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  1. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. This episode is hot trash, easily the worst of season 9 Apparently someone didn't inform this new writer that it's not season 2 and Rainbow Dash has actually matured. The way she acted in this episode reminded me of The Mysterious Mare Do Well. I have an infinitely better idea for a way this episode could have played out and kept Rainbow Dash IN CHARACTER. Rainbow is told by Twilight that she needs to coach the cheer squad, Rainbow Dash is disappointed but still gives it a try. She tries coaching them in one way, but it doesn't work. Then maybe act 2 she tries a few other teaching methods but those fail. Then she admits that she's not too interested in cheerleading and says she doesn't really know how to coach them, maybe she ends up asking the students for some pointers or something. After she sees what they have she kind of builds off of that and starts teaching them from there. That could lead to a real neat moral of sometimes the students can teach the teachers or something. IDK even if you don't like my idea I don't think it would be egotistical of me to say it would have been better than the shit we got. RD was just acting like a dismissive B**** for no reason in this episode, completely out of character. I think even diehards would have trouble defending the beginning of act 3 where, Imma be real, Rainbow Dash would never say that kind of shit! The beginning of act 3 is borderline character assassination for RD! after that, the episode tries to bring RD back with "Oh I did a bad thing, sorry" NO, what RD did at the beginning of act 3 was inexcusable, you can't fix that I hate it 3.3/10
  4. It's been over a year since I posted here so I'll throw up some more songs I like Mainstream Stuff Ariana Grande- thank u, next Post Malone, Swae Lee- Sunflower Billie Eilish- Bad Guy Taylor Swift- Me (ft. Brendon Urie Of Panic At The Disco) Kahlid- Talk Marshmello, Bastille- Happier Lil Nas X- Old Town Road (ft. Billy Ray Cyrus) Charlie Puth- The Way I Am Travis Scott- Sicko Mode (ft. Drake) Drake- Nice For What Tiesto & Dzeko- Jackie Chan (ft. Preme & Post Malone) Obscure Stuff Tyler The Creator - EARFQUAKE Anderson .Paak - Lite Weight (ft. The Free Nationals United Fellowship Choir) SZA - Broken Clocks SZA - Garden (Say It Like Dat) Breakbot - Another You Janelle Monae - Make Me Feel Madeon - All My Friends Martin Solveig- The Night Out (Madeon remix) Snail's House- mal d'amour Snail's House- Magical Holiday 4B x TEEZ- Whistle 4B x TEEZ- Whistle (Schade remix) Valy Mo & Dustycloud - Baguette Vibe A.L.I.S.O.N- Gold Dust Voyage- Beyond LUNE- Reve Lucide Hotel Pools- Nightshade
  5. I'm cheap and hate paying for things so Youtube. and Soundcloud for some select songs I can't find on Youtube
  6. This episode is real nice. Personally the reveal that Scootaloo's parents were a thing would have had far more of a WOAH impact if the wonderful world of youtube thumbnails and titles didn't spoil the hell out of it for me. I didn't watch those videos but I saw the episode and I just have to say WOW they are EASILY the coolest parents we've seen. Her dad's a regular Steve Irwin and I like the design of the mother as well. Also on the topic of the aunts, it was interesting to see a same sex couple in MLP, kind of a risk for a children's show to do but I commend them for it. The episode's issue is very relatable, no kid wants to move far away and leave all their friends behind. It's pretty cliche but it's used to good effect being the central conflict of the episode. It definitely feels like a final farewell to the Cutie Mark Crusaders. I actually was tearing up a little at the end even though I knew what the fix was gonna be from act 1. This episode is just a reminder that the show IS indeed ending and I really am gonna miss it when it's gone... I like it quite a bit, it's a good ending to the CMC arc Real good stuff 8.8/10
  7. The humor in this episode was so amazing I just gotta say so many jokes were clever and made me smile I know I usually write more but i just really liked this episode and the humor is what stood out most to me 7.9/10
  8. Thoughts on episode I mean it was OKAY. Maybe I'm just saying that because I dislike the writer seeing as she gave us with the second worst episode of the entire series with Non-Compete Clause last year This episode is a lot better. The weakest part is the ending. I'm pretty sure they thought it was clever of them to use Garble's talent to hatch the eggs and I guess it kinda was. The downside to that idea is it came off as very cringy and hard for me to watch, I also think it went on way too long. I knew from the first time I read the synopsis I said outloud to myself. "The brother is gonna be Garble isn't it?" and I was completely on point. I mean It's cool to see Smolder get expansion I GUESS but I would have liked to see a new character. I know it would be a huge workload to develop one especially this late in the series but still, points lost for predictability. I do want to mention Fluttershy who I think was written FANTASTICALLY in the second half of the episode, asserting herself and dealing with Garble was a real treat to watch. Other than those things I mostly mildly enjoyed the episode, We got to see more of the dragon lands, Ember is always nice, I liked Smolder, I hated the Spike abuse, but mostly it was a fairly good episode. 6.4/10
  9. here's what I think will happen (just a theory here but) In the finale Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow will team up with the Mane 6 or whoever to defeat Grogar and they will be reformed So yes, most likely, but not Grogar
