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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Hi there I'm looking forward to getting advice.

  4. Lets start with this. First of all, the point of a "reset" is exactly that, a reset, the fact that we are even considering allowing players to transfer any builds should be seen as a gift. The whole point of the new reset is to make it fair and enjoyable for all the players that will be joining as well as those that have stuck with us through the years. Even having one build brought over gives that player an unfair advantage right off the bat, so how can you sit there and write a very lengthy post about how allowing you to bring over an entire city would not ruin the economy. I am not familiar with how long you have been a part of this server but I can tell you that from past resets, cities that were far larger than yours were lost and that was with no reasoning whatsoever. However, the players that lost their cities had no complaints aside from the initial "Oh nooooo" yet you have been constantly bickering over this subject since it was announced. This is a very large and very successful server and one reason for that is that we are always willing and attempting to innovate and improve, sort of like being in a "beta" state forever. With that comes the chance (very high chance seeing as how every single version update has come with a server wipe) that things will be lost when improvements are made. Reading through this, all I can gather is that you believe us allowing ANY sort of build to be transferred is ruining the economy, which I have to agree with. If we had my way, there would be no builds brought over and this would not even be an issue, however, as stated earlier, we are allowing builds out of the kindness of our heart. You seem to be under the impression that you are better than our rules and that we should allow you to bring whatever you please simply because "I want this". The rest of your post simply points out rules of transferring builds that have already been solidified and will not be changed no matter how much you scratch at our throats. And if you say you are not returning unless you get your way, then I hope that you have fun in your future endeavors because this is not your place to throw tantrums until you get your way, we will continue how we have ran the server since it began, and if you are unhappy with that, then there is nothing requiring you to stay.
  5. Heh. Awesome name. c:

  6. Spawn Egg and Crafting Some of our classes have the ability to craft certain mob eggs as well as specialty items, such as craftable weather potions for pegasi. Earth Crafting Pegasus Crafting Unicorn Crafting BatPony Crafting SeaPony Crafting Alicorn Crafting All Classes Crafting
  7. How did you find MLP Forums?: How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: My Favourite Mane 6 Pony Cadance "But wait, Cadance is not part of the Mane 6." shhhhhhh, no tears, only Cadance How I found MLP Forums PonyMC merger How I became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Netflix can do many things to a man. Hello, I am HeartButt, and I am an Administrator on the PoniArcade Minecraft server and I was told to make a welcoming post. Obviously, in case you didnt already know, Cadance is the best pony. I am still finding my way around this place so excuse me while I get completely and utterly confused. I love to build things, always have and always will. Here is what I am currently working on for the server Other than that, I love to Mountain Bike, hang out, and read way too much. I also love looking at art. Hope to see you all somewhere \o_o\
  8. PoniArcade Minecraft Hello, and welcome to our server! To ensure that you have the best time on our server, we have created this guide to inform you and educate you of some of our server features. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post and we will try to help you to the best of our abilities. Server Address: play.poniarcade.com Classes First and foremost are our classes, our main feature on our server. There are currently seven classes available to all players with more planned. When you want to choose a class upon joining the server, simply type into chat /class [class name] where class name would pertain to whichever class you would like to be. So for example if you wanted to be Rainbow Dash or any other flappypone, you would do /class Pegasus. Don't worry, since we know a lot of you want to experience the joys of all the classes, we wont force you to remain one class forever. You can change your class once every four days to live out your multiple OC dreams. List of Classes Earth Pony -Earth ponies are our strongest class, and as such, have toughened skin that can take 1.5x the normal damage before being one with dirt. -They also have the ability to craft mob eggs so you can be your own leader of a massive chicken army. -Their final ability is the ability to craft wherever they are as long as they have a saddle with them. Simply right click while holding a saddle and now you can craft on the go. Pegasus -Pegasi are our fastest flyers on the server and as such, they take no fall damage. -You can flap your wings and take to the sky by double tapping jump -You must remain above five food in order to stay afloat and flying drains food rather quickly. -Pegasi can also craft weather potions that will alter the weather client-side Unicorn -Unicorns are magically adept and as such have the ability to teleport up to 50 blocks by right clicking with the saddle. -Teleporting uses food based on the distance teleported and requires five food to use. -Unicorns are also very adept at learning and as such they gain experience at an increased rate of 1.5x Dragon -Dragons are the rulers of our underground and for good reason too, they are immune to lava damage. -Dragons also have the ability of flight, but it is very, very slow. -Flight can be enabled by double tapping jump and requires five food to remain in the air -Dragons also have the ability to shoot fireballs by right clicking with a saddle. This requires food to use and you must have five or more food to use. Seapony -Shoo bee do shoo shoo be doo -Seaponies have the ability to breathe underwater -Seaponies also have the ability to see underwater so you can stalk your prey and yell shoo be doo in their ears -Crafting a helmet as a seapony will automagically enchant it with Aqua Affinity to help you mine underwater. -Seaponies can alos craft snowballs that will deal 1/2 heart of damage to enemies Changeling -Changelings have the ability of life steal, where melees against mobs will steal some of their health, healing yourself in the process. -Changelings also have the ability of flight, which can be activated by double tapping the jump button. -Changeling flight speed is below average and uses food whilst in flight. Also requires five food to stay aloft. BatPony -Bat ponies have the ability to see at night by right clicking with a saddle, this uses hunger and requires at least five food to use. -Bat ponies also have the ability to fly. Flight uses food and requires at least five food to stay in the air -Bat pony flight speed is slow in the day and faster at night Protect your stuff! To help you keep your items and valuables safe from prying eyes or would-be baddies, we have implemented a system to protect your areas. Upon joining the server, the first chest you place will come automatically protected with a 9x9 area to help you get started. If you wish to claim a larger area or a new area, simply use a gold shovel and right click the corners of the area you want to protect and you will see gold blocks appear showing the area you have selected. You can see how many claim blocks you have at your disposal by doing /rank, which will show you how many points you have. This is the amount of claim blocks you should have available. NOTE: When making a claim, the area that is selected is claimed from bedrock to sky limit. To abandon a claim you have already made, simply stand in the claim and type in /abandonclaim, this will remove that claim and give you all corresponding claim blocks back. To add players to your claim, you can do one of three options: /trust [playername] This will give the player full rights on your claim /containertrust [playername] This will give the player access to containers only on your claim /accesstrust [playername] This will give the player permission to use levers and other buttons on your claim Useful Commands /tpa [playername] This will send a request to the player letting them know that you wish to teleport to them. They must accept the request for you to teleport though /tpaaccept This will accept a teleport request if you received one from another player. /rank This will list how many pony points you have accrued so far. These are for showing how many claim blocks you can have as well as your overall rank on the server. /server [server name] This is used to switch to the different servers that are a part of the community. These servers are Survival / Creative / Equestria /class This will show you what class you are as well as how long until you are able to change class. /me This command is to be used only for role-playing and only in one of the designated RP channels /ch [channel name] This is how you switch to the different chat channels on the servers, all of which serve a different purpose. /warp This will list all accessible warps that you can warp to /warp [warpname] This will teleport you to the corresponding warp Even More Commands Channel List Global [g]: This is the main server chat Trade [tr]: This is the channel you should join if you wish to sell items or buy items RolePlaying [rp] [rpg]: This is the main Role-playing channel and all roleplay that is considered "general" should be in here FNaF [fnaf]: For all you players who are obsessed with this game. Remember to keep all chat in its appropriate channel, if you fail to do so regularly, you may be given a warning. More information will be added as it becomes available.
  9. (reguarding 'rules to the minecraft server' replies were blocked.)

