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  1. I'm making a new fanfiction that isn't on FIM fiction yet but will be soon but here is a link:!!
  2. I haven't been here for a while so the new episode why is the child sex offender in this?

  3. We know that because that's why people make prequels for BACKROUND infomation Oh and why 1 months?: becuase when Trixy finds Big Mac he talks about applejack dieing and is still sad about it because it wasn't too long ago
  4. WE BOUGHT TO MANY GAMES now we gotta play them all SO ALL ABOARD THE STEAM TRAIN!! *explosion* *steps* SAY IT SAY IT!!! C-*sob*choo chooooo

  5. Everyone has there fails you know applejack survived for 11 months straight but then died and I did that to make surviving harder and more tense and when I put pinkie pie those two times1st time: pinkie pie knocked her out 2nd time: I'll change it soon And I will soon
  6. Why trixy?: I just feel she need more loveWhy did she fall asleep for over a year: uhhhhhhh PINKIE PIE How did we know it started weeks later?: people told her Why using started: again uhhh pinkie pie Why did other people survive who are they?: because apoclypse stuff and lots of people like: dr hooves,big Mac,applebloom,spitfire,flash century,Fluttershy and a lot more What happend a year earlier?: I'm gonna make a prequel all about it Any more questions?
  7. I actually haven't gotten chapter one done so it's impossible to see until I put 1,000 words and get accepted
  8. I can't stop saying scoobada

    1. A Black Circle

      A Black Circle


    2. Cannon and rarity

      Cannon and rarity


  9. I'm currently writing a fan fiction which I have no ideas for bu I would love proofreading help
  10. This website is officially the msot confusing website in the world how come this place is literally called fan fictions and there are so many people who did the same exact things
  11. I hate people who just expect ALICORN OCs are marysues before you even get to know them on my first day on here it already happend I was checking too see if anyone needed help for fan fictions and someone wanted our OCs to be in a book so I tried to see if mien could nad this happend complete idiot: b-but it's an ALICORN me: *facts making my oC not a marysue* complete idiot: *deletes comments and continues to be racist*

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    2. Cannon and rarity

      Cannon and rarity

      Well she hacked her way into deleting it somehow and you saying it's NTO racism:

    3. Dust and Memories

      Dust and Memories're saying someone hacked MLPF, an criminal offense, so that they can...delete...your...comments......? Sorry, but it's likely an admin deleted them for disturbation of the peace or some other related offense against forum rules.


      And it's not racism. If they said "Oh, you're black and you made an alicorn OC, it must be bad because you're black" they would be racist, but if they are saying (rightfully) that your OC is bad is not racism. Often (99...

    4. Cannon and rarity

      Cannon and rarity

      I don't know why facts sobut my OC is against the rules and I quests it isn't whateer

    1. Steelstallion


      Where the principal was a Brony too? I thought that was so cool.