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  1. If you had told me 9 years ago that I would fall in love with a show featured multi-colored ponies, I would have laughed and thought you were crazy. Yet here I am 9 years later crying about the show ending. This show has made a tremendous impact on me that will stick with me for the rest of my life and leave me memories that I will carry with me. When it first started, I was a year into my current job, just started solo travelling, and still living at home. Now here I am 9 years later, in a successful career, having travelled the world, and am now living on my own. MLP has given me the opportunity to meet new people whom I've become great friends with. It has helped gotten me through a sudden passing of a close friend of mine and getting out of a very toxic friendship. I've learned so much from i and it has gotten me through the best and worst of times. Even though the show itself may be over, I'm not saying goodbye, but instead "see you soon!". Finally, instead of being sad that it's over, I'm happy that it happened. Thank you, MLP.
  2. That was so much fun to watch! I loved how they portrayed the sibling rivalry with some great callbacks to earlier episodes and seasons. Spike was truly the winning in this episode though! It's great to see him finally be confirmed as the "little brother/son" status to Twilight. I knew it's been portrayed that way for a long time, but it's great to finally hear it for real!
  3. Even though this episode was predictable for the most part, I was not expecting that conclusion at all and have to give kudos to the writers on that part! No doubt they're both doing a season-long arc now and setting it yp for the Student Six to succeed the Mane 6's roles as the elements of harmony after this Season is done!
  4. Well in the words of Pinkie: "That was **amazing**! No, really, this was one of the best if not the best season premieres yet! I loved the set up for "the League of Villains vs The Elements of Harmony League" I can tell this is going to quite a season-long arc and it's really going to set up for one big showdown come the series finale! "I'm just a kid", "Twilighting", Discord's antics all made for some really funny moments and I love how self-aware things got. It's great to Gorgar return (as rumored) and the dynamic between Chrysalis and Cozy Glow was great and I hope to see be developed further. With a strong start like this, I can't wait to see how the rest of the season plays out!
  5. So the rumors were true. I'm going to miss looking forward to seeing new episodes of the show, but it was a fun ride and I will have fond memories of watching it and discussing it with other people. I've met some amazing people thanks to MLP. In the end, it's never truly "goodbye", but "see you around". I'm glad they're not going to drag it out and I look forward to seeing how FiM ends!
  6. That was one of the best specials if not the best special by far in the entire series! So many great lines, funny moments, facial expressions, surprises, and scenes! It was just so much fun to see each of the Mane 6 go through their own mini adventures. I have to agree with everyone whom said that everything, especially their characterizations were on point which I felt was a big strength of this. On an additional note, it was very nice to see the Maine 6 given the main focus which hasn't been done in awhile. I absolutely loved the songs in this episode and I just want to say how very sweet the ending song was and it's one of my favorites of Season 8. I'd say the biggest surprise was hear Derpy speak and getting a full scene. It sounds like she got a different voice actress because she sounds different than in "Slice of Life". One that last thing I want to say is how awful I felt for Marble when Sugar Belle was kissing Big Mac. Poor thing had her heart broken in half. Finally.....PUDDING!
  7. Oh Glimglam, you and your meme-able facial expressions! That was truly the highlight of this week's episode! Speaking of which "That's devious!" was such a classic line! I love how the writers give her that tiny bit of villainy within her. The episode's biggest strength was that it wasn't easy to predict what was going to happen and that made it all the more fun! I'm not sure how to feel about Cozy Glow. On one hand, she's adorable, but I don't know how to feel about her as a character.
  8. I've seen the Season 7 finale a few times now and it goes right up there with The Cuite Remark as one of my favorite season finales of the show. So much continually, things coming to full circle, develop, and detail coming out of this! We've been hearing about Starswirl so much and I'm glad we finally get to see him for real now despite being an asshole. Personally, I really want to see him come back in Season 8. There's so much character development potential within that's begging to be done! Speaking of coming back, I certainly wasn't expecting the Elements of Harmony to make a comeback nor stay around after being used. I'm curious to see where things go in regards to them from Season 8 onwards. All in all, great job, writers! I'm looking forward to seeing what the next season brings and given the little preview we've seen so far, I'm excited!
  9. Oh boy, I'm pretty sure a lot of people can related to the moral of this episode. I really felt bad for Twilight here. Yes, she bit off more than she could chew, but she has a habit of ignoring her own well-being and I'm glad that Cadence brought her to her senses. That talk she had with Twilight was the best scene in the episode. It's great to see Iron Will make a return. No doubt he was a lot more nasty than the last time we saw him. I gotta give him credit for both his escape and realizing his own "money back guarantee" mistake he made the last time as I thought it was clever on his part. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of him. I have to say, I love Twilight's parent's especially her mom. The whole bit with her and extreme sports was hilarious. I really didn't care for Startracker though. He was both cringey and creepy.
