville assembled Mayor Mare began the official welcome. Celestia winced as she felt Nightmare moon stir inside her. There was a distinct mental after taste from the thoughts of the Princes of Darkness. "And now, it is my great honour to introduce to you the ruler of our land, the very pony who gives the sun and the moon each and every day, the good, the wise, the bringer of harmony to all of Equestria... Princess Celestia!" Celestia cringed at the thought of being described as good and wise. She had made a terrible mistake in letting Luna become Nightmare Moon and then compounded it by failing to deal with her effectively. Now she felt like Celestia the incompetent. She gave one last gasp in readiness to lower the moon and raise the sun, but instead only felt blackness as she fell to the floor. The transfigured form of Luna now stood over the sun princess, an evil grin worn across her face. "How unfortunate we cannot spend anymore time together," she spat. Then, turning to look at the moon, she recanted the spell that had placed her image on it's surface. "That's better, one so hates to see the things one loves defaced. Now it is time to make the dramatic entrance you had so carefully planned for yourself." Nightmare Moon left the preparations room and made for the stairs to the balcony. With a purple glow of her horn she pushed her sister into a corner and covered her in an invisibility spell. Now that she was freed from her sisters body, it was not really needed. The shock of absorbing Nightmare Moon had set Celestia back quite a bit. The shock of her release was way more painful. She tried to get up and make chase, but was now totally incapacitated. In the main hall she could hear the commotion and knew that Twilight was there. It had all gone horribly wrong and her student would likely be a target for the evil Princesses amusement. She had hoped that being trapped within her would have made her sister more compassionate, but by the sound of it she was now worse than ever. All too soon the sounds outside faded and she was left with her thoughts in the dim lamp light. It was merely a pin prick of light compared to the sun she was now powerless to access. All she could do was re-run the images of the last few seconds, the last few hours and that initial failure so very long ago. Maybe Twilight could pull off some sort of miracle. The purple ball of energy was highly accomplished and capable, but Nightmare Moon had already beaten the entire Empire. Even if Twilight could get to the elements, it was unlikely she could use them without help. Five highly trained ponies in tune with each other could only achieve so much and none had ever come close to bringing down an Alicorn. Celestia could only hope that her student had made friends and that they were good ones. Luckily for everypony Twilight had made up lost ground quickly. Those ponies who had been no more than strangers a short time ago had formed a strong bond of trust against adversity. Nightmare Moons game of despair and deception had actually strengthened their resolve to complete their quest! As Twilight stood before the Dark Princess resplendent in her battle armour she realised that six was the magic number after all. She could now see that harmony wasn't just a name for something nice, but was in fact the result of good magic and of good friendship. Half by accident she had raised the sixth element and unleashed the full power of the other five. A magic so strong was released that it knocked them all to the ground and their foe unconscious. With Nightmare Moon gone Celestia felt the dark spells fade from her form. Blinking with surprise and jumping to her feet she sped out of the room and out onto the balcony. Maybe everything was fine, but there was no time to waste in fear of finding her sister only stunned, but still quite dangerous. It was imperative she intervene quickly while she had a narrow window of opportunity. Shaking off a sizeable headache and spreading her wings she made for the old castle as fast as she could. She knew the layout well and entered the room that held the elements of harmony to find it empty. Her horn glowing with white fire ready for battle she teleported through the window of the throne room. Eyes ablaze with the full energy of the sun she was shocked to find a scene of quiet reflection. "Princess Celestia," gleamed the little purple pony unicorn. "Twilight Sparkle, my faithful student, I knew you could do it," she lied with a huge smile. Keeping an empire going was half planning and half luck and her teaching had clearly paid off today. Looking to her left she could see her sister still unconscious on the floor, but visually unharmed from the reversal spell. "But you told me it was all an old pony tale?" asked a confused looking Twilight. "I told you to make some friends and nothing more." It had been a viable slight of hand with the truth. Telling everypony how her flesh and blood had annihilated Equestria wouldn't have helped anything. The fact that Nightmare Moon was trapped inside her would have doubled the panic. The initial failure with the elements of harmony had undoubtedly been reversed by the six ponies ranged before her. She continued; "I saw the signs of Nightmare Moons return and I knew it was you who had the magic inside to defeat her. But you could not unleash it until you let true friendship into your heart." It seemed so obvious to her now. Of course harmony was the essence of friendship. In all the years of the elements use the ponies assigned to them had been chosen by the court. Her ancestors had never given anypony a proper chance to wield them as the universe had intended. Turning to her side she couldn't be happier that the new elemental bearers had brought back her sweet little sister to her. "Now if only another one will as well?" She said quietly walking toward Princess Luna. "It has been a thousand years since I have seen you like this. It's time to put our differences behind us. We were meant to rule together little sister. Will you accept my friendship?" The End
