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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Ah sorry! Yeah, I haven't posted anything yet. I've been a little busy the last couple of days. I'll get on to writing my piece up in a bit. It'll probably be a little slow since I tend to re-read my writing several times before positing.
  4. @Dynamo Pad, Heidi let out a small huff of amusement when Cosmic made the mock claim that she wanted to kiss him. "Only in your wildest dreams sugar~" She hummed. Listening to his response to her threat and coming to their mutual understanding, the unicorn mare nodded her head, chuckling softly at the mention of the Head Mare being scary. "Trust me darlin, I may have the brute force behind me, but that woman still ain't somepony you'd want to mess around with either!" After the pair of unicorns had finished making their pact, Cosmic apparently wanted to move onto the meat of the situation. And although she did appreciate his respect for her reputation at the school, she didn't originally plan on telling him her own story. However, Heidi knew as per the agreement that the topic was unavoidable now. So she decided to give the stallion the briefest summary she could. "Well fine, if we're gonna be completely honest with each other now... My father's been setting up for retirement and has plans for makin' my older brother head of tha family business. And that pegasus dimwit don' know nothin' bout how to run the damn place." She slammed a hoof on the ground, her voice seething with anger at the mere thought. "He doesn't even want the position!" She huffed before taking in a deep breath to try and calm herself. "I'm here at this stupid academy to bolster my knowledge in magic and knock my siblin' down a peg. Provin' to my father who rightfully deserves the keys to tha company." @reader8363, "Oh... um... Interesting." His brows furrowed a bit in confusion, however, he did manage to return the kind smile slightly as the stallion accepted the other pony's hoof in his. "A pleasure to meet you Lil. My name is Comet... Comet Dancer." This mare appeared slightly scary, and the things she said sounded a bit strange, but as somepony who had a diamond dog as a friend, he knew better than to judge anyone upon a first encounter. The small reminder made for a good anchor as his smile grew more calm and sincere as he decided to engage in further conversation. "This is your first year here right? I believe I remember seeing your performance on stage during the assembly."
  5. @Dynamo Pad, Heidi listened patiently as the neon unicorn began rambling on about their mutual distrust of one another and his assumptions of her goals. Although they weren't that far off, they were merely stepping stones for her own end game. His offer for an alliance certainly caught her attention however. Sure she had the reputation of the perfect popular girl that could supply her with the information and access she needed, but having somepony have her back when it came to the more dirtier stuff definitely could come in handy. She watched as the stallion held a hoof out to her to make this thing mutual, not seeming to flinch at the added threat. Being who she was however, she wasn't going to leave this deal without a threat of her own. "I read ya loud an' clear sugarcube~" Heidi purred, taking a step forward herself so that their snouts were practically touching one another. Her eyes half open in an almost seductively sinister approach, her own voice hissing with the same venom. "Just know, the threat is mutual darlin'! I've got rugged stallions young an' old at my beck an' call. So if you barely even drop a hair over this metaphorical line of ours, then I'd advise you start callin' fo a doctah honey~ Cuz you won't be able ta play another videogame in yer Otaku life ever again!" Turning her head away from the stallion slightly, but still keeping eye contact with him, the purple mare took a step back and placed her hoof on top of his. "But otherwise! I do believe we ourselves have a deal!" @reader8363, Comet didn't seem to notice Lil sneaking up behind him as when he was suddenly addressed he jolted back a bit in surprise. Turning around, he found himself faced with one of the new first years students, and earth pony mare that had manifested a pair of horns during her demonstration. And from the looks of it, he noticed she still had them at the moment. "O-oh! My apologize, I didn't see you approach." He replied, clearing his throat as he tried to recompose himself. "Ah, I was just taking a small stroll around campus before lunch... And yourself?"
  6. @Dynamo Pad As Cosmic came to the decision of their approach, Heidi simply nodded her head in agreement and would have carried on with the tour had it not been for the stallion suddenly stopping to break the illusion they had both been feigning. Her usually cheerful and friendly smile immediately dropped, dipping into a slight frown for a moment, before returning with a much wider and more devious expression. "Sure thing sugar!" She cooed. "But if your expectin' some sudden drop of an accent, then I'm afraid yer gonna be horribly disappointed~" -- Meanwhile, Comet was back in the dorm, having already finished feeding his young canine companion Sapphire. The small pup was currently playing with a stuffed animal he had brought for her. Fortunately, it wasn't a squeaky toy, so he couldn't unintentionally upset any of the neighboring rooms with the noise. Glancing over at the time, he knew he still had plenty of time before lunch began, however he decided it would probably be a good idea to get some exercise in. Warm up his hooves a bit and refresh his memory about the layout of the school. So, after placing Sapphire back in her dog carrier, the earth pony packed up his saddle bag for the afternoon and made his way out of the dormitory and began walking down the hall.