    1. clarkymk


      i don't really understand what that was all about. (I do play minecraft and use servers)



      is this the rules to your server? if so I see no ip or anything. is it someone elses? or a private one or something? please explain because im really not sure what the purpose of that post was.


  10. Hello! And welcome to our Minecraft Servers! For the enjoyment of you and everyone on the server, we have a few rules that should be adhered to at all times. -Be friendly. We are a large community of friendly, helpful players, and if we see you consistently causing issues on the server, you may be asked to leave. -No griefing/theft. Destroying, vandalizing, or otherwise damaging the property of others is prohibited. THIS INCLUDES SEEMINGLY ABANDONED HOUSES. Just remember, if you did not build it, then do not alter it. -No cheating. Hacking or cheating, whether through software (ie. hacked clients) or hardware (ie. keyboard macros) are absolutely not tolerated. We do not tolerate players that do not have the integrity to play fairly. -No spamming. This pertains to chat, commands, private messages, mail, etc. Spamming is not tolerated. -Do not advertise on the forums or servers. Discussion of other servers and sites is allowed, but do not link or provide addresses to any non-approved sites or services. -Keep roleplay in appropriate channels. Roleplay is allowed, provided it follows all the other rules, and is done in the correct chat channel. -Racist or sexist remarks, personal threats, and harassment of others is not permitted. This includes usernames and nicknames. -Explicit chat or images are not allowed. Additionally, explicit roleplaying is not authorized. Roleplaying is allowed if it is kept clean. (Note: Swearing is allowed in small amounts and is not to be directed at any player at any time) -Impersonation of any other player is not permitted. This applies to all players, not just staff. -Do not violate any laws. Any unlawful activity or otherwise violation of law is strictly prohibited. This includes copyright violations and piracy. -Listen to staff. We can't reasonably cover every possible scenario that might come up, so if a staff member asks you to stop something, stop. -Use common sense. Last but not least, use your best judgment. Blatant malice is not excusable, even if it's not covered by a rule. -English Chat. please speak English in global chat, staff cant moderate chat if its in a different language! Note: You are responsible for your account. "It was my relative/friend" or "I was hacked" is not an excuse!
  11. Cross posting from PonyMC Unicron Pone (45 Points Left) [Male] "Cheshire" Dark Grey Coat Very Light blue mane and tail Fetlocks (grey) Blue Grey eyes Upgraded Timberwolf (30 Points Left) [Female] "Kayalla" Former Alpha Female Snakewood body Orange eyes Talks Intelligent Companion (20 Points left) [Female] "Silver Lock" Unicorn Silver Coat White Mane and Tail Fetlocks (white) Electric Blue Eyes Survival Kit (15 Points left) Armor (10 Points left) Midnight blue color Many layered Tight fitting Blink (Magic Branch) (5 Points left) Herbology (Alchemy Branch) (0 Points left)