  10. So Frenemies written by Mike Vogel I was worried for this one mainly cause the last episode he wrote was one of the most disappointing of season 8 But this episode was actually pretty great. I have been able to deduce from this episode that my favorite villain of the group is Cozy Glow, she is so frecking cute and I love her outbursts and manipulation. Chrysalis and Tierk were good in this episode as well, the dynamic between the three villains was different for the show and interesting to watch unfold. I didn't instantly forget Better Way To Be Bad right after it was over either so points for that as well. There was some other inserting things I liked in the episode as well, like Chrysalis getting her magic sucked with her eyes glazed over and everything as well as seeing more examples of the power Grogar has. While writing this review I actually had a moment of realization and found that I actually liked this episode way more than I thought I did and bumped my score up for it considerably. I am not sure how I feel about the ending but I can only hope Grogar finds out what they did later on and wrecks their shit. Good stuff and another great season 9 episode and this one has the possibility to be enhanced by future episodes 8/10
  11. Yes I have Genres I favor the closest I have had an obsession with may be Vaportrap/ Future Funk or Dofflin/ Kawaii Bass I think both of these genres are quite niche and I'm not sure if anyone will be familiar with my favorite acts from these genres. For Vaportrap and Future Funk my favorite artists are Blank Banshee, Macross 82-99, Saint Pepsi, Yung Bae, Vaperror deserves mention for his Mana Pool album which I see as a Vaportrap classic Vaporwave/Vaportrap/Future Funk may be seen as a meme genre but if you actually dive into this hazy sounding music you will find way more than just slowed down songs from the 80's and Macintosh 420 I assure you. Example I definitely love Dofflin/ Kawaii Bass as well My favorite artists here are Snail's House and Wave Racer I haven't gone as far into this genre cause it's hard to find a foothold. While I love this music my experience with it in terms of consistent output from one single artist has been fragmented as hell. Most songs I listen to that can fall into this genre are one offs from the artist in question, It seems like attractive music to make but not lucrative. Most of them are Japanese as well so that makes it harder for someone like me to find their music so there's that. Example
  12. I'll agree that my Hurricane Fluttershy example wasn't 100% accurate but I still do believe if it was written today they still would have broken the record. I also think Yona rejecting the award would have been a very interesting and mature move. That wouldn't have made the trophy a Checkov's gun cause it was still used, it was just not accepted by the recipient. Yona could have said she didn't deserve it cause of how she ruined the dance and I would smiled and bumped my rating for the episode up by about 0.4 or 0.5 points for that. These awards are supposed to be a motivator for the characters actions but in MLP they prove to be more of a major hindrance as they cause the characters to make stupid decisions. More often than not causing collateral damage and ruining something for everyone around them, it's not right when that is essentially what they are awarded for. If you ask me they should be punished... but that wouldn't fit the tone of the show. I think would have just been straight up better without the award.
  13. This is the worst episode of season 9 so far I am going to shine a spotlight on the major problem I have with the episode it's the same thing that made Non-Compete Clause completely reprehensible for me Why is it that Yona ruins the dance, ruins everyone's night, makes a mess of everything, Basically does everything you SHOULDN'T do to win the best pony pals award... but her and Sandbar still win the award? T~T I'm sorry but that shouldn't happen And for all of you thinking "well they won the award cause it's My Little Pony and it has to have a happy ending." To these people I point out the season 2 episode Hurricane Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash had aspirations of not only getting the water up to Cloudsdale but also breaking the previous wing power record. They didn't end up breaking that record, they just got the water up to Cloudsdale and I really REALLY LIKE THAT, it shows you can't get everything you want! I am convinced that if that episode was written today they would have broke the record. Cause it just seems today like if there is an award, trophy or title up for grabs you can accidentally kill 3 ponies and still get it cause why not. I just really hate these "well you screwed everything up but you kinda sorta did the thing so here's the reward anyway" episodes. It's not funny, it's not cute, it's not subverting expectation, it's not a happy ending, it's ANNOYING! Yona and Sandbar could have had a great night without getting the award. The award shouldn't matter! Yet by giving it to them the show is basically saying it's all that matters (at least to me) trash 5.5/10
  14. Good episode I mostly liked it, I will say though a weak point is the second act where Twilight is searching for Dusty after getting to the Retirement Home. I feel like spike was one of the best parts of the episode, He reacts to Twilight the same way a general audience member watching the episode would. That is when he's used best, at least that's how it felt for me. Also I liked seeing Moondancer again. Not much more to say other than another strong showing from season 9. I am very satisfied with the season so far, so I look forward to more good episodes. 7.4/10