  10. Now that was a great episode! If there's only one complaint I can make it's that Pinkie was too overbearing in trying to get Maud to make friends. Hasn't she learned her lesson from "A Friend Indeed"? Maud's humor and personality is why I love her character so much. She's the polar opposite of Pinkie, yet they work wonderfully off one another, and their interaction is one of my favorite duo character interactions in the series because it always makes for some great laughs. One thing I find odd is Starlight's sudden interest in kites. It felt like it was forced in just to get an interest going. Speaking of Starlight, given her interaction with Trixie, would I love to see Maud meet her just to see how they'd interact together! It'd make for a good laugh! On a minor note, it's great to see the entire Pie family make an appearance. Even some of the backgrounds ponies got a bit of a showing with a Lyra name drop which was a nice surprise. One last thing, I found that cave area with the waterfall fascinating and I hope they explore that location more in the future.
  11. I have to come out and say it, I wasn't a fan of this episode. The whole "can't take care of the baby" plotline has been done to death, heck we had it already with Baby Cakes. The only redeeming thing about this episode is Spike. I love how he's going back to his "keeping others in check" personality like how he was at the earlier era of the series and I hope the writers keep it up!
  12. Well that was certainly a change of pace. Instead of a 2 parter big event happening, we get two episodes right off the bat. Let's start with the first one. It's a clearly a Twilight/Celestia episode and to say there were many emotions is an understatement. This is the bonding between Twilight and Celestia that I wish we'd gotten more of, but better now than never. Spike keeping everyone in check and Discord is his antics is always a hoot. With the second episode, I absolutely love the chemistry between Starlight and Trixie. They clearly work well off one another and I hope to see more of their interactions in the future. It looks like the show is taking Starlight in the direction that it took Twilight when she was first starting out, but that's ok since I personally love character development in general.
  13. Now that was a great episode! I certainly was not expecting to see some more exploration of the background of the Apple family. Big Mac had so many great moments and personally after Brotherhooves Social, this is the best episode featuring him to date! I also loved the interaction between the young Applejack and Big Mac! I also want to point out how simply awful Applejack is about lying. It's amazing how no one caught on it early given how over the top they were. One last thing I want to point out is how fantastic the characterization of Filthy Rich is. I'm glad they didn't give him the stereotypically rich guy kind of personality. On a side note, Spoiled Milk? What a name to have!
  14. That was one of the funniest and best episodes of the season by far and definitely the most solid Starlight episode yet! Of all the Mane 6 "bots", Pinkie was the highlight of it! Her blank stare was creepy, yet so funny at the same time! I know it's easy to say "Well geez, Starlight, you didn't see this coming?", but let's not forget she's starting out with the friendship lesson stuff. Look how Twilight developed over the course of the series after all. Personally, I wish Spike had stuck around during all the antics, because he snarky commentary on everything would have been pure gold! Vogel, you absolutely delivered with this episode and I'm looking forward to see what else you come up with!
  15. Oh man did Fluttershy absolutely kill it in this episode! I've been loving her character development and I personally think it's one of the best things about this season so far! It's great to see more new area, Las Pegasus. Honestly, it doesn't surprise me how G rated they made it considering that this is a technically a kids show after all. It doesn't surprise me that Gladmane turned out to be the antagonist. It looked shady right from the get go. I actually found it refreshing that Flim and Flam were protagonists for once even if they were going back to their old ways in the end. I will say that double con that was pulled off was very clever. All in all, this was a great episode and I hope they keep up the great work regarding Fluttershy's character!
  16. Man did Discord really steal the show in this episode! His wit and antics never get old! The interaction between the character was big strenth of this episode as well. My main complaint is the pacing. Most of the episode was spent with Discord being very reluctant and it wasn't until the latter half of the episode that we actually get some D&D gameplay. I really wished we've gotten some more gameplay out of it. All in all, a fun little episode.
  17. Now that was a great episode! We've all met someone like Quibble Pants at one point or another and he's a very love to hate kind of character and they did a great job with the moral of the story here. Another thing I really liked about this episode was the adventure part of it. It was so much fun and I loved the interaction between Rainbow and Quibble. I think Oswalt did a great job playing him and he gets bonus points for the improv of that end credits rant! Overall, a great start of the second half of Season 6!
