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  1. Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and Star vs. the Forces of Evil.
  2. I can listen to just about anything besides screamo/rap. Can't stand those. Don't know much about subgenres and all that so, yeah if there's more I haven't discovered them. Which I suppose is a good thing.
  3. Short answer: Yes. All garbage. Long Answer: No. but they're overpriced. Their phones should be like $120. Their laptops should be the price of their book. Alienware is less overpriced than Apple. Every single product they've released in the last few years has an unjustified price tag. But no, if you can manage a MacBook for $250 it'd be good. But the iPhone has a pretty fragile screen. Thing with the Mac Pro and iMac is they're also not as upgradeable as normal AIO's/Desktop Towers so the price is even more unjustified. iOS/Mac OS X is pretty limited compared to Android/Windows aswell.
  4. Game? I guess I'd say Mass Effect: Andromeda. At least in recent memory. System? Hands down the Switch.
  5. I play it, but I play it on the PC, not the Xbox One.
  6. z88

    Post your mods

    I had a JTagged Xbox 360, not for cheating though. Well, I did break the rules a lot, but whatever. Never went around cheating IN GAMES is what I mean. I guess one of the rules is "don't have a jtagged Xbox" right?
  7. Luigi. I couldn't explain why, I just like him. Pretty much had an automatic bias towards him the first time I played the series.
  8. Some of my favorites are BulletBarry theodd1sout Jaiden Animations AnimatedJames JayzTwoCents Rags Top Hats and Champagne Kuledud3 Gibbontake PhantomStrider jackfrags The Roundtable Uncivilized Elk RebelTaxi LinusTechTips SliceofOtaku RandomGaminginHD Green Ham Gaming GradeAUnderA I do like a lot more. And BulletBarry is my favorite overall
  9. Steven Universe S5E4 Lars' Head I've watched Wanted like 3 times already
  10. Steven Universe, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls (my favorite), Regular Show, and Rick and Morty. I have a bit of a bias towards continuity driven shows like SU/SVTFOE over other shows I watch, keeps me wanting more.
  11. Er, if it's done right I guess it's ayte. People shouldn't be caught up in what race/gender/sexuality the characters in a game are anyways. Take the games for their gameplay quality/storytelling instead.