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  1. Whats wrong with "its okay to be gay and/ or transgender" narratives? I mean, that be a good moral for a moral based show like MLP. Just because I want a show to do more than just a "oh, hey look, some random Background characters of the same gender are on a date" representation of LGBTQIA+ people does not mean I want a big deal to be done about it. like, it doesn't even have to be one of the Mane 6, it could be a major character. Like (and this is just an example) perhaps Big Mac is actually a closeted trans woman, and thats why he seemed more "open" as Orchard Blossom. They don't have to make a big deal about it, just a single episode where the CMC help Mac/ OB come to terms with her gender identity.
  2. Anyway, like I said in a previous post, I actually also dont like that Rainbow Dash is assume Lesbian for her Rainbow mane, as there is more to LGBTQIA+ than just the L and G. Dash could be bisexual, she could be asexual.
  3. Actually, I feel it has lots to do with the discussion. Man isn't the defauly, Heterosexuality isn't the default. Cisgender isn't the default. This is the reason we need more representation. It doesn't even need to be sexual. Just so a married gay couple, I mean, we see married straight couples in MLP (Cadence and Shining Armor, for one), so you could still show gay representation without being sexual. And thats the problem, no one assumes a straight couple is being sexual, but assume gay couples are.
  4. @Key Sharkz speaking of which, i outright said that I was an enby, not a man. So please, just say you are sorry and endeavor not assume someone is a man.
  5. Ok, heres something to add to the discussion, the reason we need more LGBTQIA+ characters (OPENLY LGBTQIA+ characters) is so more people will be more considerate in the real world.
  6. Like i said, dont assume someone is male. If you don't know what their gender is, use "They". its not really a difficult concept. You know, you could have just said "I'm sorry"
  7. @Key Sharkz You repeatedly refered to me as "he" in reply to @Divine plywood. I am not a "he". When people say "don't assume someone's gender", this is what they mean, don't assume the default is a man. My pronouns are "They/ Them/ Theirs", and, yes, "They" is a valid singular pronoun, same as "You" is both valid as singular and plural.
  8. Seuxality is not political. Gender Identity isn't political. Me existing as a pansexual femminine enby does not make me political. Im sorry, but im so tired of people acting like having more representation of LGBTQIA+ characters is "too political".
  9. The fact that Rainbow went on a "date" with Quible Pants does not shut down my theory that she is Asexual. Ignoring the fact that the "date" was probably not romantic. Sexual attraction and romantic attraction are not the same thing and dont have to coincide. Dash could be Hetromantic or Biromantic while still being Asexual.
  10. You know, there are more genders than just male and female. But its ok if theres straight people, right? Ugh
  11. I headcanon her as Asexual. Theres more to the LGBTQIA+ than just Lesbians and Gay People. Also, who says both her parents aren't bisexual and fell for each other and choose to marry each other.
  12. Not really an introduction, but I been away from the forums for a long time. I am a femme leaning enby, my pronouns are They/ Them/ Theirs, and no, I will not tolerate misgendering and/ or using the wrong pronouns. Otherwise, I hope I get along with people here.
  13. Small update, I took down the Ask Tumblr, gonna eventually make a Fanfiction based on this universe
  14. I...don't see how its pointless. Like i said, why spend the extra $50?
  15. How was I suppose to know it was a joke? Im not a PC gamer.