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  1. No, you got it right; "ils" is used for any group which contains at least one masculine member. Some languages have a neuter gender, but not French. Yes. This is the correct pronunciation. If you play a string instrument you'll know there's a way to pronounce "bowing" that sounds like "low". What a mess. I like this, but I think it would benefit from a translation, so people know what's being said: "Hello everyone! My name is Twilight Sparkle. I am a unicorn. I like to read magic books. I have many books. I live in a library. Also, I am French. French is easy with My Little Pony!" Here's some more on French: word order. The basic sentence structure takes the same order as English: Subject-verb-object. "Je mange une pomme." "I eat (am eating) an apple." However, adjectives generally come after the noun, as opposed to before in English. "un lit doux" "a soft bed" There are exceptions to this rule, such as for adjectives referring to size, hence "Mon Petit Poney" for "My Little Pony" Notice that nouns always come with an article, and that the article changes depending on the gender of the noun. We have "le/la" for "the", with "les" for both genders in the plural: "le soleil" "the sun" "la lune" "the moon" "les étoiles" "the stars" We have "un/une" for "a", with "des" for plural: "un jour" "a day" "une nuit" "a night" "des heures" "(some) hours"
  2. Plausible, I suppose. Would explain some of Sunset's early troubles that she didn't have a steady family to fall back on. I wonder if there's an EQG Sunburst out there somewhere... Shoot, now I want to see EQG Sunset and Sunburst hanging out doing sibling stuff.
  3. All righty then! I'll start, like SasQ did, with basic colors: Rouge Orange Jaune Vert Bleu Violet Noir Gris [Blanc] Rose (les couleurs) I'll also throw in basic pronouns: moi (me) / je (I) tu (you) il (him) elle (her) nous (us) vous (you, plural or formal) ils (them, masculine) elles (them, feminine)
  4. I second that vote of thanks, Ganondorf8. This thread is one of the first I check whenever I come here. This time, for a change, I have something to contribute. I don't think they've been posted before, apologies if I'm reposting something unknowingly. Pillows, by mirroredsea. Sunny is just adorable and delightfully happy. Here's one for which I can't find the source, for the life of me. But it's unbearably cute. Ribbon - Sunny X-Mas 1 by Katakiuchi4u. Those freckles on her nose are to die for. A wink from sunset by Artmlpk, another heart-stopper. And finally, an untitled Sunny by nakanoart. I don't know what to say about this one, it's just awesome. Enjoy, everybody, and thanks for keeping this going!
  5. I'm interested in Japanese too, and I can teach basic French, if anyone wants to know. Agreed there. I had immersion school in elementary, and "regular" language class after. The "regular" class always felt stilted in comparison. Not to mention boring.
  6. Merry Birthiversary! 

  7. Of course, that could backfire if the person arguing has E's. One.
  8. One. I see this is a test of speed on the part of the non-E people, and a test of resistance to schadenfreude on the part of the E people.
  9. One again. Not technically a prime number. [Wikipedia page]
  10. Dangit, back to two. The first prime number. Edit: ninja'd! One.
  11. Seventeen is the most random number for number theorists. But we're on eighteen: 2*(3^2)
  12. Sixteen. Or 2^2^2. (can't figure out powers)
  13. One of the coolest I've seen is the Witcher 2 intro (warning: it gets a bit bloody) The one that sticks with me the most is from Total War: Napoleon, though. Honorable mentions for HAWKEN, Total War: Empire, Total War: Shogun 2 and (I don't know if this counts, since it doesn't play at game launch?) the epic promotional-trailer sort of things for Star Wars: The Old Republic.