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  1. I reckon it's going to be like this. As there are 26 episodes in a season, I reckon that about 7 of those are going to have the friendship problem location arc in them. Might be more, might be less, I don't know, but I think this is what we're going to get. Fillydelphia Trottingham Las/Los Pegasus Baltimare Griffon Kingdom Zebra Kingdom Some steampunk place (going by concept art.)
  2. Now Princess Celestia was the first princess to ever be introduced to the show, being constantly referenced in episode 1 and making her first appearance in episode 2. In S1 and S2, she was portrayed in a way which I thought made her similar to Albus Dumbledore from Harry Potter. She never really did anything but she was constantly pushing Twilight and the rest of the mane six in the right direction. For example: she told Twilight she needed to make friends because that was the only way the elements could truly free her sister from evil in Friendship is Magic, and she sent back the friendship letters to Twilight when she lost hope with her friends in Return of Harmony. She also felt like a strong and assertive leader, and one that you didn't mess with at all. Although being hospitable and playful, she was often very intimidating to be around, and you got the sense that she was extremely powerful. She cared for her subjects safety deeply though, and was willing to give up everything to ensure that. However, in season 3, she changed into a stupid, manipulative, and weak leader that should not be allowed to rule the country. This started in The Crystal Empire, when she not only used lives as a means to an end, but also told Twilight the wrong information for her little test so that EVERYONE in the Crystal Empire could have easily have been killed. What's worse is that she sat there for the whole 2 parter and did nothing. In the first 3 2 parters there was always a good reason why she stayed in Canterlot, but in this one she was just lazy and wanted other people to do the work for her. This got worse in Keep Calm and Flutter On, where she attempted to reform one of the most dangerous and evil beings to ever rule Equestria, and the one which tormented ponies so much that she and her sister had to use the elements against him. And she got stupider AGAIN in Twilight's Kingdom, when she not only entrusted Discord with a very important and dangerous mission, (even though in Threes A Crowd it was obvious he wasn't taking his reformation seriously), and then sat there and did nothing whilst Tirek stormed the face of her country absorbing magic, waiting for Twilight to come a long and do the work for her, which by that point they had to hide their magic as he had grown so powerful. She then placed an extremely dangerous and risky gamble by giving up her magic to Twilight in the same episode. Princess Celestia is a character who is beyond saving at this point. She has made so many stupid mistakes, and her character has changed into one that I do not like. I'm not sure how DHX COULD save her at this point. Any ideas?
  3. Now I'm not talking about Rarity having some crush on some random stallion for one episode, I'm talking about actually introducing a long term boyfriend for one of the mane 6. Now, it sounds awful in concept. But do you think if it was done well it could be made to work? I think what's important is that the boyfriend is a character, and not just a characters boyfriend. For example, Fancy Pants was a pretty good character. Maybe he could be around for a couple of episodes and start a relationship with Rarity, who knows. Other pairings include Cheese Sandwhich x Pinkie Pie, Soarin x Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy x Discord. However, this is a must if they want to do this kind of thing. There needs to be an established, well developed, and likable character which will serve as the characters boyfriend. We don't want another Brad. Also, I think only 1 or 2 should get boyfriends, all 6 would feel gender stereotypical and feel like there turning MLP into a shitty high school drama. (oh wait, they already did that.)
  4. Why does this have to be a fan animation? This should and could be an episode.
  5. You know what, I think we should continue this in PM's. Were going very off topic and it may drown out some other people who may want to comment. Could you tell me a bit about Ted Anderson?
  6. Yeah, I just had an idea. Couldn't they hire some of the show staff to come and write for the comics? Or if they can't, maybe they could hire Pen Stoke, the genius behind the fanfiction: Past Sins, if he is willing and if it is allowed and legal. I actually think M.A Larson and Meghan McCarthy's roles in the show should be switched round. Luna Eclipsed, It's About Time, and Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000 were alright as his lower tier episodes, but they pale in comparison to nearly all of Meghan McCarthy's slice of life episodes. However, he has made the best two parter to this day, (although Cutie Markless will probably compete.) Meghan McCarthy has written some AMAZING slice of life episodes, including all of the mental break down ones, yet her two parters are okay at best or awful at worst (show standard awful, not anything like this.)
