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    Is saying ponies to obvious? Probably
    I like animation in general a well as comics. I am also a hippy so i love outside and camping.
    I am also an excellent cook

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  1. Happy birthday, Graceface. Fashionably belated, of course. ;P

  2. graceface

    Rarity and Opal

    I already agreed to do twily next, but i can get our precious fluttershy third
  3. graceface

    Double Diamond

    beautiful!! I love this little bro of a pony!! the color and the style is really nice, the whole thing is easy on the eyes
  4. graceface

    Rarity and Opal

    I know right?! Her and Pinkie/Gummy are gonna be hard, but fun! I think i could oblige to that
  5. Did a drawing Of Rarity with Neko ears holding her kitty. I kind of want to draw all the Mane 6 as anthros, using features from the species there pet is (Aj as a Dog, Flutters as a bunny Etc) Tell me what you think and what you all would like to see next! GraceFace
  6. thank you everypony for the birthday wishes! I am having a great day!!!

    1. You Heard Nothing

      You Heard Nothing

      Wait, it's your birthday? No one told me!

      Anyway, I hope you enjoy this time in which we celebrate your twenty-fourth trip around the sun. :P

    2. DashYoshi


      Happy birthday! =)

      Glad you're having a great day today!



      Happy birthday! =) Hope things get better for you now that you're older :D

  7. Hi, and happy birthday! :3 Hope you have a great year~ ^_^ *hugs*

    1. graceface


      thank you! I will continue to do so!!! or does the year start with my bday?

    2. catnet


      Well, the year until your next birthday, I guess :) Though I hope you have a good 2015 as well, and 2016 too... well, hope you have every year great, shall we say? ^~^

  8. graceface

    Visual Art Your hair is so flippy

    oh wow that is a generous comment and thank you i dont know what to say past that I blush!
  9. graceface

    Visual Art Some original drawings

    Last art post for the night I promise I love to doodle my fan art but i love my original characters even more. if you could give me critiques ,advice, and maybe some encouragement as you feel is needed this started as wing practice and it ended up looking like my best friend XD Adrian , she is a "dead" girl i like to role play as sometimes this girl has no story unfortunatly, i want to fill the void space with her thoughts. that is all i have for tonight. if anyone would like me to draw something send me a PM. I will draw anything that amuses me really
  10. graceface

    Visual Art Raven's Profile

    just a quick practice sketch. I love Raven she is my favorite titan
  11. graceface

    Visual Art Your hair is so flippy

    Hello. I did a sketch of one of my favorite cartoons i watched growning up (and now) Kim Possible tell me what you think
  12. I love putting my giant discord figure on my roommates nightstand as he sleeps. He wakes up yelling like Hank Hill

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