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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. QuantumPony

    Hello from Germany!!

    Hello from Washington State! Your English is fine btw
  3. QuantumPony

    Pony and autistic characters. Target Audience reaction?

    I've met quite a few Autistic people both online and irl. I don't keep ties because I usually meet said people at cons and we hang out. Overall my impression is that autistic people are just normal people with social problems and such, real nice, just awkward. To answer your question I don't think parents or whomever watches with their kid will mind. Sesame Street has a tradition of bringing in people of different groups and positions. With Autism being a rather common condition it makes sense to introduce a character for this. Looking with a quick google search I can see that 1 in 68 children are diagnosed somewhere on the spectrum. That means that a child can learn early on about what challenges autistic people face, kinda how all kids learn about the wheelchair kid or crutchy. TL;DR This is neato of them to do and I think people will react positively. Edit: I see some people showing concern that the show may use stereotypes or something. I'm genuinely interested in how Sesame Street intends to present such a character. Could be good, could be bad. I think theyre just gonna take some of the more general traits? Idk, I'm not an expert on autism...
  4. Conspiracies are fun to engage in. Flat earth is one of those. Patriarchy, Jews, and illuminati are also fun!
  5. This is the video that got me into the fandom... Good times....
  6. QuantumPony

    its 2017 is the brony fandom dying?

    The fandom aint dying. It's just outta that crazy honeymoon phase of new shiny paint. As the seasons go on we become more comf with stuff. Chill. I was INSANE during my first year in the fandom. Now I've chilled out a ton
  7. In one conversation I had under a vid somebody kept aluding to me being a "fetishist" and called me "pony-boy" and "that rainbow horse". It was pretty fun because we kept meeting in other similar videos. XD
  8. Most of the time I find myself laughing. It's such an outdated and obviously false attack. Half the time it doesnt even make sense considering the topic. I was trying to talk about a game glitch with someone and they countered with "you wouldn't know considering your avatar"
  9. I, like many bronies, use a pony avatar even on non-brony sites or games. In fact, the avatar for my google account is of Rainbow Dash wearing shades. Because Google accounts are linked to YouTube profiles(which I hate btw) my comments always show up as my nickname with a picture of RD. I watch a lot of political and gaming content on YouTube. As time has gone on I've gotten many people who respond to my comments bringing up my avatar and saying that I don't get an opinion because of it, often adding that I'm filthy or gay or a pedophile. I'm not complaining about this, this is the internet and I find those responses hilarious, but I am curious. Are these stereotypes of bronies still rolling around? I suppose they are. Have any of you wonderful people experienced similar comments for using pony avatars? care to share? EDIT: I'm really not looking for sympathy here! I got over the insults a while ago. I love it when people give me hate for it because its often given in hilarious ways. I just want people to share stories really! on a side note, I use this picture of Fluttershy in games that let me select it. It's funny when I top the scoreboard and people get this:
  10. QuantumPony

    Lines you'll never catch FIM characters saying.

    Rarity: I'M UGLY AND I'M PROUD
  11. QuantumPony

    Donald Trump DIDN'T want to be President?

    It's a strange form of egotism that I love. Best way to cap off a star studded career of wealth and celebrity? President of the US. No actual plan for what to do while there? Improvise. God bless america and God bless Trump
  12. QuantumPony

    Being naked

    It's been my opinion that men tend to sexualize their musculature more than their genitalia. And that's something one can show off anytime. Genitalia does it less for me. I will take this moment to indicate that I am male.
  13. QuantumPony

    Being naked

    I think its also in part that men don't sexualize themselves in their own minds. They are less likely to do it to show off and therefore can do it more casually. @@stripper, Is it appropriate to find your username slightly amusing in this thread?
  14. QuantumPony

    Being naked

    Whenever my house is sufficiently empty I tend to walk about naked. It's nice and liberating
  15. QuantumPony

    Quirks of Speech

    Funny thing, Live so close to the US-Canadian border that Washingtonians around here are indistinguishable from B.C. canadians, and vice versa. So l live in america but still use "aboot" "soory" and the like