  7. Thanks mate. Anyway, as we were saying. Katie Cooks writing skills.
  8. Sorry if I offended you mate, but it really hurts my eyes when I look at how little emphasis you put on checking your work. We all make mistakes sometimes, but you should always check at least twice to see if there is any mistakes in what you've just written. Remember, spell check only corrects spelling of words, not if you've used the correct words.
  9. Meghan McCarthy definitively works better with slice of life, I mean she used to be probably the best writer on the show. Then she started doing the big stuff when she took over and hasn't really done any small stuff since, which is a shame because that's her strength, and she really isn't that good with the big stuff. I'm not sure about Katie Cook because I'm not a frequent reader of the comics, but I certainly believe you. I just bought Root of the Problem, after I've read it I'm going to review that next.
  10. Dude, I haven't read any of your blogs because you clearly don't proofread, and it really shows in this comment. Sounds absolutely awful. That probably sounds like her best arc, as slice of life is generally easier to do. However, with average slice of life stories I question why I'm paying for it, as I see that all the time with the day to day episodes.
  11. I haven't read that one. In fact, I've only read a few of them. However, It's a shame she stopped trying. I've done a bit of writing myself, and the best thing to do in that situation. Is don't give up, read a review, and take the stuff that the review said which was negative and improve on it.
  12. This is actually a very good idea, and you did make some good points about Celestia being OOC. I however thought that the relationship that Sombra and Celestia had was interesting, but yeah, I can understand why you would think she's OOC. Then again, Princess Celestia has been portrayed OOC since The Crystal Empire. At least here it's the love of someone else instead of just being a manipulative bastard who uses lives as a means to an end. I do think your version would have worked quite well though. It's just a shame that this wasn't good, because it could have easily have been the best out of all the comic arcs. But as it stands, I don't really trust the writers of the IDW comics now that they've written the mess which is this arc. FEINDship is Magic is something I desperately want to get excited about, but I can't because of how bad a lot the comics are, especially this one. The artwork is so good though, Andy Price should go and draw for Batman or any other DC or Marvel comic instead of this shit, which has writers that have great ideas but don't know how to write them, and constantly forget what they just wrote.
  13. This episode doesn't look that great to me. Every season has bad episodes, and I think this might just be one of them for season 5. I'll see it before I judge, but to tell you the truth it doesn't look to be that great.
  14. I was bored one day. I had been banned from a forum which I frequently went on for expressing a lot of strong opinions, and all of my friends were either offline or busy. I was hyped for both season 5 and the FEINDship is Magic comic series, but the truth of the matter was that they weren't out yet. So what did I do? I went to Comixology, and shelled out a few dollars for the Reflections arc. And your probably wondering. What did I think of it? I want to first start out by saying what a cool idea this was. I loved the Gothic and dark design of AU Equestria, I loved the idea of Celestia and Luna being evil and Sombra being a kindly man, I loved the idea of developing Celestia a bit more and making her have more faults, and I actually really loved the idea of having a love story between Celestia and AU Sombra. A lot of these ideas really worked, and where this arc shines, it really shines. However, as much as anybody likes this arc, nobody can deny that it has HUGE problems. So what did I like about it? Well the idea's were really cool, and every theme and plot this arc tries to convey were done superbly. Twilight's eternal conflict about what her dream was and what she ended up becoming was very well done, and I loved how she sought help from AU Sombra, with the answer being that as long as you mean well, you can be a great leader. He also mentions that Starswirl could have made a great alicorn too if he'd asked to become one. Another thing I thought was fantastic was Celestia. It's great that she's actually portrayed as having faults and weaknesses in this arc. She falls in love with AU Sombra, but yet she lies to and disobeys the instructions of her only friend at that present time: Starswirl the Bearded. It's also great to see Celestia have these great faults, because in the show she never had any. I love how Twilight says at the end that she respects her more now that she's made a mistake, because it show's that she doesn't have to be perfect to be a great