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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. New ponies? Do you have this saved as a format? I’m certain I’ve been around longer than you, I just left the fandom. Still haven’t came back either. Just poking my nose in to see what’s up. Now then mortal, have you anything more to report? If not, off to the slave cages with you. Begine. You’re no longer entertaining to me. Reaffirm your pact with the dark gods than maybe I shall see fit to place you in Grendel’s spot as my first captain. Beware. He betrayed me and suffered for it. The newborn also failed me. The Primarch abhors failure. Do not seek the Lord of Iron’s wrath.
  4. In the distant future there is only war. The Corpse Emperor sits on his throne, immobile due to wounds succumbed while facing his once most favored of sons, the Warmaster, Thrice Damned be his name, Horus, the best, the brightest, Lupercal. There sits a jar inside the Emperor's Children Apothecarion, labelled "Honourable Soulaka," a Techmarine of legendary providence, murdered by the vile machinations of Fabius Bile, the gene-render of the III Legion. Also next to it sits a jar with the progenoid gland with the sigil of the Imperial Fists, the Sons of Dorn. These two jars are combined some years later into the being known as the Half-Breed, the bastard, Honsou. Honsou is a lowly line captain competing with First Captain Forrix and Assault Captain Kroeger for the favor of the one known only as the "Warsmith," Formerly Known as Barban Falk. The Warsmith's Fleet has descended from Medrengard to a planet called Hydra Cordatus. Only one soul knows the reasoning behind the sudden invasion. The Warsmith chooses not to reveal his secrets, as his ascendancy to daemonhood relies on the success of the mission. After months of hard campaigning and the multitude of the thunder of guns of all caliber, and even a Planetary Defence Torpedo, Falk has succeeded. The Fortress he built at the dawn of the Imperium has been broken open, it's secret Gene-seed vault laid open to him. He offers this up to the dark gods, and they are pleased, and Falk is elevated to princedom in eternal damnation. Honsou's competition did not survive the assault, Forrix came out second best in a fight with a Warhound Titan, and Kroeger, in a sick twist of fate was betrayed the god of blood he chose to follow, and laid low by a mere mortal whom he thought he could break for enjoyment. Moving Forward, Honsou's fortress of Khalan Gol on Medrengard had been destroyed by the Ultramarines captain Uriel Ventris. He swore revenge. The warmaster made pacts which would destroy the soul of a mere mortal, he formed alliances with beings so unholy as to not utter their names for fear of eternal damnation, yet even that wasn't enough, the stalwart defenders of the Imperium repulsed his assault at the heart of Maccragge, and Honsou fled into the warp. As many know, the Warp is a fickle being, and time, reality, and even matter are nothing compared to the whims of the beings there. The Warsmith emerged from the Abyss some time later changed. He now resembles something of an Equine animal from the picts on Ancient Terra, his armor having morphed to match his new frame, Necrodermis Arm forging a leg and hoof of unbreakable iron, his mind is still sharp, he realizes that he alone has made the transition back to realspace. He descends upon the world below him. The land of Equestria awaits, yet the Warmaster is a master of guile and deceit. Knowing his weapons are going to be useless in his altered form, he discards his daemon axe, and his ruinous bolter. If the Warsmith is going to enslave the world, it's going to be with Hoof and tooth. Yet the fire of ambition once more returns inside of him, to be able to return to his own reality, and be able to exact vengeance upon the hated warriors of Ultramar, and to finally carve a path through to Terra, and finally end the Corpse Emperor's reign.
  5. For the most part, I will talk in character with how the Warsmith will. Not in as explicit detail as he does, since I'm aware there are initiates on the forums, and they are not privy to the secrets of the Dark Gods. Hard to believe I've been around for almost 4 years though.
