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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Time for some Heroes of the Storm again :) I'm so addicted to this game in the best way!!

  4. I did like the episode because I love the Apple's so much as well as Luna. I've just been so excited for the CMC to finally get their cutie marks I was disappointed that Apple Bloom didn't get hers. All in all it was a good episode, I'm just ready for the CMC crew to branch into a new story line.
  5. During my breaks from Heroes of the Storm I've been playing through my classic favorite games. It got me to thinking what is the most shocking moment I experienced through my gaming life. I could probably write a damn book explaining my shocking moments. However good or bad I was able to discover it. The first time I played Metal Gear Solid 2. Even though I grew up gaming MGS1 along with FF7 are the titles that made me a gamer for life. I remember starting MGS2 for the first time and I was blown away!! The story left off perfectly from the Shadow Moses incident. I see Russians invading a Marine ship with a Metal Gear on Board, and then the legendary Ocelot taking out a lot of soldiers with his revolvers. Then all of a sudden your evil twin Liquid possesses Ocelots body through his arm , jumps into the Metal Gear and sinks the ship along with everyone in it... ok now shit is getting weird but it is MGS so I roll with it. Now the most shocking surprising moment for me happens and I don't know if it;s good or bad. I hear a familiar voice in Campbell talking to me calling me Snake, but the guy responding doesn't sound nearly as cool as Snake. All of a sudden I'm playing the rest of this game as this Raiden dude I had never heard of. Even though I ended up loving the game after all having to play as this blonde wussy really pissed me off considering I just wanted to play as Snake was the most shocking moment for me. Shout out to the Aerith death in FF7 as a close second.
  6. I'm baack!!! Sorry I've been away

    1. DashYoshi


      Hello! Welcome back! =)

    2. Shady23


      Thank you Dash!! :)

  7. Never have been one for gaming trailers but the MGS V Phantom Pain is amazing with a great song. Then again I'm a Metal Gear maniac so no surprise there.
  8. I agree with the OP on the good things Starlight was trying to do, but was that really her intentions? I feel like she had more personal gain from her plan rather than over see a small cult town. This episode reminded me why I loved Amon so much from Legend Korra.
  9. It didn't suprise me at all. It fits with her character very well. After all Fluttershy has been the only one that has had Discord's back all this time despite all of his evil doings.
  10. Well back to play Heroes of the Storm for a bit :)

  11. Great premiere!! Between MLP, Red vs Blue premiere and Wrestlemania it's been a wonderful viewing week :)

    1. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      Indeed. Great week to be a brony and wrestling fan. :D

    2. Poetic Stone

      Poetic Stone

      I loved the premiere I can't wait for more

  12. Sooo close I'm so freaking excited!!
  13. Any streams going today for season 5?

  14. No doubt the best combo ever. I prefer cool ranch with my dew but really any Doritos flavor will do!!
  15. I was baked as hell when I first watched the season 4 finale and man than made it so much more awesome.