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  1. Thunderbass (Ceased)

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Terrible. I managed to cut my forehead open today, and it's still bleeding.
  2. Thunderbass (Ceased)

    Gaming Recent Gaming Purchases

    I bought DOOM II: Hell on Earth off GOG a little while ago.
  3. Thunderbass (Ceased)

    General What Color Eyes do you Have?

    My eyes are blue, and it's a good thing since blue's my favorite color.
  4. Thunderbass (Ceased)

    Ancestors who fought in World War 1

    I had a great uncle who was at Fromelles during World War I. Sadly he didn't survive for very long, nor did he ever got a chance to land a bullet on someone.
  5. Thunderbass (Ceased)

    What would make 2017 Worth It?

    If I got my crush back, which I know it would probably never happen.
  6. Thunderbass (Ceased)

    Greatest things to happen to you in 2016?

    Nothing great ever happened to me this year, it was basically all hell and no heaven.
  7. Thunderbass (Ceased)

    Movies/TV Carrie Fisher Passes Away At Age 60

    2016 has been an absolute c**t on so many levels. Why did she have to die so soon? Same can be said for other well known celebrities who died this year. Thanks Carrie Fisher, for our wonderful childhoods.
  8. Thunderbass (Ceased)

    General How Would You Rate Your 2016 Year?

    I would have given this year a 6/10. But after my grandmother's death, after all that self-harming I've been doing, after ending up in a psychiatric ward for a little while, after losing someone that I have so much feelings for to someone else, I'm giving it a 4/10. Or even 3/10. If it goes on like this I'll just die
  9. Thunderbass (Ceased)

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    I feel a bit like dying right now </3 Nothing's been going well for me in the past 4 months
  10. Thunderbass (Ceased)

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Thinking that I want my crush back so badly
  11. Thunderbass (Ceased)

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Well... Now I feel like leaving both the forums and Deviantart. I honestly can't go through this hell anymore, and not many people here seem to care about it one bit. I may end up wanting to die soon, but who knows what will happen in the future, There could either be a turn around or just endless pain. :(
  12. Thunderbass (Ceased)

    The USER above you is naked in your bed. Your reaction?

    Why don't you cuddle me first
  13. Thunderbass (Ceased)

    Mega Thread You Just Got Kissed By the User Above You, Your Reaction?

    *blushes* I...I can't get enough of you