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  1. Of course, that could backfire if the person arguing has E's. One.
  2. One. I see this is a test of speed on the part of the non-E people, and a test of resistance to schadenfreude on the part of the E people.
  3. One again. Not technically a prime number. [Wikipedia page]
  4. Dangit, back to two. The first prime number. Edit: ninja'd! One.
  5. Seventeen is the most random number for number theorists. But we're on eighteen: 2*(3^2)
  6. Sixteen. Or 2^2^2. (can't figure out powers)
  7. One of the coolest I've seen is the Witcher 2 intro (warning: it gets a bit bloody) The one that sticks with me the most is from Total War: Napoleon, though. Honorable mentions for HAWKEN, Total War: Empire, Total War: Shogun 2 and (I don't know if this counts, since it doesn't play at game launch?) the epic promotional-trailer sort of things for Star Wars: The Old Republic.
  8. I haven't quite watched 10 animated series from the past 7 years (though I have watched some older ones), but here are as many as I have seen, ranked: 1. Star vs. the Forces of Evil 2. My Little Pony 3. The Legend of Korra 4. Young Justice 5. Phineas and Ferb 6. Gravity Falls 7. Lego Ninjago 8. Futurama 9. Rick and Morty Okay, now that I look at it, it's almost 10. If allowed older shows I would throw in Avatar: The Last Airbender just after Gravity Falls, and Teen Titans after Ninjago.
  9. I guess sort of? In my childhood I was never all that interested in comic books (except for Bionicle comic books, of course, but that was just because I loved everything Bionicle), but I've recently gained more interest. I'm finding it a rather difficult sort of thing to enter, though; all the storylines are in the middle of something, and they're always crossing so you can't just isolate one and trace it back to the origin. Plus the resources like the wikis are so complete they're just overwhelming and of no help at all. I guess what I really need is a friend who knows everything whom I can ask whenever I come across something I don't understand. I wonder if I should start a new thread about this? I bought a bunch of collected editions recently, and they're mostly good, but once in a while I come across something I don't have the context to understand, or, in a weirdly infuriating way, incomplete collected editions, which really threw me for a loop (I bought a collected edition called "The Joker: Death of the Family", and it was only after reading the whole thing - and being quite confused - that I figured out I was missing half the story, that I should have also been reading "Batman: Death of the Family"). Anyway, as for what I'm interested in, I mostly have read DC comics so far, because I watched Young Justice which made me want to read the Justice League comic books, which led me to be interested in the rest of the DC universe. I have read one Spider-Man comic book as well, and I liked it, but I'm worried that if I really got into both universes, that would be too overwhelming (not to mention expensive!) and I wouldn't be able to remember it all.
  10. I'm reading the Witcher series of books, by Andrzej Sapkowski. Currently approaching the end of Baptism of Fire - so two more to go and then I'm done. They're big, long books, but I'm surprised how little actually gets done at the end of each one. Make no mistake, they're not boring or repetitive, but there's a lot of talking and mood-setting. He once spent like five pages explaining how the characters all gathered some ingredients and made soup. There was also some veiled emotional point he was getting at too, but if I were the writer of these books, all that's happened in the past three would have fit in one book. Still, wonderful books, and they make the Witcher games that much richer as well.
  11. I wear them because I'm near-sighted. Not very badly - I can still walk around, use computers, or read books just fine. In fact I only seriously needed them to read the whiteboard at school, and because I'd like to see the details on far-away things when I'm walking around (like reading street signs without having to walk right up to the pole holding them up). Never once wanted contacts, because I have a sort of visceral reaction to putting things in contact with my eyeballs. Could hardly manage eyedrops the one time I ever needed them. I never thought of them as a fashion statement or anything, but I wear them whenever I'm in public, so the few times my friends see me without them, they're all surprised at what I look like glasses-less. Anyone else get this reaction?
  12. Clouds eat... um... moisture in the air? Also, is that a lightning bolt made of ice?