  11. Obabscribbler narrates soft flooring
  12. Fia94 from Deviantart hooked us up with some mint title art.
  13. This is the sixth outing for my OC family and the third of the longer ones (first three are poem-stories). A young grey filly and her seapony friend are on a quest to get a good grade in a school project. They could roll a marble down a plank, but that's just not how they think. To find out how their minds work, please read on A Boat Tailed Waggon (by TeamIdris)(title art by Fia94) Lilypad and Fish sat behind their desks watching the clock creep slowly around to lunch time. It was a very nice day outside and certainly far to pleasant to be inside a class room. Fish wanted to run around in the sunshine and Lilypad wanted to be back in her water barrel for a bit. Despite being midsummer 'Miss' was explaining rain. As Lilypad was currently magically transformed into her unicorn state, the topic was nearly too much to bare. "How does heavy water go up and why does it come back down?" A pony had asked an hour ago. The description of the water cycle was something the class covered every year. Although rain was important, it wasn't any more exciting than; dried out water went up, got cold and fell back as rain. "How fast can raindrops fall?" Fish groaned under her breath and Lilypad quietly giggled at her friends response. "It falls faster and faster until the air pushes back on it and the speed levels out. Rain drops only fall so fast and no more," said Miss. Eventually the clock reached twelve and the whole class made ready to break for the door. "Your assignment for the next two weeks is to demonstrate gravity. Class dismissed." Once outside Fish jumped into the barrel with Lilypad. "Room for another one!" She shouted. Lilypad laughed as large amount of water sloshed over the side. Fish put her head under the water and resurfaced with a bedraggled smirk. "Gravity." Lilypad pondered the word for a moment. Her underwater world was mostly without gravity. She hadn't really considered it until the first time she tried the land spell. Then turning her tail into legs had shown how much heavier she was as a fish out of water. Before that she had floated up and down as she pleased. "We could throw something off a cliff or roll a big stone down a hill maybe?" Fish's eyes lit up at this last suggestion. "We could roll a cart wheel down the hill, or the whole cart and then could ride in the cart." That evening after school the Little grey filly decided to make a start on their new gravity cart. She knew many different pieces would be needed, but she figured if she made a start the list would be shorter. It might only be half a list or even less! Sam stepped out into the yard to see what was happening. Waving a hoof in the general direction of Fish's work area she asked; "Are you building a wagon or a boat?" "Both!" Beamed Fish, "if it doesn't work as a waggon it might work as a boat." Sam turned her head on one side to see if it helped her imagine all the pieces assembled. It didn't, so she went back to her work and hoped Fish didn't hit herself with the hammer. She added; "Oh, why?" "It's fur a hool roject," came the muffled small voice now holding a hammer in her mouth. "Wur esting ravity." Fish had come on a long way since the failed submarine construction days. She could now nail on planks close together and knew how to plain the edges with some help. Glyn was very impressed and said so to Sam. "I thought she would be a diver, and she knows her way around water like few others, but I'm beginning to wonder if we have bred a ship wright?" That evening Sam and Glyn decided to probe further into this new 'school assignment'. Fish sometimes went off on a tangent and they wanted to be sure of the facts. A cart seemed an unlikely way to demonstrated gravity in a way that any school board would consider 'proper'. "Lilypad and I will ride in the cart down a sloping road. We'll count to three and throw a marker over the side. If we go faster and faster the markers will be further apart. Afterwards we can step them out and see what gravity did to us." Even though the information had clearly come from a book it still impressed Sam. She suspected the cart part was her daughters idea and the technical bit was most likely Lilypads. She would have known about ships using a rope with regularly tied knots as speed/distance markers. Glyn considered the experiment for a moment, before adding; "We had a school trip to the canyon and we did a field experiment. There was a road at the top. Sticking out half way down was a big metal hoop which had paper across it. They dropped a stone off the top and counted until 'whack', the paper split and we started counting again. The rock did the last half a lot quicker. There might have been math?" That weekend Lilypad came to the farm to do some home work. Fish had managed to find some decent planks by doing some chores at the next farm and Lilypad had acquired some wheels. Apparently some brand new hand carts had fallen off the crane and there were now more wheels than carts. White Cap her mum had managed to get five so that they had one spare. A passing pony had dropped them off. "Brilliant that your mum got us great wheels," said Fish, poking a bolt through one and idly kicking a likely axel. "She said they were ours on the condition we fitted a brake. I guess that's a good idea?" Fish thought about it for a moment. "I suppose we should have one, but we won't be going very fast." The two set to work finishing the shallow box that Fish had started earlier for a cart body. It didn't look very science like, so they decided to stream line it a bit. They hunted around for something inspirational and found a half collapsed barrel. Fish gave it a buck to loosen the staves and Lilypad used her magic to stack them. "You're getting really good at that," beamed Fish. Then they nailed the staves to the front of the box to give it a really good boat like feel. The gaps meant it wouldn't hold water, but it was at least looking fast! "You've nailed the axel on the wrong end," Laughed Lilypad. "I thought you said the steering axel went at the pointy end." Fish tried to look through her legs at the upturned cart-boat so it was the right way up. She wasn't sure how the mishap had happened, but it now had a lot of nails holding it together. Certainly far too many to pull back out easily. "It's new for this season.... I present the Boat Tailed