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  1. Pulchritude

    Creative OC Critics are NEEDED

    OKAY! I edited my OC's personality and back story. Just inform me if it is in need of more changes. Note: I really don't know how I can make the lice story more adventurous.
  2. Pulchritude

    Creative OC Critics are NEEDED

    Thank you for all your comments! I will take note of all of these.
  3. Pulchritude

    Have Your OC Featured in a Fanfic!

    If you would like to , darling... Choose my fabulous pony. Her information is located in my signature. Do well in your literature!
  4. Hello everypony! I have an OC and maybe YOU a CRITIC can give feedback on my OC! The link to Longlocks's information can be found in my signature. If you are willing to help me, please advise what you can. Thank you for taking your time to read this. :grin2:
  5. Pulchritude

    What's the scariest animal?

  6. Pulchritude

    General Why did you choose your username?

    Pulchritude is another word for "beauty".
  7. Pulchritude

    CHILDHOOD treasures

    What's that thing you had since your early ages that has sentimental value? Mine is my OLD " Sleeping Beauty " CD , I used to watch that with my mum.
  8. Pulchritude

    Embarrassing Brony Moments

    My brony uncle bragged about me being a brony during a family occasion. My other uncles brohoofed me because they were bronies too but their wives looked at them disgustingly.
  9. Pulchritude

    Um, hi? I guess?

    Cheerful greetings to you! May you feel the warmth and comfort of this spectacular forum!
  10. Pulchritude

    What's the one beverage you can't go without?

  11. It really helped. Thanks!
  12. Pulchritude

    Hello there! Ruby Tuesday here.

    WELCOME to this fantabulous forum darling!
  13. Pulchritude

    Ask Longlocks - BEAUTY TIPS!

    Hello there!!! It's me Longlocks. I am here to give all of you ponies some good tips to maintain skin and hair health. Not only do I give beauty tips, but I also give inspirational quotes and simple confidence boosters! I hope you enjoy this elegant " Ask Me " topic. ● IMAGE BY ANCHORSEYE
  14. Pulchritude

    Can you whistle?

    The result of my whistle is a blow with a hint of saliva.
  15. Pulchritude

    Movies/TV Favorite Disney Princess movie

    I am pretty sure that Baymax is not a female.