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    love love love music everything(: I get annoying with memorizing lines from movies, im a mega nerd love star wars my ponys obvi,anime, law and order svu bingeaholic

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hi im Chelsea want to change the world!it takes one random act of kindness to change the world. i'm a aspiring singer and songwriter...... I know I don't want to be famous for the money I just want for 2 minutes to make some one feel like there in top of the world or there not completely alone on the bottom. because everyone needs that I feel like. I have 3 fur babies a dog roxie and two cats Stanley and Josie there the stars of my instagram lol. my favorite pony is rainbow dash I have the same personally and most see that as good/bad thing but every mane 6 needs a rainbow dash my bf is a brony too we kinda just got all wrapped into accidentally now there is a pony item at least in every room its so addicting . we have a pony that is magnetic on our ceiling to our fan upside down it kinda explains us perfectly for people who come over lol. I play trombone, bass ,guitar. most of all I love sing but its hard to find people find people on the same page/ love music as much as I do to work with so im still looking for my herd in that respect. im also a swfitie along with brony and dork . just started a radio show in the morning which has been going a little ruff with getting listeners just hit me up I have a link if your interested

im aka dj chello ,and cheechowder, chels,Chelsea,

feel free to add me on here fb twitter or taylor connect and instagram

another thing is I have a page were different were the difference its a page on facebook to promote charity/ random acts of kindness/ just positivityi think it right up my fellow bronies ally

if you wouldnt mind checking it out and liking it I want to make this not only big it could change the world even with one act at a time

love you guys thank you for reading your amaze ZA zing ~group hug~ joining this site I know is going to be epic!!