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    I reaaallllyyy need to finish this. Maybe tomorrow.
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    Mlp (of course) gravity falls, and instrumental music. I also love Egyptian/Greek Mythology.

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    Earth Pony
  1. WriterOnTheRun

    Open Forgotten legend

    I hobbled out of my room. "Not worth 70 bits..." I grumbled. I guess I did get the next to last room, but still. I stretched out my wings and headed down to the pub to wash away some memories. It's five o'clock somewhere I figured, trying to convince myself I didn't have a problem. I heard panicked voices coming from a room and knocked on their door. "You ponies ok?" I asked Pssh. I shouldn't have knocked cause no one was in there. "I need to stop and just go get breakfast," I said to none in particular. I went down and ordered an Apple fritter. Earth ponies have their wa
  2. You're pictures are great and show your style. It's 20% cooler.
  3. I will cross the line between flight and fight if the person won't leave me alone, they threaten harm, and they cannot be persuaded to stop.
  4. How can you even suggest I'm emotional? That makes me so sad, I'm gonna cry. I'm already tearing up and my makeup is everywhere. (Not really I just wanted to do some irony)
  5. For me adds don't even work, except for when I already plan on buying the item. But I do agree on the fact that your brain automatically associates the item in mind with the add that lasted for 5 minutes with super loud audio at 4 am. I expecially hate it when you hit x and another pop up shows up. Thankfully since then I've installed the add blocker so I only see the little ads at the bottom of the screen that are approved by google.
  6. WriterOnTheRun

    Open Forgotten legend

    Alex looked around, confused. She was just flying and she... fell? No, that didn't seem right. Her mind felt foggy as she heaved herself up and looked around. She realized she hit her head too hard and couldn't see a thing. She sighed and knew she had to find a unicorn to help her.
  7. Thanks for the add

    1. Chip Circuit

      Chip Circuit

      Hey no problem, always nice to have more friends :)

  8. I don't have the best fan film BUT I found the best fan art ever. Did you see it? It is star wars x9000
  9. Filly Applejack. Assuming I haven't died from the cuteness that radiated off her. or the lovable sweet pegasus Fluttershy
  10. All accepted! We can start now and wait for more ponies on the way or wait for a couple more.
  11. Hello friends and welcome to WriterOnTheRun's Stick Figure Story!!!!!!!! The whole point of this thread is to just have fun while not having to slave over an inkscape picture for an hour just to convey one piece of the story. Global rules apply here so please no frequent swearing. How to participate Draw a stick figure Interact it with other players Have fun! I'll start LETS DO THISSS (I'm not one to make long descriptions for stuff like this)
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