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    love love love music everything(: I get annoying with memorizing lines from movies, im a mega nerd love star wars my ponys obvi,anime, law and order svu bingeaholic

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  1. tgif hows everyone doing

    1. You Heard Nothing

      You Heard Nothing

      Feeling lazy, so great!

  2. does anyone want to pm?

  3. GOOOOOOOooood morning get all bright eyed and bushy tailed folk its time for my show its throwback Thursday!!!!!!!!! its going to get crazy anything from the beatles to salt peper only here this morning with dj chello !! like love it share

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    2. chels


      my body is finally adjusting with the lack of sleep lol

    3. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      ooh =)=) you doing a show =)?

    4. chels


      my radio show today is throw back Thursday


  4. good mornig everypony ((:

    1. You Heard Nothing

      You Heard Nothing

      Morning chels, sleep well?

  5. so i did thrn pony personality test i dont know how i feel about it lol

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    2. chels


      got it it was at the top lol


    3. chels


      I don't think that works or not


    4. chels


      I got maxed out on rainbow dash and pinkie pie and it makes like an hourglass shape super deficient in twilight and fluttershy over average in aj and rarity

  6. Hi! =)

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    2. Asbel Lhant

      Asbel Lhant

      I'm good thank you ^ _ ^

    3. chels


      love that you love anime deathnote is amaze za zing ive just finished a few seasons of shows on Netflix I really enjoyed

    4. Asbel Lhant
  7. its hump day happy wednesday everypony!!!

  8. get the weekend kicked off right checkout show this morning starting now til 10central

  9. hows everyones morning going

  10. im such a derp i woke up late this morning lol

  11. how is every one doing this morning (: jam out with me this morning

  12. hey goood morning everypony check out my radio show 100 pure music no commercials

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    2. 1Bit


      cute =P well I'd better go, got a little work to do =)

    3. chels


      have an epic day (: nice chatting with you :D

    4. chels


      cheers lol