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  1. This episode was interesting to say the least. Before this episode i had no idea about any of twilight's family nor much of her life in Canterlot that she left behind. When she returned to canterlot for the galloping galla (or the other few times) how come Shining Armor wasn't even thought of nor talked about.
  2. Thankyou to everypony who has wished me a happy birthday this past week It has been very fun! This week hasn't been that bad either except for the fact i was just assigned a 20 paragraph essay on imperialism *Sigh*. So i hope to get around meeting everypony in this next week or 2. Sorry im so busy guys!!!

  3. Hey there, and happy birthday! ^~^ Hope this will be a great year for you~ :D *hugs*

    1. midnight_lightning


      Lol thank you i hope so too xD

  4. My name is midnight lightning or you can call me Ty. Im somewhat new to the fandom. Im trying to gain some new freinds through the forums so you can message me on line (tywukong) or kik (midnight_lighting)
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