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  1. Some slang options used this generation definitely lack for the creativity. Bae? Oh, you just misspelled "babe." Fam? You forgot a couple letters there. It's "family." I understand using it in the past with texting to save having to tap letters, but modern cellphones have full keyboards and autocorrect meaning there is no excuse not to spend the fraction of a second to finish typing out the word anymore. Additionally, saying the shorthand in-person just makes you sound like a moderately intelligent gerbil. The same as saying "lol" as a word in-person. Some words seeing more use such as banter are not slang. Banter has been around for a long time as a word to describe the good-natured ribbing two friends give each other. Then again, I spend my high school years actually learning, not socializing or arguing about who is dating whom. If I have ten apples in a pile and remove one, I just decimated the apples. If I say I'm masticating a slice of pizza, I'm eating some lunch. If I mention I'm hanging out with a squad, I'm talking about a small group of friends focused on a task. This isn't slang, it's the actual definition of the word. It is simply a case of the language is (in my opinion) dumbing down because so few are actually interested in reading anymore unless it is a text from their babe.
  2. Normally those against transhumanism argue that replacing body parts results in being less human, or being less "you". More often than not this has to do with religious or spiritual beliefs. Given time we will finish mapping the human DNA and this will be possible. At this point in time scientists are actually capable of removing some birth defects in test animals, and able to insert deactivated code into the human DNA (meaning we can store data in our DNA). Back in 2012 Harvard cracked the ability to create artificial DNA and store up to 700 terabytes of data in a single gram of DNA. Just yesterday gene therapy was used to successfully extend the lifespan of terminally ill patients suffering from brain cancer by up to 29%. Editas Medicine is planning in 2017 to genetically modify the embryos of chosen humans to remove the disorder leber congenital amaurosis, a disorder that causes blindness. This is going to be done by introducing the embryos to engineered bacteria before the embryos are inserted into surrogate mothers. Currently we have genetically modified animals serving human needs -- goats that produce spider silk in their milk, cats that glow in the dark (see picture.. and I want one so bad, but the handful made are like $25,000 correction, you can buy them off the grey market (they were bred as lab animals) currently but they're in the range of $3mil per kitty, and they glow green or red), pigs that produce less phosphorus in their waste (and thus don't destroy their environment), quicker maturing salmon to satisfy the fish market, and more. Not to get your hopes up, but... In 2015 the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital in the UK successfully installed the first bionic eye into a man named Ray Flynn. While all the prototype bionic eye currently does is allow him to make out white lines on a computer screen, he was delighted to have any form of sight back in his blind eye and is proud to be helping improve the field of bionic sight. In January, the Monash Bionic Eye was shown off that is a special set of glasses and an implant into the back of the skull that allows vision in a blind eye. Currently it is just a couple hundred colored dots to help guide the blind, but it is progress.
  3. @@ARagY, Transhumanism is the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology. Basically, we are as far as evolution will take us. It is up to humanity to further our evolution and development with science and technology -- biotics to replace or improve body parts, gene therapy to eradicate diseases like cancer, vitamins and supplements to extend the lifespan. Just a few examples. Taken to the extreme, transhumanism becomes transcendentalism -- the idea that non-biological functions (science and technology) will reach a point they are equal to the biological and thus humanity can transcend to a new form through science and technology. Something like this would be converting from a physical form (i.e. what we have now) into, say, a digital form -- you choose to upload yourself as data and live nearly indefinitely on the Internet.
  4. I suppose I should have gave a better example for number 4, or a few examples. Let's say we have a sports player. Let's go with soccer. The player opts to replace his organic legs with artificial ones that are superior -- faster, stronger, more reactive. Does this player now hold an unfair advantage over the other players? Or, if someone can get an artificial implant in their brain to store memories, help multitask, and access vast stores of knowledge. Does this put them at an unfair advantage against someone without them? Say you are applying for a job involving stocks. Something like this the brain implant would be perfect for. Is it an unfair advantage to someone who doesn't have the implant, say by choice or just the inability to have such an implant?
  5. @@Astro Mambo, It is not strange to enjoy being scared. When you are scared your body releases a cocktail of chemicals into your bloodstream and brain as you instinctively prepare to combat or escape what scared you. This is the "flight or fight" response. However, as soon as the initial adrenaline wears off as your brain catches up and realizes you aren't in danger, the chemical cocktail is broken down and converted into endorphins, chemicals that your brain uses to make you feel happy. You aren't strange for liking being scared, you're an adrenaline junkie. You're just the same as people who climb mountains without safety gear, sky-divers, base-jumpers, roller coaster riders, and many more types of groups. The only difference is your adrenaline surge of choice doesn't come with any more risk than a good flinch. Truth be told, I'm the same way. I just haven't found my adrenaline surge of choice, but there have been many a time something has happened that after the initial shock of "holy **** I survived!" I've cracked a smile at the thought of "that was fun! let's do it again!".