  6. Rejoice fellow servants of the god emperor. Your most despised and loathed warsmith, the one and only honsou, the iron warrior pony has returned. From the depths of the abyss, riding at the head of an unholy crusade aimed at the heart of maccrage itself, I have returned to the herd. I got out of the fandom a few years back, and am now hesitant to rejoin, due to the overwhelming masses I observed watching the MLP movie, and the overall reception they received. Also being close to 30 isn’t good either. Yet, still, I return. The show calls to me like a siren in the warp, it is as clean a cut as if it were a chainsword. The show impacted me more than a heavy bolter round years ago, and now it is my hour of need. I return. I bring anger, doom, gloom, and bitterness in my heart. Life wasn’t kind to this crusader of chaos. So I feel I must return to an area where I can dwell, rest, and rediscover who I am. A few of you might remember me. Iron within, Iron Without. Death to the false Emperor.
  7. Honsou


    Welcome. I'm certain therez a cake somewhere around here
  8. So disappointed we blew it on christmas, but then again, denvers offense wasn't strong this year. But still, losing to the chiefs, titans and raiders... that's harsh. Glad we beat the raiders yesterday though
  9. Well then. Been a heck of a ride this last year. Seems i missed an entire season, and an EqG movie. Some of you may remember, but most don't, but the warsmith has returned from the lovely land of Iraq. Mission complete. Now then, if you admins have a problem with this post, please message me immediately. I shall make sure to rectify any shortcomings. On this note, for all you younger members, fear not the creatures of the world, beware the creatures of the mind. I have seen what depression, anxiety, and stress do. If you're hurting. Get help, now. Onto a happier note, when the heck did it start snowing in Seattle? Did anerica forget to pay the heating bill? Its Cooooooold.
  10. Alright, I know my activity has fallen off lately, and the last few posts haven't been exemplary, but in 4 days, it's back to Iraq... I figured after Afghanistan in 2010 I'd spent my 2nd and final year overseas, but daesh had other ideas, so remember to think of your service membere, don't look down upon us when you see us, and stay alert. Farewell everypony. See you in a few months.
  11. Well, I'm in a little bit of a pickle. Is there anyone skilled with blending on photoshop? Next month is the memorial ball for a few buddies of mine who I lost years ago in Afghanistan. I was wondering if someone could make a bleeding torii with the date 8 27 2010 in the torii itself. If not, i understand.
  12. Due to my workload, and absolute lack of really caring, i am coming to you all for assistance with designing our new platoon mascot/logo. We have just changed over from screaming goats to legion. As such, here are the ideas I've heard from coworkers. 1) Demonic roman legionaire. 2) Modern day soldier/ legionaire. 3) legionaire killing a dragon. If you want to be creative, feel free to improvise all day. I will pay whomever has their design chosen by the platoon. Price is negotiable, but has to stay within reasonable expectations for work rendered and resources committed. For our foreigners i will see what i can do due to conversion rate.
  13. The whole point of it was to keep their story going. The writers realized they couldn't be blank flanks forever, so they used that as an excuse to give their cutie marks and keep them as laughable side stories when the focus deviates from the m6.
  14. That's right. Everyone's least favorite Warsmith, and probably most antagonistic poster has returned from the warp to begin the crusade of the forums again. This time, I have brought Vindicator's as well as Sultarn Vull Bronn, The Stone Smith of Olympia. Defy me if you dare loyalists, but you will face the wrath of the Dark Gods. In all actuality, work, and mental burn out kind of killed the forums and the series for me for a bit. For the last few months all I've done is work, smoke cigarettes, and drink entirely too much alcohol. However, it has succeeded in hitting my give a shit level, so now I no longer really care about what happens through out the day, as now, it's entirely up to my coworkers to either get their asses in gear or be left out to dry, as I've made my name at work, and when productivity stops, it's not me that the eye will be on. It's been said you make your own bed, it's also said you make your own house, and pave your own road. What the hell have I missed the last few months? I haven't caught up on the show past the S5 mid break, due to it not being on Netflix yet.