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  1. It is complete...

  2. My first official remix under the project Kode, which I present to all who view with absolute satisfaction, but I would still love your feedback! With your help, the journey I am taking can be an amazing one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FymA7vLCiNg https://soundcloud.com/kodeofficial/woodentoaster-h8_seed-awoken-kode-remix
  3. Just because I'm not active here doesn't mean I'm not active. You should always feel free to Skype me, I don't mind ^^

  4. Remix of Awoken is coming along nicely

  5. Star Bound, out now! Check my topics!

  6. Star Bound, out now! Check my posts!

  7. Hey guys! So, I guess this is my next step in my journey. Although not fully certain I'm feeling 100% about it, it was still a lot of fun to produce, and that's all that matters! This track was my entry in a particular contest involving plug.dj's Breaking EDM room, which means I don't plan on advertising this as much considering its placement. Please support this track if you enjoyed! I very much want my journey to lead me somewhere amazing, and it can with your help! https://soundcloud.com/kodeofficial/kode-star-bound
  8. What if I said... Awoken Remix?

  9. I want to leave a mark with my music.

  10. Should I stream a music making session?

  11. Hey man! Thanks for the kind words and sorry for the late reply. Well, to be completely honest, this song was titled Asteroid out of the combination of inspiration of Curbi's track "Discharge" and Eminence's EP "Universe".