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  1. Best episode this season! After last one this is like super sky high top 5!! Laughed, d'awwed. Enjoyed every minute of it!
  2. Pinkie pride probably. It was a superb episode to display all sorts of emotions Pinkie goes through. Weird Al took a near perfect guest roll for a well handled guest pony. The songs were great, the dynamic was good, it had Pinkie's cutest gags in there, the resolution was amazing and the climax was near grand finale levels great. It was both really funny and very heartbreaking. (second up, not surprising Too many Pinkie Pies)
  3. There's a lot of names given because of previous generations. Like Bon Bon. Officially Sweetiedrops
  4. I kind of loved how Discord dispatched of the mane 5 with the Smooze. If not for his "error", he could have very seasily be a worthy adversary for the ponies. Like, if he'd really snap and want to take back Equestria, this episode showed that he can be pretty resourceful to counter the mane 6. I kind of love this thought about him.
  5. I'm not really knowledgeable about any channels that definitely make me angry. Not even Pewdiepie or certain overrated LPers or Reviewers I can dislike. What leggitly makes me angry though, are those channels that put up "new episodes" of a show and then have just one static image and advertisement for their site where you need to log in to watch the episode. Like last week, when I was looking for the new episode and I hadn't figured out the new episode was postponed, there were several videos saying they had the new episode on their site and you just had to log in and stuff. Considering the episode wasn't even out yet, I really want those folks permanently gone from youtube with their shady dealings.
  6. Not sure what would happen with one mugger. Some petty insults and pity change will be thrown for sure. In case of multiple muggers, she'd gladly force an argument among them and watch them tear eachother apart.
  7. Not even. Huh Not like I ever tried.
  8. This list also seems to be lacking all levels at once And DB Pony
  9. Well that's Russia, actually. It's not that weird, if you think about it.
  10. Discord probably canonically like likes Fluttershy. I think Fluttershy does need some love in her life.
  11. I am willing to accept that headcanon.
  12. Serious answer? She's a hippy. Stoner is probably what you can make of it as a joke, though.
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