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  1. That_One_Berry

    Open The Ocean World

    Starboard flipped underwater quickly as she saw a ship come by. out of curiosity, she went over to the side of the ship and looked through the window... right at Cuddle Cresent. She ducked and hoped that she hadn't seen her, her tail lashing, she swam deeper.
  2. That_One_Berry

    OOC The Ocean World

    Ok! your in! the rp has already started, you can check it out at
  3. That_One_Berry

    Open The Ocean World

    Starboard went to the surface to look around. She saw a strange creature. It looked like her but with legs. She was confused and went closer to get a better look. They were talking and playing just like her! She wanted to explore so she swam around the edge of the land, looking at all the interesting things.
  4. That_One_Berry

    OOC The Ocean World

    Accepted! I accidentally already sent out the rp but i want to wait a little to get more rpers before we start
  5. That_One_Berry

    OOC OOC Signup~Children of the Night

    Name: Abyss Age: 9 Orphan Appearance: light lilac purple color with magenta eyes and black, silver, and dark purple hair (unicorn) Personality: protective, fierce, brave, clumsy, outgoing, mysterious backstory: Abyss was born an orphan; her mom had died in childbirth and her father had died before. She was left in a crude orphanage where the owner beat her. She was confused because the owner never did this to the other fillies and foals; just her. The owner greatly disliked Luna and whenever he would talk bad about her Abyss would get angry and stand up; earning a beating. She became acquainted with Luna while going on and errand and Luna had been surprised to see her at first but then kind, even motherly. That night, there was a full moon, and Abyss couldn't sleep. She looked outside and when the moon hit her face, fangs grew. She was scared, but excited at the same time. And now she is trying to hide her secret from the owner. Is it to late to join?
  6. That_One_Berry

    OOC Imprisoned

    Oops! So sorry, I didn't see this and commented on the rp. I'm so sorry: I'm new and getting the hang of things slowly Name: Berry Age:14 Race: Pegasus (but crippled) Appearance: (My profile pic) Cutie Mark: Berry Sorbet Personality:Quirky, confident, sensitive about wing, brave, a little clumsy Special Talent: making ice cream Additional Notes:She is good with knives Back story: When Berry was a filly, she ventured to close to the road and a cart ran over her wing. Since then, she hated going near roads and loathes cart rides. When she got back home, her house was caught in a hurricane and her parents died. She went to live in the palace with Luna though because the orphanage kept reporting mysterious happenings and blamed it on Berry. She became Luna's student and even though she can't do magic, she can sense and identify it and it's user.
  7. That_One_Berry

    Open The Ocean World

    Starboard shook the algae from her tail as she swam along the broken remains of the Calypso II. It was a very large ship with many rooms and she came here often. But she came here today for a special reason; the water just didn't feel right today. Her brother was off playing with his merpony friends so she was home alone. She wondered what could be causing such a disturbance. (Merpony oc's and pony oc's welcome in this rp) (OOC: Sorry, i accidentally posted the rp first, if you would like to join, click the link to the ooc, thank you-That_One_Berry) (I may have done this in other rps too, i am extremely sorry, im just getting the hang of this rp set up, so please wait until i post the OOC url, thank you)
  8. Again, sorry this was posted after the rp but i am hosting a war-themed rp Signup: Name: Age: Appearance: Species: Occupation: Again, so sorry!
  9. That_One_Berry

    OOC The Ocean World

    I am hosting an ocean-themed rp, merponies and ponies welcome Signup: Name: Age: Appearance: Species: Sorry that this was posted after the rp was
  10. That_One_Berry

    Open Prison: Void of Hope

    Karma boredly banged her head against the cell door, the Keepers having forgot her meal again. She wondered when she'd get out of this stink-hole and hoping it'd be soon. She heard a faint knocking on the rotting wood and scrambled out of the way just as the door swung open to reveal a black-clad unicorn carrying a pile of sludge. "Yer meal miss," he growled, tossing her the tray. Another unicorn came in and they whispered quietly, occasionally looking at Karma. What had she done? She wondered if it was because she set the fire alarm off again or maybe because she tried bullying the chef into giving her wheat. She couldn't figure out. But she had a feeling it was a lot more serious than that...
  11. That_One_Berry

    General Questions Banners

    How do I add a banner to my account? Do i use it as my media when I post? Help please, That_One_Berry
  12. That_One_Berry

    Searching Waiting... Anyone want to join me?

    I'm waiting for a good rp too! I'll wait with you.
  13. I'm planning on doing an rp on ponies that have special powers that they were born with, so please feel free to join. Once the rp has started, no one else can join Signup: Name: Age: Size: Appearance: Powers: Personality: Pegasus\Unicorn\Earthpony: (Sorry, no alicorns) Single or Taken:
  14. That_One_Berry

    Open -The Whispering Forest-

    Berry's steps crunched as she trudged through the quiet forest in search of her namesake. The endless green was starting to make her head spin. Still, her quiet life had been in eruption ever since the war had started. She found a bushel of raspberries and quickly nipped them of their stem. Then she heard a rustle of leaves. She wanted to blot but stayed affixed to the spot. A group of unicorns clad in a silver and purple war uniforms were passing by. She quickly ducked, hoping she wasn't spotted, as she heard their conversation begin. If she was caught, death would surely follow, but she decided to stay and eavesdrop, it might help with her survival. "The forest is waking," One unicorn said in a low, raspy, voice. "Yes it is indeed, but we must not warn anypony and bring their alarm, better to keep a secret that benefits," said another. "But the Enchantress is also waking," The first unicorn said. At this, the unicorns shuffled uncomfortably. "She is really waking Eregor?" a unicorn said. "Indeed," Eregor answered. "She will come to kill us all,"
  15. That_One_Berry

    Open Imprison

    Berry's eyes opened a crack. Light flooded into the small stone room she was in. She checked her wing, which was still safely wrapped against her flank. She heard commotion in the hall and checked the door; it was unlocked. She cautiously opened the door and into the hallway. A group of ponies where crowded around the next door over's "Cell". She hid, hoping they didn't see her, and inched along the wall to the door to see what the commotion was about. Two stallions were on the floor, and one was screeching like a filly. It was very dark in the room and it reminded Berry of Sombra's stare, after all, her and all the other crystal ponies had been made slaves. Berry's eyes widened with concern as the commotion heightened. She helplessly flapped her crippled wing as a black cloaked pony spotted her. She gulped and started running. She came to a dead end, the cold stones breaking her spirits as the pony stepped closer. "What are you going to do to me?" She whispered, her fear growing when the pony didn't answer. "SOMEPONY HELP!" She screamed as the pony tried to attack her.