Waggon!" she grinned. Next on the list was the steering. Fish opted for a T handle sticking through the carts floor. Standing in the cart she had the option of teeth or hooves to turn the front axel. They also tied some rope to it so that they could pull the cart to the test site. For practice they pushed each other around the yard for a bit and shoved it off a few small banks around the farm. It didn't fall apart so they lashed on a length of wood for a brake and set off for their maiden voyage. Half an hour later they were at the top of a hill with a large pond at the bottom. The words were now firmly embedded in their minds. "Gravity pulls on things and makes them fall faster and faster." Fish braced her hooves into the front corners of the body and grabbed the tiller in her mouth. Lilypad pushed off stoutly and jumped in. Initially things went very slowly. They counted to three and Lilypad threw a white stone over the side, then another three seconds and repeat. Fish was quite disappointed at the lack of speed for a few seconds until they achieved an acceptable velocity. Then they reached a less acceptable velocity that needed to be reduced and very shortly after that she began to regret not fitting a really good brake. "It's come off," shouted Lilypad, "the brake lever broke!" Ten seconds in and the regret was replaced by a sudden rush of adrenaline as they really started to gain speed. They left the ground completely at several points as they launched over ruts. Fish hung on for dear life, using all her strength to keep off of the fences either side. The noise was also starting to build as flying stones spat from the wheels and hit the wooden body. Time changed up a gear as the two began to hope the inevitable crash went well. "The Pond, aim for the pond," Lilypad shouted over the road noise. Fish couldn't reply that the pond was already her ideal 'soft landing' because of a mouth full of tiller. In a flash of spinning wheels and hope the two fillies ran out of luck and road. Although traveling at a good running speed for a fully grown stallion, their velocity was not enough to jump the drainage ditch edging the T junction at the end of the bottom of the hill. The front axel dug in before gouging out the earth ahead of it, causing the back end to make an attempt at overtaking the front. Lilypad was immediately launched from the back of the waggon and had enough sense to transform back into a sea pony mid air. She landed with a well practiced splash and used the speed to make a fast turn out of harms way. Fish on the other hoof pretty much stuck with the wagon until the end. Just before impact she released the tiller and kicked out her hooves to make for open air. The wagon went down as much as she went up and threw her into a spin. Looking down she saw the wooden body grab the water before she went in rump first with a huge splash. Lilypad surfaced as the wave came past, her eyes huge as she looked for her friend. The wagon began to list over and then sink as Fish spluttered to the surface."YES!" She shouted before making for the nearest grass. Lilypad laughed and dived in to get the cart which was now wheels up and bobbing on the surface. Pushing it toward Fish she rammed it into the mud and leaned her hooves on it. "This is the wrong side. The roads over there," Lilypad said, waving an ear in the general direction. "Wow!" exclaimed Fish with a dazed expression. "How far did we fly?" Fish regained her composure and righted the wagon so that it floated wheels down. She hopped in while Lilypad dragged it to the other side. "It's a Fish-Boat now," she giggled. Fish then dragged the waggon from the pond while Lilypad sat proudly inside with her fish tail lolling over the side. The stout earth pony had it fully out of the water before she realised that the extra weight was a half load of water and a grinning sea pony. It was clearly time to put the discovery learning aside, return to the farm and make repairs and upgrades. The wagon wasn't seriously damaged, but it was in need of a fresh hammering. Climbing back up the hill they collected the white stones that weren't at the bottom of the muddy pond. Many were together near the bottom, indicating where they had gained air over ruts, but the first four were very well spaced. Lilypad had stuck with the plan despite the loss of the brake and they now had what they needed. Carefully pacing out the distance they scratched the results on the side of the wagon. Lilypad eyed the numbers. "No doubt about it, this will get us an A grade for sure. Every stone is further away from the last one. We definitely accelerated, just like the graph showed in that book." "Nice one," grinned Fish. "Let's go re-seal it and crash it into the river." The End
  14. Any story has to read well. Especially for dyslexic folk like myself. Half the words can be missing, but if it flows I'm in Dislikes are worthless. Mostly it means somepony was looking for a particular genre, but found something that wasn't it and hit the dislike button. Proof; get Lost Narrator or the like to voice a story and watch the ratio change instantly, because then folk are finding the story who were looking for it, or you. Likes are worth a bit more. Likes are good folk don't 'like' stuff they don't like. Doesn't mean they love it though. Comments; If you are bad at writing they can help, if you are good they can cheer you up, if you are middle ground they can be fun. Because if it's a good piece there will be audience questions. (Expect more if it's an audio book) Favorites or read list; The only ones I really rate to be honest. That's your reader-base of fans. That's like subs on YouTube. The folk who come back to see what your next work reads like and read/listen to the same story more than once. What works on fimfiction? I joke a gryphon with a gloop gun trying to seduce/kill princess twilight will always go down well, but it's not far off the mark. Essentially though, it could be grimdark, horror, cute, romance, trollfic or slice of life and it will work if it brings something new to a well established fandom. You paint a picture with words and ideally nopony has seen that design before
  15. Yes, that would be fine. I'm not worried about doubling-up and it will take me a while to build it into an audio book for mine. I have the main narration and then I need Luna and Celestia. That could easily take three months! Please go have fun with it