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    The good ole DFW
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    don't stick your finger in there
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    Is saying ponies to obvious? Probably
    I like animation in general a well as comics. I am also a hippy so i love outside and camping.
    I am also an excellent cook

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About Me

Hello everypony.


I am the kind of girl who has always loved a good cartoon! That easily translated into me really loving my little pony down the line. I love the art of animation and I want to push my own art further so I can eventually create a comic of my own. that is my quest, but in the meantime I have some side quests to complete.


I am a baker and cake decorator and have enjoyed a hippy lifestyle up in louisville KY before setteling in Dallas TX. I am currently trying to get the hang of this adult thing!


I love to go outside I plan on hiking the appellation trail before I turn 27. outside is an amazing place to think and i cant wait for the art and self discovery that journey brings.


I have found problems finding friends who have the same enthusiasm for ponies and cartoons this at I have, even my best friend rolls his eyes at my pony figures in my room.

So i am hoping to find friends i can discus the show with seriously and also gush with!

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