  6. I first want to state there is currently no right or wrong answer to any of the questions I pose further in this post, as society, religion, and personal beliefs will bias your thoughts one way or another; I'm just curious the honest opinions of users of the forums. Question 1: Should someone be allowed to get a prosthesis if they lost a body part due to war (such as a leg or arm that was injured and unable to be saved), disaster, an accident, or other trauma? Question 2: If a prosthesis was equal to the replaced body part, should a person be able to willingly choose to remove a perfectly healthy body part for an artificial replacement? Question 3: If a prosthesis was superior to the replaced body part, should a person be able to acquire it? For example, artificial legs that can run faster and maneuver better than organic legs. Question 4: If a person has a prosthesis that is superior to the organic body part, are they at an unfair advantage compared to someone with the organic body part? For example, if someone has an artificial eye capable of magnifying what they see, is this an unfair advantage over someone with an organic eye that cannot magnify? Question 5: Is there a limit to what a prosthesis should be able to replace? If so, where is that limit? For example, artificial limbs, artificial hearts, artificial eyes, artificial lungs, artificial brains. Question 6: If someone has a prosthesis, does it make them less than human? Does it make them more than human? Question 7: If the development of prosthesis have come far enough to fully replace a human body with an artificial one, should a person have the option to do so? Under what conditions? Question 8: Finally, do you know what Transhumanism is? If so, are you in support or against the ideals of Transhumanism?
  7. Well, now I know what I want to do for my first major project when the Poniverse Minecraft server updates to 1.9…
  8. Yes, I eat meat. Since I was nine years old I learned how to dress down a deer for the meat to cure (skinning a corpse is stupid easy once you learn how to do it, by the way). Nothing beats the gamey smell of the deer's carcass hanging in the cold room as the meat cures, knowing that you went through the efforts of gathering it. Knowing that you and yours will have food on their plate come winter. That is to say venison isn't the only meat I have ate. Chicken, pork, buffalo, caribou, beef, various fish, clams, mussels, octopus, squid, and much much more. However, I am not strictly a carnivore. Fresh fruits and vegetables were treats growing up due to the difficulty of acquiring fresh produce. Gardening gave access to corn, berries, peas, apples. To this day I'd rather a fresh pear or apple or orange over a candy bar. Truthfully, I find it abhorrent when someone is misguided into thinking that eating meat is wrong or that they don't need vegetables and fruits and grains. Your body it the product of evolution focused on the ability to process a wide range of plants and animals. Take care of it and feed it properly. Besides, how can someone resist this?
  9. If you're a fan of instant noodles, this infographic will help you get the most bang for your buck. Saved my palate during two years when my food budget was 40 dollars a month.
  10. 94 minutes. This allows Hasbro to air the movie on TV down the road in a two hour block and get the most advertising time possible squeezed in at the maximum tolerated in the US at 13 minutes per hour.
  11. Fluttermom is Velma from Scooby Doo, Flutterdad is Mr. Harvey from Lovely Bones, Flutterbro is a new-age hippie mooch. And all three of them have very little no family resemblance to Fluttershy in any way except personality. Honestly? I can't wait for the beta moocher of a brother to meet the god of chaos, since Discord and Fluttershy are a item. Also, Fluttershy having to relearn to be assertive in any episode featuring her is getting to be an old schtick.
  12. Preface: For those wondering, no this is not meant to be a religious outburst, even though it might read as such since faith is a strong theme in Warhammer 40,000. In the universe of 40k there is something called the Imperial Creed. A book of the words of the Emperor of Mankind meant to inspire soldiers and help them keep faith against the onslaught of daemons, alien hordes, and monstrous horrors of the beyond. Many fans have extrapolated the canonical quotes from the Imperial Creed and turned it into a few posts around the Internet designed to inspire readers to strive for more. What I have here is three posts from one of the more inspiring threads I came across, something I sit down and read whenever I am feeling down and use the words within to pull myself from the slump and gloom. While some of the words in this thread roughly poke at various religions, I chose to left the whole intact as I feel it adds to the weight of the rallying cry of the posts. If you are overly faithful and easily offended, then I recommend stopping reading here. If you want to read something that may help inspire you to reach for the heavens, read on. If you enjoy or dislike what you read below, feel free to comment on it; everyone deserves to have their say. ----------------------------------------------------- The future of Mankind is the stars. Its unity throughout the skies, to see the wonders of the universe laid out before us. There is something special in all of us: The spark of life and joy and happiness. The human soul, pure and incorruptible. Its spirit burns brighter than a billion torches in the dark, banishing the shadows of defeatism and gloom. Never listen to those who tell you that life is suffering and existence is meaningless. That way madness and decay lies. I tell you this, brothers and sisters, a message that needs telling more now than ever. It is a simple message that should be heard in every corner of the globe, echoing from highest mountain to the deepest ocean. We are Humanity. We have Purpose. We are family, all of us. Forget our petty wars and divisions, for the greater struggle lies out there, against a universe that has recognised our greatness and in its fear seeks to lead us astray to destroy ourselves. We can be united, The Emperor has shown us the way forward. Free from the lies of false