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  1. Miss you :( *hugs*

  2. There are reasons to why i liked it. But i think the story is basically... J-Animation slash Disney and its really just unoriginal and just silly. But i will say when i first tried Kingdom Hearts 2 on PS2 that the gameplay feel of it was pretty sweet in terms of transforming and slashing enemies. But i will consider it as a guilty pleasure. I honestly don't know how the series still are popular? But you can say what you wish in terms of what you think of it ^^
  3. I don't know if you people are familiar with this, but in anime mostly they tend to be lazy by animating the jaw moving when your face is infront, their mouth move but usually not their jaw. Its only when the character is shown to the side that they tend to animate it in anime. But MLP animate the jaw moving with the mouth aswell, and i guess its because they use a trick line to guideline it, with the thick cartoony line. Kinda nice ^^
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  6. Alright then. So a bunch of YouTubers make fun of another YouTuber with a slight jokes. Just as they mock game companies. Ok, then it sounds cool i guess ^ _ ^. I guess we can agree on that. If i slightly mocked them would that be ok with no personal attack. All in good jokes as one would say.
  7. I don't see the difference to be honest. Ok then, let me pick another example. He makes fun of AVGN sometimes slightly, he's called Taco-Man, he says he doesn't hate him but makes jokes on him. Same with Game Grumps. Is that ok, no personal attack or anything, just plain jokes. Look up. I answered it there.
  8. So by that its ok if famous YouTubers makes jokes on people in games in general. But making fun of YouTubers is wrong?
  9. Well if you search "Mega64: The Pissed Off Rage Nerd Who Plays Games And Gets Pissed Off" on YouTube, you'd get the idea of people mocking the idea of angry reviews. It was sarcasm. Look up the earlier comments on it and you'll see the conclusion.
  10. I am using that argument for people complaining on personal stuff Retsupurae did towards YouTubers for calling out and calling it awful. So i made this argument that was also personal. Should both be banned? And what if Bioware got death treats because of a uploader?
  11. Well in being ok with the sexual joke and all. Do you do that with YouTubers who are famous?
  12. Its not like that person is a human or anything.
  13. So then anything saying bad stuff about YouTubers is not ment to be taken seriously. Like making parody jokes how bad angry reviews are. Even though it mocks the idea of it. So i guess its ok Go back to page 2 and read the last comment there. It answers your reply basically.
  14. How did she gets this job? "Licks a Mass Effect 3 cover with sexual music" Would you be ok if someone did that joke on you in terms of reputation and being public? Would it be ok doing that on a YouTuber?