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  1. Hope every one is having a better day than me.

  2. Tracks, sideswipe, prime, hot rot, arial bots, chromedome, hard head, highbrow, brainstorm. There are just sooo many to choose from.
  3. Reminder we are still looking for writers to help on the project. Thank you to all that do decide to help with progressing this project forward.
  4. Update one writer on board but we still need a couple more to help them out. Thank you.
  5. @Shadow Beam thx had no idea where to stick it when I posted it.
  6. Putting this here cause I think it fit's in to this section I think. I am working on a original non pony related project at the moment and am in need of some writers to work on two different aspects of the project due. The first aspect is universe building I need writers to work on the lore side and to flesh out the history of the universe the project inhabits. Ideal world Would need two to three people working on this aspect of the project. The second aspect of the project that needs writers is for the development and story and scripting of the first animated series set in this universe. The series it's self is about an army sniper who is recruited into a black ops unit and struggles with the grey area he finds him self in. The series is in a universe which has a rich story potential and could see this series become something bigger. I get this project may not interest everyone or anyone. I've been working on and off on it for a few years and it's difficult to make any head way on major projects like this when you are a one person army cause it looks mammoth and that demotivates you. So any help is appreciated. If you are interested PM me thank you.
  7. Lesbian and cute avitar @Rarity the Supreme
  8. Urgh cute twilight looking awkward and well drawn 9/10
  9. Feelings right now depressed, angry, lonely, bored, depressed it's a depressed sandwich filled with other garbage emotions.
  10. Guess you need to start again now.
  11. If today has taught me anything. It's I should never celebrate my birthday cause it's always not worth celebrating.

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      Bad stuff always happens. And it's just a reminder of bad things at this point.