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  1. Hi there, and happy birthday! :D Hope you have a good time~ ^o^ https://derpicdn.net/img/2015/2/12/826899/large.jpeg

  2. Happy birthday =)=)=)=)=)

  3. So...... cold....... seriously can i get a blanket up here?
  4. no, ponies are fine since mlp im pretty sure is considered a cartoon, though i think the eyes look anime
  5. Wow guys, thanks for all the support on the topic (; ill name all mine! like i already said-kurumu,moka, most of the mane 6, and sunset glimmer, but here are the rest (prepare for long list) rose from rosario vampire octavia,tgapt (trixie), vinyl scratch, and sunset glimmer blair from sole eater daria from daria susan and mary from jhonny test misty, iris, and serena from pokemon marciline from adventure time Pretty much all the girls from sword art online or any anime XD all my previous pony crushes, but in equestria girls (i like applejack in equestria girls though) And more....
  6. Thinking about flutters while watching a show from 1997
  7. So what are some of your cartoon crushes? Here are a few of mine, All the main 6 but applejack, (especially fluttershy) <3 starlight glimmer, kurumu kurono, and moka are a few
  8. Wait, so just hooves, like the rest human? If i was a pony in equestria i would scream the happiest scream ever.
  9. I for one thought she was a very well thought out villian. Very good character. Good plot, idea, and mildly cute. 8/8
  10. cant beileive im saying this, but latwly ive had a thing for rarity.

  11. Jokes about me. Being gay. (Nopony knows im a brony) so some people make jokes im a brony and im like pft, no.... (blush)
  12. Perhaps the best ever, so i was like fluttershy in boy form with a blue color scheme, and as soon as i saw her i woke up
  13. Hey guys, good news, im not dead XD