  7. @Dynamo Pad "The Otaku Knight of Wrath eh?" Heidi repeated, her tone made it seem as though the name had peaked her interest, but honestly she couldn't care less. Not that she was going to admit that out loud. "Well, if your gamin' skills are anything like yer magic, I'd say that gamer tag holds an air of authority, certainly fittin' for somepony who tramples others beneath their hooves if they end up gettin' in tha way~" She made sure to emphasize her last few words, not in a mocking sort of way, merely to quote what he had said prior. Almost as if she admired stallions undeterred ambition. Upon hearing his question of there being other gamers at school, she couldn't help but let out a soft giggle. "Of course there are otha' gamers on campus here sugar! But if yer askin' if there's a specific class for the subject, then I'm afraid I've never heard of nor taken it befo! This school is most known for it's majors in magic an' potions after all." The words following Cosmic's bow almost made her gag. Sure they were nice and all, but his dialogue was so over the top, it was obvious he was trying too hard to be superior, it was almost laughable. "Oh stop, yer makin' me blush hun~" The mare cooed, lifting a hoof to her cheek and glancing off to the side in feigned embarrassment. Calming down a bit, she returned her attention back to the stallion as he boasted about improving his skills. "Now with that sorta attitude, I'm sure you'll leave that boy trampled in tha dust!" Heidi nodded her head softly at the word of thanks. "O' course darlin! As a student helper, it's my job to assist new students with whatevah they need ta get started." Her demeanor remained rather calm as they began making their way out the door, however before the doors fully closed, Heidi shot the remaining student helpers a quick apologetic glance. Sure she had instigated the smelly state of the room, but Cosmic had to go the extra step further and insult the students too. No, she'd come too far to have her perfect student reputation be tainted by some overly egotistical stallion. "Do you know what yer schedule for tha semester is? I could show you 'round the classrooms first so you have an idea on where ta go today after lunch." The purple mare suggested as they began their trek through the school. "Or would you rather I show you those last? Yer preference."
  8. @Dynamo Pad, Heidi's smile widened a bit at his approval, clearly that was at least one thing they could both agree on. "My family runs a financial business." The mare replied, a minor fib on the job title, but the resulting definition was still relatively the same. "We provide new and preexisting companies with the means to keep their business afloat. And if we don't think they can keep up with the standards, then they won't have the funds to keep up with the best!" Her ears perked up slightly as Cosmic seemed to come closer, she was never one to stray from gossip. And although, learning more about this stallion's dislike for a certain student was intriguing and painted a better picture of who it might be, she grit her at his disapproval for hard work, as she was being forced to do just that. However, Heidi never once let her smile falter, she had an image to uphold after all. "I see," she replied. "And this... Kyubiki Tenchu... He wouldn't happen ta be that blue unicorn fellow who sat there playing games as his demonstration, would he? I can only assume since ya mentioned he was a gamer. And it's hard ta believe that pony actually got accepted into this school!" Heidi's brow rose up a bit in slight suspicion of the sudden praise she was receiving. As someopony who conned others for a living, she could tell right away that he was trying awfully hard to kiss up to her. Luckily she wasn't a fool enough to fall for such vanity, but she may as well play along, no need to ruin the fun so soon. "Oh well, thank ya kindly! But please, I may be a student helper, but I don' approach just anypony. As I said earlier, not many students can demonstrate such an amazing performance on their first day! And, if I'm gonna be honest with you, I'm almost certain you'll be flyin' through yer classes and be outta here in no time at all!" Cosmic's requests for a tour and dorm search were easy enough, meaning they would probably be talking for a while. Plenty of time to get some more dirt on this particular stallion, possibly even this rival unicorn of his as well. Two birds with one stone, so to speak. "Well those are certainly things I can do for ya!" The purple mare responded. "But let's walk and talk now shall we, I'm sure yer gettin' tired of this musty ol' stage when the curtain ain' open! I know I am!"
