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Status Updates posted by Skylord Nexus

  1. Anyone out there who enjoys playing Hearthstone and fancy's playing a few games against me, I'm bored.


  2. Hey guys, if anyone's interested I'm starting a new RP that's gonna be crazy and wild and fun!



  3. As of today I have officially graduated from school. 

    1. PuddingPonyPal



  4. Remember, never leave your beaver exposed.

  5. Life is like a box of chocolates, sometimes you get the really nice chocolates with stawberry flavouring inside, but you also get the turkish delight ones, so what you do with those moments of life is stuff them with gunpowder light them on fire then chuck them onto lifes nicely cut garden or big rich house... now he'll think twice before messing with you again!

  6. Anyone ever get that feeling when you sign up for something, and then frrl a butt ton of dread the closer you get to doing said thing? If so you feel what i feel right now.

  7. Super hyped for Hearthstone's latest expansion (One night in Karazhan) to be realesed!

  8. Hey has anyone ever wanted to run an RP made by someone else?

  9. Luckily everything is ok now, so i'm back :)

  10. I may not be around for a few days, i'm dealing with some personal stuff. Sorry to anyone who it inconveniences. :(

    1. Unicorncob


      It's cool bud *hugs* :)

  11. After alot of thinking i have decided to take a weeks break from the forum because of personal problems i need to work through, sorry to any and all the RP's i'm in. :(

    1. Unicorncob


      It's cool bud, real life comes first

      *hugs* Get yourself sorted :)

  12. sorry i wasnt really around much yesterday i'm going through some rough times at the moment so i may not be around much, but i will try to post where i'm needed. Aka RP's and stuff.

  13. who wants to her the scariest thing ever?

    1. Fallen Valkyrie
    2. Skylord Nexus

      Skylord Nexus











    3. Fallen Valkyrie

      Fallen Valkyrie

      Nah,thet aint spooky at all :P

  14. I have risen from the ashes as a phoenix!

  15. The newest episode was just the best thing ever i shed a ter at the end!

    1. Skylord Nexus
    2. Love Doctor Blaze

      Love Doctor Blaze

      I'm still trying to comprehend what happened. That was a lot to take in

  16. HEY EVERYONE GOOD NEWS! I'm home from HOLIDAY! And incase you where wondering it was ROSSOME! Cookie for anyone who knows what that's from. :)

    1. Little Red

      Little Red


  17. There are now two spaces free in my RP! Sign up here:https: //mlpforums.com/topic/132851-crystal-of-darkness

  18. Hey guys can you help my friend out with this MLP project she is working on. Sign up here:https: //mlpforums.com/topic/135891-need-voice-actors/#entry4032801 Also the songs are being writen by me!

    1. Fireboltvoices VA

      Fireboltvoices VA

      come on guys check it out. you might just like what I've put together.

  19. You know i always feel weird when i find out that on the forum i am talking to somone who is older than me..

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Unicorncob


      Well it's not like we're planning to meet up :P

    3. Skylord Nexus

      Skylord Nexus

      not it's well just complicated


    4. Unicorncob


      Nah I get what you mean :P

  20. Out of curiosity what is your favorate cartoon?

  21. WOO! Windows 10 is Awesome! In fact it is 20% cooler

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    2. Skylord Nexus

      Skylord Nexus

      they are the same thing except one is bigger and not mobile.


      Also I think we should drop the subject now.

    3. Fallen Valkyrie

      Fallen Valkyrie

      I see you got board from status updates :D Fine nex il stop :P

    4. Skylord Nexus

      Skylord Nexus

      no just a suggestion

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