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  1. FLARE

    Do you believe the the mlp forum should have an app?

    Didn't feld0 say that there was going to be an IP.board app rewritten "soon" and that he would get an essentually rebranded version just for this forum? I'm not sure, might have been a long time ago when I saw that, or atleast though I saw that, because I'm not too certain that's what he said. Can anyone else confirm?
  2. FLARE

    I'm back, guys! :D

    WHO THE HECK ARE YOU? Nah, I'm just kidding, I know who you are. Good to see you back!
  3. FLARE

    Upload pictures in personal conversations

    It's like that for a reason. When in PM's not many people will see it so it uses up server space to host an image that might be used once and viewed once by one person, seems like a waste to me. Or atleast that's what I think the reason is.
  4. My mum does this all the time. Whenever we're on holidays or eating out somewhere and we order something that looks really nice, like a large milkshake that has been decorated with cream and chocolate related goods. Sometimes if my mother bakes a cake she'll post a picture of it on facebook, but only if it looks nice. My mum doesn't do this as much as she could but I find it quite stupid Oh well, it's not worth trying to do anything about that--
  5. Well, you're not making a gif correctly then. Go look up a tutorial on how to using photoshop on youtube or something.
  6. Upload it to imgur and post it here! When you open your gif in your web browser (not after you've uploaded it), does it play? Maybe you're not saving it properly?
  7. FLARE

    If you won the lottery?

    It really depends how much I get from it. Honestly I'd probably spend next to none of it in pony merch, at the most i'd support some of my favorite brony musicians who aren't (as) well known. I'd most likely do the boring thing, I'd save some of it and probably build a newer computer. If I had enough i'd try to buy a decent house (unlikely though) and see if I can get it rented until i'm old enough to move out or when ever I break even through the rent (but I don't really know how much of this stuff works) And if I had really way too much money, like more than there is ever on the planet, i'd pay someone heaps of money to make a time machine so I can go back in time and not actually spend the money on a time machine (causing a paradox) Although all this sounds quite greedy (and it is), somewhere, at some point (in time? ) I'd donate some money to some form of charity.
  8. FLARE

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    banned for having a meeting with bronies >:##
  9. FLARE

    umm F*** you youtube

    They warned me. GOOGLE THE MASTER OF BOTNETS. Oh, and this post isn't 100% serious.
  10. Not quite, although the internet has evolved like that, it was made for other reasons (I forget what...the US army or some universities, but the main point was communication between two (or more) groups of people to communicate) that said I'm all for anonymity
  11. FLARE

    PETA Attacks Pokemon?

    Nintendo's copyright policy states that none of their material or content may be used in connection with any other web site, in any publications, in public performances, in connection with any product or service that is not Nintendo's, in any manner that is likely to cause confusion among customers, in any manner that disparages or discredits Nintendo, or in any manner that is otherwise exploitative for any commercial purpose or that otherwise infringes Nintendo's intellectual property rights. I hope PETA get sued somehow.
  12. FLARE


    Who wants to have a gaytime with me? it's so hard to have a gaytime on my own
  13. FLARE


    Please stop continue being gay
  14. FLARE


    This thread is gay.
  15. FLARE

    MLP Forums 1st Birthday