princess. It's heartwarming, touching, and is a great piece of character development for them both which should have really been in the show. The best scene in the entire arc was when Celestia was getting frozen in crystal and she said to Twilight that her and Luna were in charge of Equestria. In fact, it made me want to write a fanfiction about if that really happened. It also establishes a beautiful mother/daughter relationship between the two. Celestia's mistakes lead to her near death, turning a near Mary Sue into a borderline Shakespearean character. I also loved the character of AU Sombra, and just the whole other world in general. It's bleak, dark, depressing, and the complete opposite of Equestria in just about every way. And yes, although the ending was shit, I thought the sacrifice made by AU Sombra proved how selfless, humble, and kind he really was. In fact, I may have shed a few tears. It was really great how they couldn't kill evil Celestia and Luna, because it added a no win situation for the mane six. It was executed very badly, but I have to commend them on this idea because it drove a lot of tension for the majority of it's run time. Another thing is that Starswirl the Bearded was very cool. It's not exactly how I imagined him, I kind of imagined him more of how AU Sombra was portrayed in this comic, but hey, it's not my vision, and I still think that this version was very fun to watch and hilariously goofy in a really good way. The last thing I'll say is that, as always in this comic series, the artwork is fucking beautiful. This is some of the best artwork I have seen in a comic book, and I strongly believe the artists should receive awards. It was actually a major part why I kept on reading this comic, the sheer eye candy. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Now for the bad. And there's a hell of a lot of it. So we'll start off near the beginning, when the mane six are in the library trying to find out about the portal. Somebody says "I wonder what it was like down here hundreds of years ago." We then jump to hundreds of years ago, and we see Starswirl the Bearded and Celestia. Then Celestia speaks of Luna growing distant and that she hasn't been able to talk to her that easily. CONTINUITY ERROR! Everyone who has ever watched the pilot episode of MLP knows that Luna was banished one thousand years ago. This is a well known fact, and is consistently referenced throughout the show. Why would anyone forget this fact. She's apparently growing distant from Celestia hundreds of years ago but was banished one thousand years ago. WTF? This is such a pitiful mistake that I already had low expectations from this arc from this point forward. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg. So after that they see Celestia jumping out, and apparently Sombra thinks that it's Celestia from the other world, so he was attacking her. However, this is never mentioned again and is contradicted throughout the arc because Sombra clearly knows the difference between the two. This plot is just set up and never mentioned again to give the mane six a reason to be there, when in fact it completely overwrites and forgets this fact in the next part. This is so convoluted and such a stupid mistake to make that it is a pure insult to reader. Another one of these in this comic continuity problems is that it says at one point that Starswirl never forgave Celestia, however later on, it's revealed that all he wanted to do was just forget about it and pretend it never happened, which means he totally forgave Celestia. Did this issue seriously have one writer, because I'm convinced it had at least three. There is also so much stuff that doesn't add up. For example: it's said that the AU universe use to be a bright and merry place, but ever since Luna turned evil it became nasty. Now, this implies that before the Elements of Harmony, Equestria was barren and destroyed, when it clearly wasn't. There is an amount of stuff that doesn't add up that I would be willing to expect from an arc like this, however, this completely overdoes this. Why are there no Elements of Harmony? I was expecting there to be some kind of Elements of Disharmony, hell even the cover art showed evil versions of the mane six, implying that the Elements of Disharmony existed in this world. However, the fact there is none of this is just a cheap ploy to get the mane six into the other world, and in doing so, creates something which is huge missed opportunity and a big mistake. This is suppose to be Reverse Equestria, not just a random other universe in which you can add anything you want in it to make you have to try slightly less hard with the writing. It's a real shame too because the Elements of Disharmony has been something that the fans have been wanting to see pretty much since the show started airing. I almost feel scammed by the fact that AU mane six were on the cover but don't appear in the comic. And I haven't