prophets, the jealous falsehoods of dying gods, united in the great mission that lies ahead. Christ tells you that you are sinful beyond redemption through no fault of your own. The Emperor tells you to be proud. You are human, perfect in form, perfect in mind. Nothing on the face of the world compares to you. Your love, your joy, your anger, and yes even your hate, is to be human. It is to be true to your nature. Christ offers you shame. The Emperor offers you pride in who you are. Allah expects mere obedience, yet what does he offer in return? Nothing, except sparing us his lash as long as we continue our obeisance. The Emperor asks for your loyalty, but only in his cause - that of all Mankind - to build a better future. For that future he gave everything. What has Allah sacrificed? What of the Hindu and Buddhists? They tell us the world is suffering. That to abandon hope and desire is the best a man can achieve. Lies. Every word. These established religions tell you that you are weak and sinful and shameful. The Emperor tells you that you are blessed and holy and powerful. Look at the wonders of Mankind, how together we can create miracles. Join together in brotherhood and unity instead of division. Join together with strength and honor in our Humanity instead of shame. Look to the heavens, and the light of a million stars. This is our destiny. To come together and walk amongst the stars. And to tame them. And there shall be no fear, for The Emperor protects. There are some I know, that these words will not be enough. For fear and doubt still lie heavy on their hearts and souls. So this I say to you: The Emperor watches over all of us. He is with us every moment. His strength is our strength. Guarding us. Protecting us whilst we do his divine work. Death, when it comes, has no power over the servants of The Emperor, and when we die we shall sit in vigil at his side, watching over a better world we helped create. What more could a man ask? Let me tell you of my dreams, brothers and sisters. I dream of a terrible eye The home of that most greatest evil, and I smile. "Why?" You might ask. Because in that all consuming darkness I see a star. A star brighter than any other. It grows, and as it grows the darkness fades. And the star calls out. And I see them. First the angels, the souls of His faithful, all marching in unison. With every step they take, the daemonic cry out in agony. And then I see his armies, the bodies of Mankind. And then I see the dark gods themselves. And they are afraid. Remember what The Emperor has taught us. We are Humanity, and nothing can hope to stop us.
  13. All joking aside, I have no problems with those of faith as long as they respect my choices and try to now browbeat me with their beliefs.
  14. Wild Arms. No contest. The opening sequence does its job perfectly, introducing you to the wild west and fantasy theme of the JRPG in just the first few seconds. From there, the song and visuals cradle you, preparing you for the wonders ahead. Then you start playing the game. You get a feel for the characters, learn of their goals, their hopes, their dreams. Then, just as they unite and you settle in for a fun ride, the game hits you with a curve ball by killing off a secondary character, starting a war, and thrusting you against the first real hurdle of the game... Then you get a cutscene with the credits. Keep in mind this is 20 years ago when Western video games are still expected to be on the short side, an hour or two of play time and you're done. I still remember 9 year old me sitting there with my friends and thinking that this was the end of the game; that we saw all we're going to get and have to wait for a sequel to continue the story teased to us. Then, just as we're about to shut the game off in disappointment that we would have to wait for more, the funeral march finishes and the cutscene ends. Wait, what? We get MORE gameplay? Oh, yes, my young self. You're in for some 40 more hours of Wild Arms. Buckle that seat belt. [incoming rant] In my opinion it is a crime that the Wild Arms franchise never became near as popular as Final Fantasy. The characters in Wild Arms in the PSX and PS2 eras were more engaging and likeable than the emo schtick Final Fantasy was doing. I remember Clive and his family from the third game, I remember Celia the sorceress and her troubles at the college, Rudy and how he was thrown out of the town that took him in because he used violence to save a child, Greg and the impossible physics of his Stetson, Yulie's dreams of becoming a teacher. I remember Victoria's upbeat attitude to convince her fellow adventurers to bind together to try to save the world of Filgaia because no one else would. I remember the demon invaders of the tower of Ka Dingle. I remember the last elf child as she desperately clings to the small garden she has in an effort to preserve flowers as the world slowly dies. Each game built on the previous as your party each time tried to help save the fantasy dying world slowly turning into a desert wild west wasteland (by the third game the oceans are gone, replaced with seas of quicksand, and water is becoming scarce). After the first, the games were given multiple opening themes that would show more key scenes you played through, almost as if the key events were finales to a season of a show, and next time you booted the game up you were starting a new season. Guns and machines slowly take over from game to game, becoming more and more common as magic becomes less and less. You can't help but feel sorry for Filgaia as the fantastic elements of magic and mystery start to fade. You can't help but become rallied with the adventurers as they set out on their journey. [end rant] For those of you that survived the rant, have some Advanced Wind from the 3rd Wild Arms.
  15. Assuming you mean remodel the playset that is already there and not do something completely different... (Gotta love Photoshop) Barring that, being able to replace the playset, I would have preferred the staff able to keep with the original plan of giving Twilight the Castle of the Two Sisters in the Everfree Forest. The planned castle had enough unique architecture to be its own thing, but wasn't an eyesore like the crystal castle playset is,