  18. I have to agree with the people who were saying that Rarity wasn't out of character. Keep in mind that she's a fashion expert, not a food expert, so it's understandable to see how she was portrayed here. I also want to say I love the interactivity between Pinkie and Rarity. They really work well off one another. The song was pretty good. My only major complaint about this episode was that the resolution was too quick. I know it's a 22-minute episode and all, but I personally wished they built up to it a little more.
  19. Now that was a great episode! Much better than last week's! I'm glad we got to learn more about Fluttershy's family, and I have to say, her parents weren't were whom I was expecting to me character-wise. I'd say the biggest strength of this episode was Flutershy herself and that she didn't need to learn how to be assertive this time and how exactly how to be assertive towards her brother, even showing her parents to be more assertive as well. It's one of her best character moments so far and shows how she's really progressed. As for Zephyr himself, jesus christ was he something else. That's all I have to say about him! I will say his voice actor did a great job though!
  20. I going to be honest, I didn't care for this episode at all. In fact, this might be the lowest point of Season 6 so far. All that training and buildup and Rainbow makes a complete fool out of herself to the point where it becomes so cringeworthy and it didn't help that the whole "Rainbow Crash" bit got old fast. Yes, it was her first day as an official Wonderbolt, and yes people do make mistakes on their first day, but she's better than this and has shown to be so. The episode did have 2 strengths though, Ashleigh Ball's nailed it in her performance and how the episode addressed Rainbow's flaw and the support the Wonderbolts gave in regards to help her overcome it. At least finally Rainbow achieves her ultimate dream of becoming a Wonderbolt. But other than that, it was a pretty meh episode for me.
  21. What a great episode if not the. Eet episode of Season 6 so far! It's also one of the funniest episodes of the series too. I loved the interaction between Starlight and Trixie! I have to say I'm a bit surprised that the show got away with the scene that made it look like Trixie was going to allow herself to be eaten. I'm sure the writers didn't mean to make it look like an attempted suicide, but given the 2 choices Trixie had to face, it gave off that impression. You have to feel a bit for Trixie towards the end, because to her, Starlight was the first "true friend" and while, yes, she made a mistake with her manipulation, you can feel her regret towards the end and it had a great resolution.
  22. Now THAT'S a Spike episode! Finally, he isn't portrayed as a total fool, but as a great character who tries his best without being selfish. I have to admit, I was worried, because every time we get a Spike-centered episode, it usually falls flat. Not this one thankfully. It's great to see more exploration into the dragons and their culture. Granted, we've gotten a little bit of it before, but nothing of this scale. One last note I want to make that how surprised how rather dark-ish and a bit violent it got towards the end of the episode. Yes, they had to cut it afterwards because it's a kids show and all, but still... Oh and I want to mention how much I LOVED that end credits scene. It was so fitting for the theme of the episode! Please, writers, give us more Spike episodes like this one!
  23. A good followup to Crusaders of the Lost Mark. I was wondering what the CMC were going to do after their got their cutie marks and this episode did a great job of wrapping things up per se. We've got our first song of the season which was pretty good and it was great to see Bulk Biceps make a return. Oh and I just want to comment on the voice acting of the tap dancing colt. I thought it was pretty good, one of the best young male voices in fact outside of Spike. One final note is how interesting that this episode didn't have any of the Mane 6 as it goes to show how very developed the CMC are nowadays.
  24. This episode was a lot of fun! I absolutely loved the interaction between all 3 characters! Even though Maud has a very deadpan personality, you can tell she really does care for her sister and is very appreciative of what she went through for her which made the final scenes of the episode very sweet and why I love her character so much.
  25. What I liked most about this premiere was the chemistry between Spike and Starlight. Dare I say this was one of the best written Spike characters to date! I'm still not sure what to think about Flurry Heart though. Her being born an Alicorn feels like to made Twilight's path to becoming an Alicorn herself a bit moot considering she had to earn it. Plus, her being born with all that power and not knowing what she can do falls into the "cliche" category for me since this kind of writing has been done before. While the rekindling of Starlight's and Sunburst's friendship felt very awkward at first, eventually it came out. At times I felt like shouting "Just spit it out aleady and get on with it!" The biggest surprise was not only seeing Twilight's parents make an appearance, but hearing them actually speak! Plus, it was nice to see Celestia get back into action again considering we didn't see much of her last season. All in all, not a bad premire at all! I'm mostly looking forward to seeing more development of Starlight's character.