  9. @Dynamo Pad, The mare let out a small giggle, it seemed stroking this stallions ego was a fairly easy task. However the words he spoke were things she could wholeheartedly agree with. "I understand completely!" Heidi exclaimed, placing a hoof against her chest. "As somepony who comes from a family of business, we accept nothing less than success!" She noted how Cosmic seemed to be directing this comment at a particular pony among the now much smaller crowd, but did not immediately identify which one that was before he turned his attention back to her. "Ah, yes. My apologies darlin!" The mare replied with a soft chuckle, crossing her right two hooves over the other as she tilted her head up with an air of grace and superiority. "The name's Heidi Hustle, third year student at this here academy, but you may refer to me as Heidi." Relaxing her posture once more, the unicorn returned to her more casual demeanor, "Now with the formalities outta the way, I'm left ta believe you came here looking for a student helper, correct? If so than I'd be delighted to help you with any questions you may have!"
  10. After the assembly was over, Heidi was left a little disappointed with some of the lackluster performances from her new peers. It seemed as though very few of the newbies had left any lasting impression on her. Meanwhile, the introduction of a certain pegasus pony with self-claimed 'no talent' aroused some skepticism, since she was one of the many students that had heard the rumors revolving around Shadow Flare's incident... However, she decided not to engage in the matter now, as students either began making their way towards her and the other student helpers or filtering out offstage to their dorms. Instead, Heidi chose to keep her appearance positive as she greeted some of the new faces she would be seeing around campus. @Dynamo Pad Some of the new students had fairly easy questions for her, so they were handled with ease. Then she noticed a particular neon stallion close by waiting for his turn to be helped. Only from what she could tell, he seemed to be loosing a bit of patience. Getting up from her seat, she trotted over to him, greeting him with one of her grade-A smiles. "Well hello there darlin! Cosmic Clown, was it? You certainly know how to put on a good show don'tcha?" She mused, "I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with your demonstration. Not many first years can do that sort of thing on their first day." -- Meanwhile, back in the audience seating of the auditorium, Comet found himself indulging in his favorite thespian book. That is until suddenly he was hit in the back of the head by a random classmate passing by, a unicorn by the look of it, clearly picking on him for his nerdy appearance and non-magical abilities. He sighed softly to himself, closing his book and taking off his reading glasses, placing both of the contents inside of his saddle bag. The earth pony decided it was time to head back to his room, he'd left his puppy alone for long enough and wanted to make sure she was fed before lunchtime. Standing up from of his seat, he went on leave the auditorium and proceed to the dormitories. After reaching the designated room number, he walked inside, closing the door behind him to be greeted by a pair of beds, his suitcase placed on the floor beside them, and a dog carrier on top of one of the beds. His young canine friend whining and fidgeting in her carrier, eager to get out.
  11. @JCKane, I figured I'd ask before I typed anything up. But would it be alright to have Heidi be one of the student helpers with Solar Spout? Since the curtains closed she wouldn't be able to interact with the new students unless she made her way through the backstage door, which I could do for her if that was permitted by school rules.
  12. @JCKane Right, I just figured I'd let you know the finalization about her whereabouts though before I started introducing my characters into the roleplay.
  13. Apologize for the late response, been out of the house all day, so my posts were a bit sporadic. But if this is the case, I believe Comet would have his dog stay in the dorms with him, inside a dog carrier while he's off in class so that she doesn't try and destroy the room.
  14. @JCKane Awesome! Ah, and yeah, I figured pitching Comet would have questions. I figured suggesting a purely non-magic OC would give this acclaimed open school some diversity in character interaction between players. I can validate his reasons being to further his education. He would certainly take interest in the individual study courses, but he's always open to expanding his horizons, so potions would be an interesting class for him to take. He's also a big fan of astronomy so a course from that subject would be another interest of his as well. Being away from Ponyville is totally fine, as from reading previous comments here this was to be expected. If having a dog is acceptable to have in the dorm-rooms, he would more than likely bring her along. If not, then his best friend would be more than happy to look after her while he was away at school. And as for Mystic, I'm pretty sure that won't change for a long while. I should probably remove that note at the bottom. But yes, if for some reason I decided to change anything, I will definitely let you know before hand so that you could look her over again.