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  1. Read my new story on FiMFiction! It's called Guardian of a Fallen Queen!

  2. Keeper Claw
  3. I'm a SEAL, I can't tell you where I dive, but I can tell you where I learned to dive. I learned at the Manehatten naval base. It's a lot different in the nave because it's all about stealth and speed.
  4. The most important lesson that I've learned is to cherish the time you share with your loved ones. Being in the Navy means a lot of time away from my home, my parents, and my special somepony. I treat everyday that I'm with them as if it were my last.
  5. If only I could have just spent one more day with you. If only I had the chance to wrap you up in my arms and comfort you. If only I could have looked into those sparkling green eyes one last time. If only, what a long list of "If only"s I have that will never be real ever again. If only this was all some terrible dream. If only there was a way for me to take the blow for you instead so you could live on. If only you really knew how much I loved you Kate. If only you knew my heart ac...

  6. Got a raise and bitten by a baby Timber Rattlesnake in the same day.

  7. Watch my fic reading here!

  8. Diagnosed with Bell's Palsy yesterday. Not too fun but not exactly terrible. I can be normal with it.

  9. Got a girlfriend on April Fools Day. I feel like this has to be a record...



      Nice! hope everything goes right with you both! =D,and that's no april fools joke :)

  10. I do like the Navy, but I would have preferred the Equestrian Air Force. Truth be told, I've been crushing on Spitfire since I was a teenager.
  11. So I posted a new fic and you can feel free to read it. Warning, the prequel is clop with plot so you have been warned. Link: https://www.fimfiction.net/story/255887/fatherhood-age-gaps
  12. New England in the summer is where it's at!
  13. So with BronyCon leaving Baltimare within the next few years, us bronies should consider where it should be held next. As a Rhode Island native and someone who knows people within Hasbro HQ and DHx Media, there is a strong opinion to move BronyCon to the Rhode Island Convention Center. It certainly fits space requirements along with its location, (beautiful downtown Providence), across the street from Hasbro and a short walk away from WaterFire, one of RI's most renowned traditions. T.F. Green Airport is not an International airport yet but Providence is a 30-45 minute ride from Boston's Logan airport and Providence is a smaller community, meaning less traffic and more time to see exhibits and panels. Rhode Island is also home to exquisite beaches and beautiful landscape so when you're done with BronyCon, you can stay a while and admire the area. While I may be emphasizing Providence, locations on the east coast are the best to go. What are your opinions?
  14. Hello everypony, My name is Gold Anchors, I'm 22 and a Lieutenant in the Equestrian Navy. I'm on a temporary leave for the time being so feel free to ask any questions you have about me or about life in the Equestrian Navy! Hooah!