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  1. redesigning my OC to fit me better can't wait to show you guys

  2. I have decided to make a luna cosplay for my first pony con

  3. Well season 5 has started

  4. ready to buckle down and spit out some art this long weekend

  5. updated my DA a little with some pony WIPS

  6. hello weekend! lets see what productive things I can do today!

    1. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      hi =)=)=) How are you today =)=)=)

    2. HoneyShimmer


      Doing ok. I'm pretty tired.

    3. 碇 シンジン
  7. More line art! I really wanted to explore my own pony style while remaining true to the characters. Hope to start colouring them (along with my other WIPs) on the weekend. Hope you like the picture
  8. It's not quite finished and I have to clean it up a little because I don't have a scanner but yea. Human Rarity in her studio about to take a client. Would that be you darling?
  9. Here it is I hope you guys like it
  10. and bedazle it compleatly I am debating if I should post the line art of the rarity picture I am working on. Would you guys want to see it even if it isn't quite finished yet?
  11. Don't worry I wish you the best in your self discovery. I also like how Rarity is completely aware of how she can be over dramatic at times (her own customized fainting couch I mean come on) yet she isn't apologetic or changing it to have/keep her friends. She is the way she is and she loves herself for it. (sometimes she forgets it if the plot wants her too) She is fabulous and she knows it. I wish I could completely embrace that.
  12. I'll clarify where I'm coming from. I grew up around a lot of manipulation. Even if a "this should be your favourite" seems harmless now I personally have felt many long term effects over the years and it can chip away at someones true identity and tasets. I admire that you are seeking out new things and doing research. But I can't put one poney over another. I'm here because I connect to Rarity the most.
  13. Honestly dear friend I would not wish to persuade you. If you don't connect with rarity there isn't anything I can do to change that. My love for her is quite personal to me in the way she inspires me. You should decide what connects with you on your own and not rely on how good someone can "sell" you the idea of who is the best. They are all different not better, different.
  14. Thank you everyone I hope to start working on colouring her on the weekends when I have off work.
  15. It's super cute I like the colour scheme you used