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  1. I swear to Celestia, one of the greatest joys this show has to offer is watching these two assholes try to get along. I was hype going in and it did not disappoint!
  2. Glaive9Gko

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    I swear this album is a trap! Every time I turn it on, I'm locked in for the next hour!
  3. I probably wouldn't even be there. I'd just be in my house, noiseblockers on my ears playing some game, totally unaware that my house has no roof anymore...again...
  4. I LOVE MAUD! Like seriously, she ties with Trixie for my fave pony spot, and both of them are in the GlimGlam crew now! Actual Trixie / Maud shenanigans can happen now! Canonical, awesome shenanigans! MAKE THIS HAPPEN, WRITERS!!!
  5. I came in because of Faust's involvement with PPG. So yeah, kid characters wouldn't have been an issue.
  6. So much dawwww~ +++ Gabby is fucking cute! ++ Squeaky Belle is back! ++ DAWWW~~~ + Immediately grabbed by the cold open So yeah, liking this ep waaaay more that I feel like I should! Giving this one a GoodFeels/10!
  7. Well I suppose an ep does need a conflict, so I can't just get 20 minutes of game. Oh well. That's what Geek & Sundry is for! But regardless, I had fun with this! +++ Huuuuge bias for my old pass-time! Even got some LARPing in at the end! ++ Got a kick out of RD and Pinkie being totally on board! ++ I want John de Lancie as my DM! + 20 sided dice? Good! Lvl 30 though? Looks like somepony in the office prefers epic levels. + Good to see Discord actually making more friends. - I want moar gaaaaame! Like I knew what I was getting into with Discord being uncooperative because srsly, what else
  8. Glaive9Gko

    Mega Thread Metal Thread

    Got to see Ghost live last Thursday! Fucken rocked out so Satan damn hard!!!
  9. meh +/- Never thought I'd see the day when Rarity wouldn't be inherently interesting to watch - First song I've ever skipped --- Cardinal sin of boring me I honestly don't know what I was supposed to find interesting in this. I give this episode a 3 hoof rating.
  10. Huh, well that was interesting. ++ Flutters and RD were on point here! + RD getting hit on was actually pretty funny + Families! + RD actually zapping Zephyr was pretty funny! -/+ Now correct me if I'm wrong, but in order for a character overcoming a challenge to have dramatic weight, the audience needs to want the character in question to succeed, yes? Now in order for us to want said character to succeed, we'd need to like them in some capacity, yes? Now I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this....if Zephyr overcoming his fear of failure was supposed to have dramatic weight, then
  11. Well that happened + Dash was cute I guess --- Actually no, it didn't happen. Nothing happened. ...*sigh*...I give this episode a noepisodehere/10
  12. Yes! +++ Musical! I fucking love these! The bias is strong with this one! +++ Villain Glimmer is back!!! Okay, not technically, but OOOOOOOOHHHHHH YEEEEEAAAAAHHHH~ I love dat voice! Spit dat venom, Glimmer! ++ Luna best edgepone + Ghost AJ is friggin cute! + "And why would you deny yourself candy and presents?" This kid gets it! + "And the reason is to be with your friends" Adorkable Twi is adorkable~ Yes! Loved it! Much fun was had this day! I give it a FUCKINGLOVEMUSICALS/10!
  13. Solid ep, I'd say ++ Dash pone best pone. Immediate bias boost ++ eheheh, shitfire. I don't care if its not canon. + I know some people are annoyed by the number of screenshotable faces happening recently, but I'm a fan. + Spits and Dashie geeking out together! So cute! - since the problem presented didn't really get changed in the end, it felt like a bit of a non-conflict. Now sure, some might say that the real focus of the ep was dashie overcoming her baggage, and they'd be right, but doing it by sidestepping the plot just feels a bit unsatisfying to me. Not that big of a deal really,
  14. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! ++ Pony hasn't made me laugh like that in a while! ++ Trixie and Glimmer are so fucking cute together! ++ "How do you get your hair to do that all the time?" Yes! Just, yes! Much fun was had today!
  15. Awesome tier episode due entirely to the existence of Maud.
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