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    a toad house from super mario 3d world

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  1. Love your Avatar! :)

  2. I love your avatar

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    2. ke44k444488
    3. Scar


      Yea she is obviously high quality, the best of the best, you know season 7 needs to have her as the main character lol

    4. ke44k444488


      thank u scar from avatar the lion bender he fr wants your human rights

  3. Thank you so much! It works like a charm, although I wish I could add the channel ID as my actual YT name, because I don't like my custom URL (Zumbuh471), and the ID just shows up as the ID, but I digress. Still glad you added this!
  4. Why is your avatar looking at me like that?

    1. ke44k444488


      because he wants your human rights, ken kaneki from my little pony: the movie (2017)

  5. So, I add my YouTube name, "Zumbuh" to the page, and it tries to take me to upon clicking. This would be fine, had I not deleted my old channel that DID have a /user/ url ( -ended with 266 subs and 55k views rip- but I do not have /user/ in my YouTube URL for my new channel, I only have a /c/ and a /channel/ url. ( & ( I do not know how to get a /user/ url anymore, but is there any way for me to add youtube to the contact methods on my profile page w/o that url? or, is there any way to get that url? I'm stumped here.
  6. It doesn't remove Chrome OS and it doesn't try to boot into Ubuntu so I don't see a risk.
  7. You can actually Install Ubuntu Linux on a Chromebook, and switch between Chrome OS and Ubuntu to install any Source Game, or anything for Linux on Steam.