even got to the ending yet have I? This ending.... Is probably one of the worst endings in all of MLP. For the whole special I had been left scratching my head at so many things from the inconsistent continuity within the comic and the show, to how many things were forgotten about, to how the two worlds didn't add up properly, but this ​completely took the cake. So the mane six and AU Sombra think of this plan to trap Celestia in crystal. Now, it's suppose to be a twist that both Celestia's would end up in crystal, but I knew this from the moment this plan was put forth and Twilight was more of an idiot in this comic than ever before, due to her clearly learning nothing from the whole fiasco about physical impact (which by the way, when that's first established, Spike gives the letter to Twilight before Celestia and Luna even write the letter. Epic fail.) So after that dumbshit plan, the worlds are apparently merging with each other because the mane six are in the AU. Even though Celestia spent so much more time in there than the mane six and until now there were no breaks whatsoever. Evil Celestia then has a plan to force Sombra's deal on him by using Luna as bait to get good Celestia in the AU, which she hopes the mane six will mistake as her and use the Elements to freeze in crystal. So Prime Luna smashes the portal as she was sitting near the portal when evil Luna being thrown off the castle, and something more drastic happens, the worlds completely merge because of the broken portal. So then the Elements of Harmony freeze both Celestia's (which we all saw coming,) and then somehow Sombra uses the Elements of Harmony to remove the evil from evil Celestia and Luna and put it into himself, which will somehow fix the world merge. I have so many questions, that it's going to take a hell of a long time. 1. Why can Sombra just wield the Elements of Harmony without friendship, I thought in the pilot the Elements became permanently friendship bound. 2. Why when he applies the Elements on evil Celestia, the opposite doesn't happen to good Celestia. Although the lack of the Elements of Disharmony was another problem I brought up. 3. Why does the evil from evil Celestia and Luna need to be absorbed somewhere else, when they permanently got rid of the evil from Nightmare Moon. 4. WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS STOP THE WORLDS FROM MERGING. This was such lazy writing that it makes me think the person writing this had half a brain cell. The reason why the worlds were merging was because people were world hopping too much. So why the fuck does this not only solve the problem, but also close the portal forever so they have to get back quickly? It's never explained, never foreshadowed, doesn't make any sense, and feels like a scenario where the writers had made the mission so hard for the mane six that they didn't know how to wrap it up, so they just came up with the first idea that came into their heads. Fuck this comic! I don't think I can quite describe how much I loathe this ending, because it is singularly, the worst ending I have ever seen in any media ever. Yep, worse than Emerald Star. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ You don't know how much I wanted to love this comic. It had so many great ideas, and a lot of them were executed very well. However, the comic has so many major problems that I don't see how weren't avoided, that all in all it's just a massive waste. It feels like the writers of G1 wrote this arc, I'm not joking, it had that many narrative problems. Despite the sheer beauty of some of the plot elements in this arc, the way the main plot was executed was so awful that I kind of became weary of the comics all together from this point, and I have to admit I'm much less hyped for FEINDship is Magic than I initially was before I read this. How can I trust that they won't completely screw that up? Great artwork and ideas, ruined by sloppy, shitty writing. There was stuff I enjoyed in this comic and stuff which was well written, I spoke about that a lot. But overall it's let down so much by it's flaws, that it's not good.
  15. Read the Reflections arc. It had a great idea, and I desperately wanted it to be good. Unfortunately, it was chest deep with flaws, but I still enjoyed it nevertheless.

    1. Nuke87654


      Other than me getting enraged by how the arc turned out, I share a similar opinion to what you summarized here.

    2. DarkSwap7701


      It's sad how such a great idea could go so horribly wrong. I loved the design of AU Equestria, and loved how it was dark and bleak. I also actually really loved AU Sombra and the love story between him and Celestia. I also love how it made Celestia not perfect. However, it had tons of continuity problems. One of which was near the beginning when it says that Luna was growing distant from Celestia HUNDREDS of years ago, which is totally wrong, and also when it said Starswirl never forgave...