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  1. I think the possibility could almost be there. If Hasbro really..REALLY wanted to be Edgy enough and travel just a teesny weensy bit out of the "appropriate for 2 year olds" zone they basically have a heart attack when thinking about such a thing, do you think having a tragic ending to the show might be a good idea? Let's say, for example...The Death of Twilight Sparkle? She could perform the ultimate gesture of friendship and sacrifice herself to defeat a foe that would have otherwise murdered all of her friends and family? A situation where her friends couldn't help or assist her, where spike couldn't help her and she was all alone and everypony is about to die, she leaps into action completely and fully aware of what she is about to die saving those she loves. The End? I think something like this could be not only mind blowing but devastate the fandom in a good way that leaves this show, this "little girls show" as many non-bronies would put it, an ending that would get a whole lotta people talking for some time as one of the most controversial cartoon endings ever.
  2. Really?, meh, ok so I am 90% right still. Anyway, what makes this super special is the SCALE at which it is, not the fact that it is.
  3. none of the EG's movies were in theaters. Not one.
  4. Their names have never been revealed anywhere. Only in two episodes was it ever mentioned that she even HAD parents. Once in the reunion episode, and the second one after the CMC got their cutie marks. But, If I had to make a guess as to names. Jonathan ( a type of Apple) for her father and pretty much anything could be for the mother, but assuming that Apple is a Family "sur" name, which it most likely isn't something that is passed down since "buttercream" and aunt and uncle "orange" are apple family member, picking something that is apple related, or whatever, Crimson Gold?
  5. Yeah, Whether it is a cannon pony, or my own that can control the windigos, they really are some of the most powerful characters out there.
  6. I generally do not like these kinds of episodes where the "baby" character is somehow just as powerful as the adults, or as intelligent, Unrealistic etc, but this had a cute charm to it that made it ok. Meh, 3/5 for me. Flurry is still kind of really annoying me too much with how she can Instantly cast the most powerful spells in the show from just being born less than six months ago ( their time ). Not to mention being born with full language comprehension is really a negative for me.
  7. Celestial advice was kind of a boring episode, I would say it is basically forgettable and nothing at all like how I imagined starlights graduation would have gone. All bottled up was much better! While Trixies personality during the episode was rather really annoying, the ending was kind of cute. Really, I kind of hated how they made her seem not at all intelligent, perceptive and overly pretentious, I mean more so than she has been in the past. It is like they took her worst personality trait, forgot about the development she has on it, and added two more.
  8. Not as excited this time around, but this season should be fun. The first two episodes seem like they have a good synopsis for them, so I hope they will be pretty epic! Only thing that worries me is that there seems to be no indication to what the story arc is going to be, if there is one. The only thing I can think of is that this will be a Starlight arc. Only thing I know for certain is that this season needs to give us a solely Celestia Episode, and more Sweetie Bellle and Bulk Biceps
  9. It would be more expensive and time consuming if everypony wore clothes. So the animators just decided to make it so they don't have genitals or reproductive organs of any kind and allow them to be a species of creatures that grow babies in test tubes rather than reproducing. Which is why we never got to see Cadences or Mrs cakes baby bump. They grow them all in test tubes.
  10. He should go by either Overlord. Overlord Thorax. That has a great ring to it. But!, he has to promise to be evil and angry all the time if he does!
  11. Either myself, or myself in pony form would be ok. Really, as long as just being there, it would be good enough for me. I wouldn't want to replace anyone in the world.
  12. Maud Pie, Pinkie, Octavia, Apple Jack, Twilight, Amethyst Star, Bulk Biceps, Sweetie Belle, dj-pon3, Lyra.
  13. My OC is the most powerful pony in recorded pony history. So, she would freeze me solid in an instant.
  14. I would go with my OC. Trauma and hate filled evil unicorn with the power over the wendigos.